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Modular real-time system

The SCALEXIO LabBox is a compact chassis for desktop or rack-mount use. It can integrate a SCALEXIO processor board or be connected to a SCALEXIO Processing Unit. It offers space for up to 18 SCALEXIO I/O boards.  

Application Area

The SCALEXIO LabBox chassis is designed to build a compact real-time system, ideally suited for function development and testing. It offers space for up to 18 SCALEXIO I/O boards that cover all the essential I/O functions. As processing hardware, the dual-slot DS6001 Processor Board can be installed in the SCALEXIO LabBox, which results in a very compact setup. Alternatively, the SCALEXIO LabBox can be connected to an external SCALEXIO Processing Unit.
Additionally, the SCALEXIO LabBox can be used to expand a 19" rack system, for example. For this, the LabBox is available as a rack-mount version and a covered rack-mount version with extended 19" brackets. This lets you keep the entire wiring inside a 19" rack.

Key Benefits

The mechanical concept of SCALEXIO LabBox allows for an easy setup and modification of the real-time system. Users can simply adapt the SCALEXIO system to their requirements by using the ejection lever to remove boards and add new ones.

All hardware is software-configurable, which makes it easy to adapt the system to changing project requirements.  

Options for Processing Hardware

There are two options for using processor hardware with the SCALEXIO LabBox:

  • DS6001 Processor Board installed directly in the LabBox
  • Connecting the LabBox with a SCALEXIO Processing Unit or a DS6001 Processor Board in a second LabBox via IOCNET

Coupling Options with DS6051 IOCNET Router

The DS6051 IOCNET Router is used to connect SCALEXIO LabBox with an external processing hardware, e.g., a SCALEXIO Processing Unit or additional SCALEXIO LabBoxes as I/O extensions.

Technical Details SCALEXIO LabBox


Parameters Specification
  • Housing with 19 slots
    • 18 slots for SCALEXIO I/O boards
    • 1 system slot reserved for a DS6001 Processor Board or DS6051 IOCNET Router
  • Temperature-controlled active cooling
  • I/O boards software-configurable via ConfigurationDesk
  • Board exchange via front flap using an ejection lever
  • Status LED and Kensington® security slot
Ambient temperature
  • 0 °C … 50 °C (32 °F … 122 °F)
Operating humidity
  • 5% … 95% (non-condensing environment)
Size (width x height x depth)
  • Desktop version: 447 x 193 x 394 mm (17.6 x 7.6 x 15.5 in)
  • Rack-mount version: 483 x 178 x 355 mm (19 x 7 x 14 in)
  • Covered rack-mount version: 483 mm x 178 mm x 493 mm (19 in x 7 in x 19.4 in)
  • 11.5 kg (without boards)
Power supply
  • 100 … 240 V AC, 50 … 60 Hz; 350 W

Technical Details DS6051 IOCNET Router

Parameters Specification
IOCNET router
  • 1 optical IOCNET uplink port
  • 2 optical IOCNET downlink ports1)
  • Support of up to 18 electrical IOCNET downlink ports (via backplane)
  • Up to 2.5 Gbit/s link speed
Typical power consumption
  • 7.2 W (typ. 300 mA, at +24 V)
  • 238 × 100 × 19 mm (without fastening bracket)
  • 300 g

1) SFP transceiver modules have to be ordered separately.

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