HIL Tests for DC/DC Converters

Testing power electronics control units

Application Areas

  • Highly efficient isolated power supply
  • Power optimizer for renewable energy applications
  • Testing of charging control units
  • Testing of vehicle electrical network control units

Key Points

  • FPGA-based solution for electric power systems
  • Open real-time models for different converter topologies
  • Support of customer-specific models
  • Enhanced simulation quality and reduced delay
  • Support of very high switching frequencies (e.g., 100 kHz)
  • Precise handling of internal switching events

The Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package generates real-time simulation models from information on the circuitry. Combined with Simscape Power Systems™, the package offers an ideal development environment for testing electrical systems. In addition to model splitting and the mean value models for power electronics bridge circuits you already know from the dSPACE Power RealTime Library, you can now also perform FPGA-based model computation. The package provides ready-to-use FPGA applications so you can integrate your own Simscape Power Systems models without having to program the FPGA for each application. The Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package therefore combines the functions of the Power RealTime Library with a new, FPGA-based method. In a networked system, this combination lets you compute each model part on the ideal real-time platform for the respective latency requirements. The automatic translation of circuitry information into real-time code saves time during engineering and provides very precise, realistic simulation results, particularly when the FPGA-based solution is used. This generic solution is recommended,especially if the required topologies cannot be simulated with the dSPACE standard libraries (XSG Electric Components and ASM Electric Components). You can use the Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package for applications such as auxiliary devices in vehicles, traction drives for electromobility, and electrical energy conversion of regenerative power generators.

To let you program the FPGA graphically in Simulink, XSG is supported. The I/O functions and the I/O channels are also mapped graphically with dSPACE ConfigurationDesk. For convenient configuration, the Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package provides a direct interface for accessing ConfigurationDesk.

The dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop system is suitable for a wide range of customer-specific control applications. As special hardware with user-programmable FPGAs, dSPACE FPGA base boards allow for the high-precision simulation of electric drives and provide high computing power for enhanced drive and control applications. For high I/O requirements, the FPGA base boards can be expanded with several FPGA I/O modules.

Additionally, the dSPACE network technology IOCNET allows for decentralized I/O setups with more than 100 device nodes, which can be located up to 100 meters apart.

Special Offer for Academia

For this use case, dSPACE offers a special software and hardware package at a discounted price.

Check out our Advanced Control Education (ACE) Kits for more information.

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