The dSPACE real-time systems for HIL testing comprise the fastest real-time technology and most comprehensive I/O boards as well as bus and network interfaces. A long-term availability roadmap protects our customers’ investments.


The SCALEXIO system has a new hardware and software architecture to cover the future challenges of hardware-in-the-loop test systems. All the hardware is standardized and can be reused in all variations of SCALEXIO systems.

SCALEXIO Rack System

The SCALEXIO rack system is very flexible due to extensive I/O features. All hardware is software-configurable, making it easy to adapt the system to changing project requirements.

SCALEXIO Customized System

The dSPACE SCALEXIO customized system is a highly versatile hardware-in-the-loop simulator that offers a comprehensive range of adaption and configuration options to meet customer-specific requirements. It is scalable from small to large systems and can be used flexibly from components testing to simulating complete virtual vehicles.

Power HIL Systems

dSPACE offers ready-to-use solutions for testing controllers and power electronics throughout the complete range of electric vehicle components. These solutions are specifically tailored for HIL simulation at the power level.

Test Benches

dSPACE provides highly dynamic turn-key test benches for mechatronic components and systems. Our range of services covers all the tasks involved, such as concept design, planning, installation, implementation and support.

Electromobility and Electric Drives

dSPACE provides a wide range of test systems for developing and testing ECUs for electric drives. Depending on the testing purpose and the project conditions, you can access the ECU at different levels, such as signal, electric power, and mechanical level.

Data-Driven Software Development for Autonomous Vehicles

Artificial-intelligence-assisted one-stop-solution for data-driven development of autonomous vehicles (AV), from data recording and enrichment to generation of real-world-based scenarios for large scale simulation.

Bus and Network Interfaces

dSPACE offers a comprehensive tool chain for bus simulation in hardware-in-the-loop applications.

ECU Interfacing

ECU interfacing comprises methods and tools for analyzing and preparing ECUs, and for connecting them to development and test environments, such as dSPACE RCP or HIL systems.

Software Tools

For HIL testing, dSPACE offers a comprehensive range of software – from simulation models to configuration, experiment, and automation software as well as data management software.

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