dSPACE Release 5.4

The main innovations in dSPACE Release 5.4 are outlined below:

Product Details
ConfigurationDesk 1.2.1
  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements
ControlDesk 3.1.1
  • Improved loading performance of variable descriptions (TRC files)
  • Platform manager support of DS4505 (FlexRay Interface Board) and DS4340 (FlexRay Interface Modules)
ControlDesk Failure Simulation 1.4
  • CD_FS with DS293: Resistors (R+/-) can be switched even when DS289 (RSIM board) is missing (useful for switching external resistors).
FlexRay Configuration Package 1.6
  • Integration of previous product releases including support for Bosch E-Ray communication controller and for FIBEX 2.0.1.
  • Support of DS4505 FlexRay Interface Board and DS4340 FlexRay Interface Module with Freescale MFR 4300 FlexRay Communication Controller product line.
Real-Time Testing 1.2
  • Host calls from dSPACE processor board to standard PC
  • RTT sequences can transfer Python data objects to a Python script running on the PC
  • Useful for transferring result data from real-time tests to host
RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 2.0
  • Support of standard and extended identifiers on the same CAN channel
  • Platform-independent S-function (no need to create if platform is changed)
  • Message-oriented view of the settings
RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 1.3
  • New test features for run-time testing, e.g.
  • n times changes of CRC algorithm
  • Signal errors
  • Custom errors
RTI Bypass Blockset 2.2.3
  • Definition of both relative and absolute path to ASAP2 files
  • Information about configuration of read and write blocks is contained in the RTI Bypass info block
  • New DCI-GSI1 Firmware 1.3.2 allowing DCI-GSI1-internal DAQ rasters of up to 10 kHz (100 µs).
RTI RapidPro Control Unit Blockset 1.5
  • Enhancements to RPCU_INJ_IGN_TPU block
  • Support of two-stage peak phase
  • Adjustable peak durations during run time
  • New RPCU_DIAG_MODUL_RESET block supports diagnostics reset of individual modules
  • New RPCU_DIAG_GLOBAL_RESET block supports global diagnostics reset for all modules
  • New angle/angle-based pulse generation support in addition to injection/ignition pulses
TargetLink 2.2.1
  • 1st patch for TargetLink 2.2
  • Additional support for TMW Release 2007a
  • Enhancements to TargetLink AUTOSAR Module
  • Target simulation support for
  • TSM for Freescale 56F8xx and Metrowerks Code Warrior Compiler
  • TSM for Renesas SH-2A and Renesas Compiler
MATLAB support
  • R14SP3
  • R2006a+
  • R2006b
  • R2007a+
  • TargetLink 2.2.1 additionally supports R13SP2, R14SP2 and R14SP2+

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