The chassis of the future is becoming smarter.

During the development and testing of new control strategies for chassis, multiple components such as steering, braking, and wheel suspension have to be considered.  Each of these components has to function in a safe and stable manner, not only independently but also in interaction.  Functions for autonomous driving in particular demand intelligent and above all mutually validated systems, as these are typically networked.  The interplay of the individual components has a strong influence on the overall performance of the system. 

The development and validation of such systems demands sophisticated test environments that incorporate both real-time simulation models and integrated test benches. 

dSPACE Solutions for Chassis

dSPACE has a comprehensive range of modular solutions that can be used either domain-specifically or as a system solution for developing and testing the various systems and their interaction. 

Steering Systems

Steering Systems

Discover our solutions for developing and testing electromechanical power steering systems.

More about Steering Systems
Braking Systems

Braking Systems

Innovative brakes require new approaches for validation and verification. dSPACE offers solutions for testing complexe braking systems.

More about Braking Systems
Suspension Systems

Suspension Systems

Realistic real-time simulation of vehicle dynamics, such as wheel suspension, spring and damper, and stabilizers.

More about Suspension Systems

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Consulting & Engineering Services

Development support from start to finish

Development support from start to finish

Developing complex E/E systems and software with ever more safety-critical functions, especially in the area of autonomous systems, raises the question of guaranteeing function reliability. That's why dSPACE offers end-to-end expertise in functional safety, test strategy development as well as verification and validation in complex E/E processes - to support you from the earliest project stages to homologation.

dSPACE systems are easy to get up and running – however, if a project is more complex, if individual solutions are needed or if there is high time pressure, you can also trust dSPACE's fast, competent and reliable engineering services.

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