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Use Case: Restbus Simulation dSPACE provides comprehensive tool support for restbus simulation Use Case: Closed-Loop HIL Testing of Camera Systems Closed-Loop HIL System for Testing Camera-Based Systems by Inserting Data into the Image Sensor Output Use Case: Testing Engine ECUs Simulate an ECU’s environment and insert specific faults for testing purposes Use Case: Simulation of airbag ECU How to perform realistic HIL tests for airbag ECUs Use Case: Simulating Brushless DC Motors Include a current and a voltage emulation in HIL tests Use Case: Controller Tests for Electric Motors dSPACE HIL systems support controller tests for electric motors at signal level Use Case: Testing ECUs and ECU Networks Test either a single ECU or multiple networked ECUs together, including restbus simulation Use Case: HIL Tests for Onboard Chargers Testing onboard chargers for electric vehicles and their behavior when connected to different simulated charging stations Use Case: Scenario-Based Tests Test of the application software for ADAS/AD ECUs with integrated signal processing and application. Use Case: Closed-Loop HIL Testing of Predictive Driving Functions Closed-Loop HIL Testing of GNSS-Based Predictive Driving Functions Use Case: HIL Release Tests for Camera and Radar Release tests for camera- and radar-based applications using closed-loop HIL system Use Case: Preparing HIL Tests VEOS lets you develop and test virtual ECUs on your own PC Use Case: HIL Tests for Plug-and-Charge Features Testing advanced features based on ISO 15118-2, including plug-and-charge and value-added services Use Case: Testing Vehicle Dynamics ECUs Ensure high signal quality for ECUs performing plausibility checks after power-up Use Case: Testing Power ECUs dSPACE HIL systems enable powerful tests for DC/DC converters Use Case: Environment Simulation Perform realistic environment simulations for testing driver assistance systems Use Case: Testing ECUs with Optical Displays Link camera-based real-time image recognition with HIL simulation technology Use Case: End-of-Line Testing End-of-line test of a radar control unit installed in the vehicle. Use Case: Euro NCAP Crash Tests Perform Euro NCAP tests early in the ECU development phase using the dSPACE tool chain Use Case: Integrated Sensors and Actuators Provide the physical signals to stimulate an ECU's sensors and actuators Use Case: Open-Loop HIL System for Testing Image Processing ECUs Data replay system for testing image processing ECUs Use Case: Power Supply Systems dSPACE HIL systems for testing smart grids and distributed power generation Use Case: HIL Tests for Charging Stations Testing charging stations and their behavior when they are connected to different simulated electric vehicles Use Case: Closed-Loop HIL Testing of Multisensor Systems Closed-Loop HIL Testing of Multisensor Systems Use Case: Comprehensive V&V Strategies dSPACE Consulting helps you develop an integrated V&V strategy to achieve more virtual testing while maintaining process reliability. HIL Simulation Developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions Use case: Debugging critical situations by replicating generated scenarios in the lab. Problems that occurred during test drives are analyzed in the lab using generated scenarios. Use case: Validating Sensor Models by Using Generated Scenarios To be able to validate the perception algorithms by means of simulation, the sensors must be simulated with a high degree of precision and cover all relevant effects of the real scenarios. Use Case: Thermal Monitoring of Batteries Monitor the thermal behavior of lithium-ion battery packs Use Case: ECU Testing, Analysis, and Monitoring dSPACE provides the ControlDesk software for analyzing and monitoring ECU signals during testing Use Case: Battery Management Develop and test battery management functions Use Case: Simulating Automated Manual Transmission Use simulated or real motors to test an ECU for controlling three electric DC motors Use Case: Electric Power Level Simulation Test ECUs without accessing their signals at signal level Use Case: Testing Electric Motor ECUs Achieve high sampling rates to handle highly dynamic behavior Use Case: Testing FlexRay ECUs Test either a single ECU or multiple networked ECUs, including realistic bus communication Use Case: Testing Real Charging Processes Comprehensive testing of real electric vehicle charging in the laboratory using a charging station emulator from dSPACE Use Case: Radar Plausibility Tests Quick performance tests of a production-ready radar control unit for the efficient development of ADAS/AD applications. Use Case: Testing and Experimenting with V-ECUs Testing and Experimenting with V-ECUs with the help of dSPACE tools Use Case: Testing Embedded Components How to test embedded components with dSPACE SCALEXIO for aerospace applications Use Case: Electric Power Steering (EPS) Develop and test power steering control functions Use Case: Frontloading HIL Tests VEOS lets you perform fully automated tests of virtual ECUs on a PC Use Case: Mechatronic Steering Systems Build a HIL test system for steering systems offering a realistic driving feel Use Case: Homologation dSPACE Consulting supports customer projects for the approval of automotive E/E systems by means of simulation and virtual testing. Use Case: Closed-Loop Radar Test Bench Closed-Loop HIL Test Bench for Over-the-Air Radar-in-the-Loop Simulation Use Case: Testing a Servo Controller Test a wide range of configurations of motors, power stages, sensors, and bus systems Use Case: Bus Test System for Agile Development For testing different ECUs with a different set of interfaces and bus networks dSPACE offers easy to adjust test systems. Testing Advanced V2X and CAV Testing advanced V2X applications and functions for connected automated driving Use Case: Mechanical Power Level Simulation Physically stimulate ECUs for HIL tests Use Case: V2Cloud HIL Testing Validation of V2Cloud applications under consideration of the entire chain of effects Use Case: Coupling Driving Simulators Using vehicle dynamics models to generate the realistic behavior of a mechatronic driving simulator Use Case: Charging Control Developing and testing the DC charging process using a vehicle charging controller. Use Case: Variable Traffic Sign Recognition Detecting and interpreting variable message signs and traffic lights in virtual traffic scenarios Use Case: Simulating Multiple Scenarios for Autonomous Driving Simulate a large number of scenarios for autonomous driving Use Case: Requirements-based Testing Full Traceability from the Requirements to the Test Results with SYNECT Realistic Simulation of Conditions in Orbit Use Case: Testing an Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) Validation of 5G Automotive Applications LTE and 5G with the dSPACE SCALEXIO HIL system empowers early development and end-to-end validation without local 5G infrastructure. Use Case: HIL Tests for Electric Trains Test controllers for grid interfaces, electric drives, and power electronics with dSPACE systems Use Case: Radar Chip Testing Development of integrated circuits for radar control units using synthetically generated radar echoes. Use Case: Realistic Virtual RDE Drives Simulate real driving emissions (RDE) tests on the basis of measured vehicle data. Use Case: Crank-Angle Synchronous Fuel Pump Validate the control algorithms for crank-angle synchronous high-pressure fuel pumps Use Case: Testing Controller Algorithms dSPACE offers comprehensive HIL systems for testing control algorithms of industrial drive controls Use Case: Defining Traffic Scenarios Define complex traffic scenarios to analyze and test ADAS algorithms on electronic control units Use Case: Frontloading RDE Tests Simulation-based analysis of emission values with virtual and real engine test benches Use Case: ECU Testing dSPACE provides a comprehensive tool chain for testing ECUs communicating with each other in a network Use Case: Simple Bus Communication Tests dSPACE provides comprehensive tool support for testing bus communication Use Case: Pedestrian Detection Test ADAS functions for the detection of crossing pedestrians Use Case: Pneumatic Brake Systems Develop and test brake control functions for truck-trailer systems Use Case: Testing ECU Networks for Hybrids Fulfill high development and test requirements to ensure reliable hybrid control functions Use Case: Surrounding Components Test of a radar sensor that is influenced by surrounding components at the mounting location. Use Case: Regenerative Brake System Torque management for the regenerative brake system of an electric vehicle Use Case: Truck Cabin Simulation Simulate truck cabin dynamics for comfort and safety features Use Case: Testing Auxiliary Systems dSPACE products offer comprehensive support for electric motor and power electronics applications Use Case: Virtual Suspension Test Bench Efficiently design and analyze different suspension setups Use Case: Parallel Hybrid Drivetrain Simulation Testing controllers for engine, transmission or drivetrain management in hybrid drivetrain applications. Use Case: Start-Stop Systems Test the start/stop functionality of engine control units Use Case: Probabilistic Sensor Models Simulation of autonomous vehicles with realistic sensor signals Use Case: Testing Networked Aircraft Systems How to test networked aircraft systems with dSPACE SCALEXIO Use Case: Testing Distributed Functions dSPACE HIL systems support complex simulations of hybrid control units Use Case: Traffic Sign Recognition Test ADAS functions which rely on road-based object information Use Case: Optimal Lambda Control Test the diagnosis capabilities of a lambda-based exhaust aftertreatment control system. Use Case: Roadwork Test Scenarios for Automated Driving Perform simulations of roadwork scenarios in order to test automated driving functions Use Case: Air Condition for Electric Vehicles Evaluate the electrical energy consumption of an air conditioning system in an electric vehicle Use Case: Gas Engines Validate electronic control units for stationary gas engines Use Case: Truck-Trailer Systems Developing and testing vehicle dynamics control functions for truck-trailer systems Use Case: Electric Drive Controls Test asynchronous motors in automotive applications Use Case: Emission Control Systems Test emission control systems for diesel engines Use Case: White-Box Testing How to access the ECU in real-time for White-Box Testing with dSPACE SCALEXIO Use Case: Evaporative System Monitoring Validate the functionality of the fuel tank evaporation system for onboard diagnostics (OBD) tests. Use Case: Intersection Assistants Simulate traffic at intersections with multiple vehicles Use Case: Standard Compliance dSPACE Consulting supports you in designing and implementing your processes in compliance with applicable standards. Use Case: Engine Model Parameterization Parameterize combustion engine models for real-time simulation Testing Embedded Components In this example a SCALEXIO system is used for a real-time preflight simulation of the entire mission for a high-altitude research rocket. Verification of Networked Aircraft Systems For testing multiple networked aircraft systems you might require a test bench that corresponds to the aircraft in size and dimensions and includes the actual cable harnesses. Test Rig for Electric Actuation Systems The SCALEXIO system can also serve as an integrated part of an actuator test rig for testing high-lift surface control in the lab, for example. Use Case: Power HIL Simulation Electronic load for up to 1,250 V for simulation of electric motors

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