Use Case: Requirements-based Testing

The Task

Typical requirements-based testing workflow, including a list of supported requirements management and test tools.

The number of requirements in modern ECU development is continuously increasing, and end users want to know how many of these requirements have been successfully validated. Additionally, safety-related standards demand full traceability, from requirements to all relevant test data like test cases and test case results. 

The Challenge

  • Establishing a traceable and efficient process for verifying the rising number of requirements
  • Connecting the requirements with the test activities in the expert test tools
  • Ensuring that all requirements are verified by tests and that the tests are passed
  • Tracking the impact of requirement changes
  • Generating standard compliance reports of the requirements test coverage without error-prone manual copying

The Solution

SYNECT helps you bridge the gap between your requirements management system and the tools you are currently using for test execution and automation on HIL and SIL platforms. As a centralized database management system, SYNECT stores all the relevant data in a central location, which enables global teams to collaborate, access data from any location, and perform testing on a local workstation.

SYNECT integrates with various commonly used requirements management systems, enabling full traceability from requirements to test results to achieve requirement-based testing. Requirements coverage analysis visualizes the current testing progress.

SYNECT supports the following requirements-based actions:

  • Deriving and implementing tests, and managing the test cases
  • Planning and executing tests automatically on a local or remote machine
  • Achieving full traceability from the requirements to the test case and the test results

SYNECT supports the following process iterations:

  • Monitoring and analyzing the test coverage for requirements
  • Identifying which test cases are affected when requirements change

The Benefits

  • Full traceability from requirements to test cases, test parameters, and test results – directly supporting ISO 26262 compliance
  • Integration of a wide range of requirement management and test tools, and automatic control of test execution with SYNECT
  • Collaboration between globally distributed test teams

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