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用于开发电控单元 (ECU) 的通用模块化实验和仪表软件

ControlDesk 是用于无缝 ECU 开发的 dSPACE 实验软件。从实验开始到结束,它完成了所有必要任务并为您提供单一的工作环境。

  • ControlDesk 7.1

    dSPACE实验和可视化软件ControlDesk的7.1版本将支持新的MicroAutoBox III等功能。

  • 上一次交叉测试展示出了良好的互操作性

    兼容 XIL API 的产品(例如ControlDesk)的互操作性会进行定期检查。为此,汽车应用开发工具的主要供应商,定期到dSPACE进行交流,针对他们的产品执行交叉测试。在执行此类测试的过程中,他们将自己的测试工具连接到第三方测试台架,以评估他们的测试软件是否能够与其他制造商的测试硬件通信且不出错。


  • 经济实用的轻度混合动力新方式

    欧陆公司 (Continental) 新推出的皮带驱动型起动器发电机不仅使用了 48 V 车辆电气系统,还创新性地使用了异步电动机和发电机。dSPACE 灵活的 HIL 测试系统促进了轻度混合动力 ECU 的开发。


  • 电动锲形离合器换挡更流畅

    以前尝试为自动变速箱开发楔块式离合器时常常以失败告终,因为无法消除换档冲击。上海交通大学的研究人员正在研究通过一种精确控制的电动机来解决该问题。其验证过程是基于 dSPACE 提供的硬件和软件工具。


  • 高效测试不同类型的商用汽车 ECU

    多样性是评估商用车性能一项标准。Scania 提供的车辆类型选项和模块化车辆配置几乎数不胜数。通用的电控单元 (ECU) 系统已有多种衍生类型。在新的测试实验室中,Scania 展示了该系统如何能通过可靠性验证。




  • 快速控制原型(全通,旁通)
  • 硬件在环 (HIL) 仿真
  • ECU 测试、校准和诊断
  • 访问车辆总线系统(CAN、CAN FD、LIN 和 Ethernet)
  • 使用 VEOS和 SCALEXIO进行虚拟验证


ControlDesk 将多个专用工具的功能集于一身。它可以访问仿真平台以及所连接的总线系统,还可以在 ECU 上完成测量、校准和诊断(例如通过标准化 ASAM 接口)。
其灵活的模块化结构(p. 4) 拥有高度可扩展性,可满足特定应用实例的要求。在处理、所需的培训量、需要的计算能力和成本方面它将给你带来明显的优势。

Versions Description
  • Same tool for rapid control prototyping, HIL simulation, offline simulation, ECU calibration, and diagnostics
  • Easy creation of layouts and instruments
  • Synchronous measurement on all data sources
  • Integrated project and experiment management
  • Integrated measurement data management (with ASAM MDF 4.1 support for import and export)
  • Compatibility with several ASAM standards (such as MDF, XCP, CCP, ASAP2, ODX)
  • Powerful tool automation capabilities for user-specific extensions and optimal process integration
  • Access bus network data with instruments (CAN, CAN FD and LIN)
  • Operator mode (protects your projects and experiments against unauthorized changes)
  • Monitoring, logging, and dedicated instruments for CAN and CAN FD
    Support of virtual validation test scenarios with dSPACE VEOS and SCALEXIO
  • Built-in access to all dSPACE real-time hardware platforms
  • Built-in access to third-party test benches and other hardware by using an ASAM XIL API MAPort server
  • Built-in automation functionality using the ASAM MCD-3 standard
ControlDesk – Operator Version1)
  • For using projects and experiment data that were already created with the standard ControlDesk version
  • Protection against altering and creating projects and experiments
  • Built-in access to all dSPACE real-time hardware platforms
  • Built-in access to third-party test benches and other hardware by using an ASAM XIL API MAPort server

Additional Modules Description
ECU Interface Module
  • CCP (CAN Calibration Protocol)
  • XCP on CAN, XCP on CAN FD, XCP on Ethernet2) (TCP/IP and UDP/IP)
  • Support of structured data types as specified in ASAM A2L 1.7
ECU Diagnostics Module
  • Compliance with the ODX database standard (ASAM MCD-2D v2.0.1 and v2.2.0 (ISO 22901-1))
  • Support of ISO protocols for CAN, K-Line, and Ethernet
  • Dedicated instruments for executing diagnostic services and reading or clearing the ECU fault memory
  • ECU flash programming via diagnostic interfaces
  • Support of ASAM MCD-3D v2.0.2
Signal Editor Module3)
  • For graphical stimulus definition
  • Time-synchronous stimulus generation on dSPACE real-time hardware and in Simulink models simulated
    in dSPACE VEOS
  • Replaying measured data
  • Multiple stimulus patterns can be executed independently
  • Support of the XIL API stimulus format (STZ files, i.e., zipped STI files)
Bus Navigator Module4)
  • Support of CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, and Ethernet buses
    • Dedicated instruments for CAN, CAN FD, LIN, and FlexRay bus objects
    • Replaying recorded CAN and CAN FD messages
    • CAN, CAN FD, and LIN monitoring and logging for dSPACE hardware, dSPACE VEOS, and PC bus interfaces
    • FlexRay monitoring and logging via PC bus interfaces
    • Ethernet bus monitoring (dSPACE SCALEXIO, Vector interfaces, Ethernet interfaces of PCs including loopback)

1) 不支持MCD-3 自动功能
2) 还能用于访问所仿真的虚拟 ECU。
3) 不支持为DS1104 生成信号。
4) CAN和CAN FD的监控、记录和专用仪器已得到了ControlDesk 标准版本的支持。

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