dSPACE Release 4.2

The attached list gives you an overview of the innovations of dSPACE Release 4.2.

Product Details
New hardware platform: RapidPro System 1.0
  • Signal conditioning
  • Power stages
  • Intelligent I/O subsystems
ControlDesk 2.6
  • Steering Controller instrument supporting any type of joysticks and steering wheels with full-force feedback support (feature not supported by Windows NT)
ControlDesk Failure Simulation 1.2
  • Synchronous activation of combined FIU channels on different Mid-Size FIU boards (DS749, DS791)
  • Support of DS793/ DS794 Sensor FIU for dSPACE Simulator Mid-Size DS2211
MotionDesk 2.0
  • Multitrack mode:
  • Time-synchronous replay of simulation scenarios
  • "Transparent" overlaying of vehicles to visualize the differences
  • Automatic generation of "shadow vehicles" to compare simulations
  • Slow motion and fast motion
AutomationDesk 1.2
  • Report Blocks Library
  • Automation of DTS7
  • Automation of CalDesk 1.1
  • Data container
  • Enhanced capturing
RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 1.1
  • Raw data input of a message. It is possible to switch between normal signal input to raw data input online for the entire message.
  • Free identifier. The user can define own message online via identifiers, raw data, cycle time (for TX and RX directions).
  • Capture messages. To capture messages with variable lengths, structures, ...
  • Gateway exclude message list. For online modification of the list of messages which are not to be sent to the other controller.
RTI Bypass Blockset 2.0
  • Extension to the Real-Time Interface (RTI) to Simulink
  • Blockset for dialog-based configuration of bypass applications
  • ASAP2 file browser with filter and search options for the selection of variables
  • Automatic mapping of variable names to addresses in the ECU memory and conversion between phsyical and hex representation
  • Based on the dSPACE Calibration and Bypass Service and the dSPACE XCP Service
  • For DPMEM PODs and XCP on CAN
  • Support of on-chip debug interfaces like AUD/NBD, Nexus and JTAG/OCDS planned via DCI-GSI1 with RTI Bypass Blockset 2.x
  • Bypass interface configuration via ASAP2 (AML) file (no *.m configuration file required)
RTI DS2211 additional features
  • Model switch tool for both directions DS2210 <_-> DS2211
  • Upper frequency range increased to 100 kHz for the PWM channels
  • 2 event capture windows for an engine cycle
  • Flexible handling of engine variants
RTLib functions for support of LIN 2.0 (slave side)
  • Support of DS1005/DS1006 and DS4330
  • Frames
  • Node configuration
  • Event-triggered frame
  • Bus monitor/gateway
Software enhancements for DS1006 Processor Board
  • Faster loading of applications
  • Faster update of boot firmware
  • Use of CDAutomationLib with DS1006 MP systems in network host connection
  • Detection of errors in GigaLink data transfer (also relevant for DS1005-based systems).

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