Preparing HIL Tests

Developing and validating tests on the PC

The advantages: Preparing HIL tests with VEOS

  • Preparing HIL test artifacts such as automated tests, layouts, and model configurations on the PC
  • Identifying errors in the HIL tests even before execution
  • Maximizing HIL simulator utilization
  • Support of the HIL API standard

The challenge: Downtimes of the HIL simulator

HIL simulators should run around the clock for optimal use. But today they are used to prepare, design, and validate tests, which leads to undesirable downtimes. Add to this overnight tests that are terminated prematurely due to faulty test sequences – wasting valuable time and delaying projects.

The idea: Preparing tests on the PC

The PC-based simulation platform dSPACE VEOS has the same interfaces as a HIL simulator, so you can design and validate test scenarios and layouts for the HIL simulation in advance. In addition, you can develop, parameterize, and test plant models without actually needing a HIL system. VEOS can run automated HIL test simulations to later on avoid termination of the actual HIL tests due to faulty test sequences. Layouts that were previously developed for the HIL system can be reused and adapted to new requirements. Layouts and tests are created once and can be reused across the different development stages to save both time and effort. Frontloading HIL tests yields higher test quality and cuts the total cost of ownership (TCO) by using the HIL simulator more efficiently.

One example: Autonomous parking in a parking garage

To test control functions for autonomous parking in a realistic parking garage environment, the entire parking garage including other vehicles has to be modeled and designed. Different parking scenarios with different available parking spaces and borders require individual HIL test scenarios.

With VEOS, you can design models, layouts, and tests on the PC in advance and identify the right HIL test for each project. The simulation models can be parameterized early on while the HIL simulator can continue testing. Testing and validating tests before the actual HIL simulation avoids corrections and terminated overnight tests.

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