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Use Case: HIL Tests for Electric Trains Test controllers for grid interfaces, electric drives, and power electronics with dSPACE systems Closed-Loop Radar Test Bench Closed-loop HIL system with radar sensor including RF components Use Case: Restbus Simulation dSPACE provides comprehensive tool support for restbus simulation Closed-Loop HIL Testing of Camera Systems Closed-loop HIL system for testing camera-based systems by inserting data behind the image sensor Use Case: Testing Engine ECUs Simulate an ECU’s environment and insert specific faults for testing purposes Closed-Loop HIL Release Tests for Camera and Radar Applications Closed-loop HIL release tests for camera- and radar-based applications Closed-loop HIL Testing of Multisensor Systems Closed-loop HIL Testing of Multisensor Systems Open-Loop HIL System for Testing Image Processing ECUs Open-loop HIL system for testing image processing ECUs Use Case: Testing Battery Management Systems Maintain optimal operation conditions for batteries in hybrid or electric vehicles Use Case: Simulating Brushless DC Motors Include a current and a voltage emulation in HIL tests Various Options for Sensor-in-the-Loop Testing Various options for sensor-in-the-loop testing Use Case: Simulation of airbag ECU How to perform realistic HIL tests for airbag ECUs Use Case: Integrated Sensors and Actuators Provide the physical signals to stimulate an ECU's sensors and actuators Use Case: Environment Simulation Perform realistic environment simulations for testing driver assistance systems Use Case: Testing ECUs and ECU Networks Test either a single ECU or multiple networked ECUs together, including restbus simulation Use Case: Testing Electric Motor ECUs Achieve high sampling rates to handle highly dynamic behavior Use Case: ECU Testing, Analysis, and Monitoring dSPACE provides the ControlDesk software for analyzing and monitoring ECU signals during testing Use Case: Emulating Battery Cell Voltages dSPACE HIL systems support testing battery management systems Closed-Loop HIL Testing of V2X Applications Closed-loop HIL testing of V2X-based applications Closed-Loop HIL Testing of Predictive Driving Functions Closed-loop HIL testing of GNSS-based predictive driving functions Use Case: ECU Testing dSPACE provides a comprehensive tool chain for testing ECUs communicating with each other in a network Use Case: Power Supply Systems dSPACE HIL systems for testing smart grids and distributed power generation Use Case: Simulating Multiple Scenarios for Autonomous Driving Simulate a large number of scenarios for autonomous driving Use Case: Euro NCAP Crash Tests Perform Euro NCAP tests early in the ECU development phase using the dSPACE tool chain Use Case: Testing ECUs with Optical Displays Link camera-based real-time image recognition with HIL simulation technology Use Case: Mechanical Power Level Simulation Physically stimulate ECUs for HIL tests Use Case: Testing Distributed Functions dSPACE HIL systems support complex simulations of hybrid control units Use Case: Defining Traffic Scenarios Define complex traffic scenarios to analyze and test ADAS algorithms on electronic control units Use Case: Testing Vehicle Dynamics ECUs Ensure high signal quality for ECUs performing plausibility checks after power-up Use Case: Preparing HIL Tests VEOS lets you develop and test virtual ECUs on your own PC Use Case: Controller Tests for Electric Motors dSPACE HIL systems support controller tests for electric motors at signal level Use Case: Simple Bus Communication Tests dSPACE provides comprehensive tool support for testing bus communication Use Case: Testing FlexRay ECUs Test either a single ECU or multiple networked ECUs, including realistic bus communication Use Case: Frontloading RDE Tests Simulation-based analysis of emission values with virtual and real engine test benches Use Case: Test Bench with Environment Simulation EPS test bench for release tests and development-phase tests under extreme conditions Use Case: Testing a Servo Controller Test a wide range of configurations of motors, power stages, sensors, and bus systems Use Case: Parallel Hybrid Drivetrain Simulation Testing controllers for engine, transmission or drivetrain management in hybrid drivetrain applications. Use Case: Mechatronic Steering Systems Build a HIL test system for steering systems offering a realistic driving feel Use Case: Testing ECU Networks for Hybrids Fulfill high development and test requirements to ensure reliable hybrid control functions Use Case: Electric Power Level Simulation Test ECUs without accessing their signals at signal level Use Case: Simulating Automated Manual Transmission Use simulated or real motors to test an ECU for controlling three electric DC motors Use Case: Simulating a Hybrid Drive Meet precise data acquisition and turnaround times for a model of electric machines Use Case: High-Performance Steering Test Bench For applications with maximum dynamics and precision Use Case: Small Steering Test Bench Integrate a ''miniature'' test bench in even the smallest of spaces Use Case: Battery Management Develop and test battery management functions Use Case: Electric Power Steering (EPS) Develop and test power steering control functions Use case: Requirements-based Testing Full Traceability from the Requirements to the Test Results with SYNECT Use Case: No-Load Steering Test Bench Drive a steering system in closed-loop mode for integration tests of the complete vehicle Use Case: Start-Stop Systems Test the start/stop functionality of engine control units Use Case: Rotary Steering Test Bench Test steering systems with rotary steering support on the steering column Use Case: Compact Steering Test Bench Test the entire steering mechanics using real forces and torques Use Case: Frontloading HIL Tests VEOS lets you perform fully automated tests of virtual ECUs on a PC Use Case: Testing Controller Algorithms dSPACE offers comprehensive HIL systems for testing control algorithms of industrial drive controls Use Case: Testing Auxiliary Systems dSPACE products offer comprehensive support for electric motor and power electronics applications Use Case: Traffic Sign Recognition Test ADAS functions which rely on road-based object information Use Case: Air Condition for Electric Vehicles Evaluate the electrical energy consumption of an air conditioning system in an electric vehicle Use Case: Electric Drive Controls Test asynchronous motors in automotive applications Use Case: Virtual Suspension Test Bench Efficiently design and analyze different suspension setups Use Case: Truck-Trailer Systems Developing and testing vehicle dynamics control functions for truck-trailer systems Use Case: Emission Control Systems Test emission control systems for diesel engines Use Case: Pneumatic Brake Systems Develop and test brake control functions for truck-trailer systems Use Case: Gas Engines Validate electronic control units for stationary gas engines Use Case: Pedestrian Detection Test ADAS functions for the detection of crossing pedestrians Use Case: Intersection Assistants Simulate traffic at intersections with multiple vehicles Use Case: Engine Model Parameterization Parameterize combustion engine models for real-time simulation