dSPACE Release 6.5
(Released in December 2009)

The main innovations in dSPACE Release 6.5 are outlined below:

Product Details
ASM 2.2 ASM Truck (extension to ASM Vehicle Dynamics and ASM Trailer):
  • Torsional deflection of the vehicle frame
  • Twin tire simulation selectable during a simulation run (single tire/twin tire)
  • Number of axles selectable during a simulation run (standard product has up to four axles for vehicle and trailer)
  • Number of axles can be extended
ASM VehicleDynamics
  • Model for brake booster
  • Extension of drivetrain with testbench (easy setup of virtual vehicles including engine testbench)
ASM BrakeHydraulics
  • Continuously controlled valves
  • Table-based valve simulation (easy parameterization by measurement data)
  • Full ModelDesk support
ASM Electric Components
  • ModelDesk support
ASM Engine models
  • New postprocessing GUI for engine testbench runs
  • New postprocessing functions in ASM Optimizer
  • ModelDesk support of engine driving cycles
AutomationDesk® 3.0
  • XML import/export of projects, libraries, folders, and tests
  • Fine-grained version control, i.e. version control of single elements like folders, tests, results, etc.
  • Support of first parts of new ASAM standard HIL API
ConfigurationDesk® 3.0.2
  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements
ControlDesk® 3.5
  • Bus Navigator with LIN support
    • LIN configuration available via Bus Navigator tree
    • LIN layout creation (view RX frames, configure TX frames)
    • Triggering of LIN TX frames
FlexRay Configuration Package 2.1.1
  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements
ModelDesk 2.2.1
  • Support of ASM model additions and enhancements
    • ASM BrakeHydraulics
    • ASM Electric Components
    • Engine driving cycles (ASM Engine)
    • Torsional frame (ASM Truck)
    • Drivetrain extension (ASM VehicleDynamics)
MotionDesk 2.1.4
  • Improved MotionDesk 3-D Object Library (more realistic look of scenes by enhancements of textures and 3-D models)
  • High-quality rendering available by using antialiasing and texture filtering
  • MotionDesk Instruments (HUD-like visualization of gauges, bars, LEDs and numerical instruments)
  • Support of new MotionDesk Blockset 2.0
RTI AUTOSAR Package 1.1
  • Support of AUTOSAR 2.1 (new), 3.0, 3.1
RTI CAN Blockset 2.6.9
  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements
RTI LIN Blockset 2.0.17
  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements
RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 1.7.1
  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements
RTI FPGA Programming Blockset 1.1
  • Enhanced offline simulation
SystemDesk® 2.1
  • Support of AUTOSAR 3.1 (new), 3.0 and 2.1
  • SystemTemplate import and export
  • RTE generation          
    • Data element invalidation          
    • Transmission acknowledgement          
    • Communication timeout
  • Simulation          
    • COM stack simulation including transmission acknowledgement and timeouts          
    • XCP service of a virtual processing unit (VPU) can be accessed from external tools via XCP over Ethernet
TargetLink® 3.1
  • Code and ASAP2 file generation straight from the dSPACE Data Dictionary to simplify the handling of variables and parameters shared by multiple models/subsystems or originating from legacy code
  • Support for bit operation blocks with highly efficient code for bitset, bitclear, bitshift and other bit operations
  • Traceability from requirements through to generated code and documentation
  • Code generation for vector signals with macros as vector sizes to support the reuse of vectorized code
  • AUTOSAR blockset redesign for simplified AUTOSAR migration and better tool integration
  • Substantial extension of supported AUTOSAR subset and improved tool interoperability with AUTOSAR authoring tools like SystemDesk
  • Target simulation support for Infineon TC 1767 in combination with Tasking compilers
  • Usability improvements like user-specific context menus, flexible handling of code generation option sets, a Data Dictionary message browser and others
MATLAB® Support
  • R2006b, with exception of TargetLink 3.1
  • R2007a+, with exception of TargetLink 3.1
  • R2007b+
  • R2008a+
  • R2008b+
  • R2009a
  • R2009b
Operating System Support
  • Windows XP Professional (32 bit version only) SP3
  • Windows Vista (32 bit) SP1, SP2
  • Windows Vista (64 bit) SP2, with exception of CalDesk 3.0
  • Windows 7 Professional (32/64 bit), with exception of CalDesk 3.0
  • Windows 7 Enterprise (32/64 bit), with exception of CalDesk 3.0
  • Windows 7 Ultimate (32/64 bit), with exception of CalDesk 3.0

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