DS6601 FPGA Base Board

SCALEXIO I/O boards with the Xilinx® FPGA technology

The DS6601 FPGA Base Board, one of the two high-performance FPGA boards from dSPACE, is equipped with FPGA technology to meet the strictest requirements in a wide range of applications, such as electric drive technology, hybrid vehicles, power electronics, and electric power engineering. 

Application Areas

The DS6601 FPGA Base Board has been designed for applications that require very fast, high-resolution signal processing, for example:

  • Electric vehicle applications
  • Industrial drive applications
  • Electric power industry applications
  • Electric drive simulation
  • Power electronics simulation
  • Power hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • Electric motor control development
  • Power electronics control development

The DS6601offers a powerful FPGA, making it well-suited for applications that involve protocols, third-party interfaces, processor-based electric drive simulation, or developing electric drive and power electronic controllers in the context of rapid control prototyping (RCP). The DS6601 is the cost-effective alternative to the DS6602.

Key Benefits

The DS6601 is the successor of the DS2655 FPGA Base Board (7K160 version) and includes a newer and approximately two times larger FPGA. The DS6601 features four multi-gigabit transceivers (MGT) that enable high-speed communication. To include more I/O channels, you can connect up to five I/O modules to each board. Additionally, you can connect multiple boards via inter-FPGA communication for direct data exchange between FPGA stacks.

Programming the FPGA

Applications for the DS6601 FPGA are modeled with the AMD® Vitis TM Model Composer HDL Library, RTI FPGA Programming Blockset and the related dSPACE XSG-based solutions. If required, you can react flexibly to new requirements, such as new interfaces or having to accelerate the execution of submodels. You can also test the program in offline simulation before implementing it on the real-time hardware. Using dSPACE ConfigurationDesk, you can download the programs to the FPGA.

I/O Modules

Three I/O modules are available to expand the I/O channels of the dSPACE FPGA base boards: the DS2655M1 Multi-I/O Module, the DS2655M2 Digital I/O Module, and the DS6651 Multi-I/O Module. Up to five I/O modules can be connected to each FPGA base board, thus providing a flex-ible, customized channel set.

Parameter DS6601
  • User-programmable FPGA board
  • Xilinx® Kintex® UltraScaleTM KU035
    • System logic cells: 444,000 (DSP slices: 1700)
    • Distributed RAM: 5,908 kbit
    • Block RAM: 19,000 kbit
Additional onboard RAM
Angular Processing Units (APUs)
  • Up to 6 as master or slave
Number of connectors for I/O modules
  • 5 connectors for standard I/O modules
  • 1 connector with 4 multi-gigabit transceivers (MGTs)
Device timing
  • 125 MHz
Internal communication interface
Physical size
  • 238 x 100 x 19 mm (9.4 x 3.9 x 0.7 in)
  • Requires 1 slot plus one additional slot for each I/O module
Voltage supply
  • 24 V
Typical power consumption
  • 50 W

  • SCALEXIO Product Information, PDF, English, 16194 KB
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