dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Package

With the dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Package, you can configure a dSPACE system as a simulation node in a service-oriented Ethernet network.

Application Areas

The dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Package enables the real-time simulation of service-oriented communication in Ethernet networks of electronic control units (ECUs). These networks play an important role in advanced driver assistance systems, automated driving, new comfort and entertainment functions, and numerous other functionalities.

With the dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Package, you can configure a dSPACE system as a simulation node in a service-oriented Ethernet network. 

dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Tool

The dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Tool lets you configure a dSPACE system as a simulation node in an Ethernet SOME/IP (scalable service-oriented middleware over IP) network. The tool relies on a network description file available in an AUTOSAR XML or FIBEX representation. Numerous consistency checks are performed when the communication description is imported. You can configure the network simulation based on the imported description via drag & drop. The tool generates the communication code and a blockset generation file according to this configuration. 

dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Blockset

Application-specific Simulink models can be created using the dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Blockset as a basis. The block attributes are filled with data generated by the dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Tool. The dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Blockset supports sending and receiving events. Such units comprise several signals, which can be handled in the model by using only one Simulink block per event. 

Key Benefits

The dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Package consists of two parts. The first part is the dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Tool, which is used to configure a dSPACE simulation system. The second part is the dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Blockset, used for modeling the service-oriented communication in MATLAB®/Simulink®.

A unique Multi-MAC (Media Access Control) simulation feature lets you simulate several Ethernet nodes using one port of the dSPACE system. The Ethernet Configuration Package lets users create bus simulation containers (BSCs) to exchange and seamlessly use bus configurations. 

dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Tool

Functionality Description
  • Support of Ethernet SOME/IP
  • Support of SOME/IP Service Discovery
  • Hierarchical view of the communication description
  • Parameter visualization
Import communication description
  • AUTOSAR description files (*.arxml)1)

  • FIBEX (ASAM MCD-2 NET) files1)​​​​​​​

Configuration Selectable clusters, nodes, services, event groups, and parameters
Multi-MAC simulation (for simulating several Ethernet nodes with one port of the dSPACE system)
User Datagram Protocol (UDP) network management
Service discovery manipulation options
AUTOSAR functions1) End-to-end protection

Secure onboard communication

Global time synchronization

1) Please contact dSPACE for appropriate version

RTI Ethernet Configuration Blockset

Functionality Description
  • Use a SCALEXIO platform as a simulation node in an Ethernet SOME/IP communication network
Model generation
  • Generate MATLAB/Simulink blocks for SOME/IP communication
  • Use blocks to send and receive SOME/IP events
  • Use structured blocksets with basic configurations, service instances, and additional convenient functions (e.g., model update)

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