dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package 包

在 FlexRay 网络中配置 dSPACE 系统

dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package用于集成 dSPACE 硬件,将其用作 FlexRay 网络中的‎仿真或检测节点。


dSPACE FlexRay 配置包用于集成 dSPACE 硬件,将其用作 FlexRay 网络中的‎仿真或监控节点。节点使用 dSPACE FlexRay 配置工具根据通信矩阵进行配置,通信矩阵包含通过 FlexRay 总线传输的信号和帧的调度信息。通信信息通过 RTI FlexRay 配置模块库链接至 MATLAB®/Simulink® 模型。生成的 FlexRay 应用程序可在 dSPACE 系统上执行。


dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package 包是dSPACE实时系统中使用FlexRay的广泛解决方案,它由两部分组成:dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Tool 和 RTI FlexRay Configuration Blockset。该配置包使得 FlexRay 配置更加简便,降低了 FlexRay 的复杂程度。配置设置可以存储为项目文件并可相互交换。通过与 FlexRa 协议的高级用户密切合作进行 dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package 包的设计,确保满足您的需求。

dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Tool

dSPACE FlexRay 配置工具可以帮助您配置 dSPACE 系统,将其用作 FlexRay 网络中的仿真节点。该工具依靠能以 FIBEX 或 AUTOSAR XML 格式表示的网络和调度数据。导入通信描述时,会进行大量的一致性检查。各种视图可帮助管理 FlexRay 配置。该工具可以生成通信节点和控制器配置。

RTI FlexRay Configuration Blockset

以 RTI FlexRay Configuration Blockset 为基础,可以创建特定应用程序的 Simulink 模型。模块属性使用 dSPACE FlexRay 配置工具生成的数据填写。模块库包含附加模块,这些附加模块可用于任务执行控制、中断和错误处理、状态信息和控制器重置。RTI FlexRay 配置模块库支持发送和接收协议数据单元 (PDU),协议数据单元也用于 AUTOSAR。此类单元由多个信号组成,可以在模型中为每个 PDU 仅使用一个 Simulink 模块来进行处理。

dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Tool

Functionality Description
Importing communication descriptions1)
  • Reads communication descriptions for FlexRay and validates via plausibility checks
  • Ignores irrelevant data
  • Support of various AUTOSAR System Template versions2)
  • Supports various FIBEX versions2)
  • Hierarchical view of the communication description
  • Visualizes parameters
  • Filter and view options, as well as search masks for handling larger descriptions
  • Generates a report for the present configuration
Signal and frame selection
  • Select signals, PDUs and frames for creating blocks with the RTI FlexRay Configuration Blockset (for use in simulation)
  • All the frames sent to a real ECU are automatically identified and configured for simulation (restbus simulation)
PDU handling
  • PDU update bit manipulation
  • Alive counter for PDUs
  • CRC check for PDUs by user CRC C-code file
  • Raw data access for PDUs
Frame handling
  • Raw data access for frames with or without signals
  • CRC check for frames by user CRC C-code file
  • Enable/disable static frames via software: A null frame or old value (CHI Code option) is sent
  • Enable/disable buffers of static slots via hardware: There is no bus activity in the slots
  • RX time stamp support
Task configuration
  • Generate and configure communication tasks automatically or manually and according to the selected signals, PDUs and frames
  • Consistency checks for eliminating invalid configurations in tasks
  • Configure dSPACE hardware, including the connected FlexRay communication controllers
Support of AUTOSAR functions3)
  • Container IPDU
  • End-to-end protection
  • Secure onboard communication
  • Global time synchronization
1) dSPACE tools for FlexRay rely on the existence of a communication description containing information for time-triggered message scheduling. The information is used to configure a dSPACE hardware platform to communicate messages, using a MATLAB/Simulink model for handling the messages.
2) Please contact dSPACE for supported versions.
3) For more information, please contact dSPACE.

RTI FlexRay Configuration Blockset

Functionality Description
Model generation
  • Generates MATLAB/Simulink blocks for FlexRay communication
  • Combine the model frames with application models, for example, for function prototyping or restbus simulation.
  • Blocks for FlexRay controllers, tasks, and synchronization settings
  • Trigger blocks for dynamic frames
  • Blocks for sending and receiving protocol data units (PDUs)
Simulation stage
  • Use a dSPACE platform as a monitoring or simulation node in a FlexRay communication system

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