dSPACE Release 2017-B
(January 2018)

The main innovations included in dSPACE Release 2017-B are outlined below.

Product Details
ASM 9.0
  • Support of Fuel tank evaporation system
  • Double clutch transmission (DCT) simulation
  • Online engine test bench capability
  • Tire MF 6.1
  • KnC: New suspension types
  • Support of traffic signs and lights, incl. variable message signs and gantries
  • Free trajectories for vehicle and traffic objects
  • 2-D sensor for continuous shapes, such as guard rails
AutomationDesk 5.5
  • Fast and easy test definition via convenience test blocks for Get/Set/Check operations
  • XIL Mapping enhancements and initial XIL framework support for easy definition and validation of test bench specific configurations separated from test configurations
  • Enhanced Replace operation support for data objects and blocks to maintain changes in libraries, e.g., renaming of blocks
  • Complete data object configuration directly in the Sequence Builder
  • Usability enhancements for signal-based testing for easy test specification
  • Configuration of files as an attachment to AutomationDesk items, improving the consistency between test step and test data
  • Access to library paths via COM API for improved connection with test management tools
  • Custom reporting block for XHTML increases the flexibility for custom-specific PDF and HTML report entries
Bus Manager 6.0
(ConfigurationDesk 6.0)
  • Additional inspection features, such as RX Status and Time Inspection
  • Extended simulation features, such as Cyclic Timing Control
  • Simplified graphical user interface
ConfigurationDesk 6.0
  • Improved interaction with Simulink®:
    • Generate ConfigurationDesk projects directly from Simulink model
    • Jump from Simulink to ConfigurationDesk and vice versa
    • Information about assigned hardware of connected I/O function in Model Port Block dialog
    • Start overall build process in Simulink
  • Navigation views:
    • For each work step one special view set in ConfigurationDesk
  • New I/O functions:
    • Multi-Channel PWM Out function block for synchronously generating of multiple PWM signals with a common frequency
    • Digital Incremental Encoder In function block allows the evaluation of the position and speed of a rotary or a linear incremental encoder
    • Digital Pulse Out function block for generating digital pulses that are triggered by the model tasks within the behavior model or by another function block. The function can be used as a trigger source for hardware connected to SCALEXIO externally
  • New features for the “Wheelspeed Out” function block
    • Current level modifications during runtime
    • Pulse width modifications during runtime
    • Pitch counter
    • Event generation
    • Gap definition
ControlDesk 6.2
  • New map instrument for displaying GPS data
  • Table Editor: Connecting multidimensional table data (n-D tables with n>2)
  • Time Plotter/Index Plotter: Support of variables using conversion tables (incl. MultiScaling) allows directly showing the converted values in the plots
  • Support of variable-specific default rasters
  • Raw data Ethernet monitoring and logging in Bus Navigator for a deeper analysis of the Ethernet traffic captured by ControlDesk
  • AUTOSAR/FIBEX file import: Support of multi-cluster files for selecting the relevant communication cluster when working with the bus monitoring device
dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package 4.0
  • Support of the DS6311 FlexRay Board
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
ECU Interface Base Package
  • ECU Interface Manager 2.2:
    • Asynchronous ECU access support (Cal)
    • Page switching support
    • Minor bugfixes
  • RTI Bypass Blockset 3.9:
    • Improved TargetLink support: Support for Fixpoints block
    • Bugfixes
Failure Simulation Package 1.4
  • Improved switching times for dynamic errors
  • Invalid FIU parameters are greyed out in the ControlDesk configuration dialog
  • Support of DsCanApi2
Model Compare 2.8
  • Conflict detection and handling in three-way analysis for quick finding of all conflicting changes
  • Advanced merging option in three-way analysis for more comfortable merging via new Comfort Copy commands: Copying all non-conflicting model elements to the target model at the same time
  • New display filter and improved filter definition
  • Support of commented out blocks for precisely comparing results and filter options even in the case of commented out and commented through blocks
  • Improved report generation (one-click report generation; improved report overview and readability)
MotionDesk 4.1
  • Advanced lighting support for a realistic global lighting behavior
  • Support of different light source types
  • Support of unlimited number of light sources
  • Atmospherical lighting (the changing position of the sun is considered in the lighting scenery)
  • Endless ground plate (Sky dome no longer needs to be defined)
Platform API Package 2.4
  • When stimulating dSPACE (trc) variables, scaling information is taken into account
  • Improved error handling when stimulating INITONLY parameters
Real-Time Testing 3.3
  • Condition watcher library allows for a convenient definition of conditions, e.g., for observer routines
  • Management of real-time testing in C#, C++ and .NET for seamless integration of RTT in the customer's tool chain
RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 4.6
  • Support of the DS6341 CAN Board
  • Support of the AUTOSAR E2E Profiles 5 and 6 (in combination with SCALEXIO)
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
RTI FPGA Programming Blockset 3.4
  • API for the RTI FPGA Programming Blockset (scripting interface) lets you access to all features of the blockset GUI from a script
  • DS2655:
    • Enhancements for the offline Simulation
    • Changing constant register values from host PC, e.g., with ControlDesk
    • TA access for XDATA and I/O blocks (currently limited to a subset of data-types)
    • UART demo for the DS2655 with one DS2655M2
  • MicroLabBox: New I/O function for resolver allows for accessing the resolver channels of MicroLabBox from RTI FPGA with all features as known from the RTI1202 resolver I/O function
  • Support of new hardware platform: DS2655 7K410
RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 2.9
  • Support of the DS6351 LIN Board
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Model Management:
    • Graphical model architecture design
    • Support for system model integration
    • Validation support for TargetLink models
  • Test Management:
    • Improved integration of queries in data views
    • Execution Plan: Add test cases using queries
  • Variant Management:
    • Optimized variant configuration dialog
  • Workflow Management:
    • Various improvements for a more comfortable handling of workflow steps
  • General improvements
    • Release configuration
    • Add-on handling improvements
TargetLink 4.3
  • Completely renewed TargetLink Property Manager for viewing and editing TargetLink properties in models
  • Significantly improved workflows for modular development using model referencing/incrementally generated TargetLink units
  • Improvements in A2L file export:
    • Support for A2L version 1.6 export
    • Incremental generation of A2L files
  • Support for additional Simulink®/Stateflow® features, e.g.,
    • Resettable subsystems
    • Hold/reset behavior for states in function-call triggered subsystems
    • Delay Block, Resettable Delay Block, Enabled Delay Block, Variable Integer Delay Block
    • Min/max values for Bit Operation blocks
    • NXOR operation
    • Custom Code (type II) block in combination with buses
  • MISRA-C:2004/C:2012 compliance improvements, e.g.,
    • TargetLink Look-up Table code
    • TargetLink fixed-point library
  • Support for AUTOSAR 4.3
  • AUTOSAR Rte_IsUpdated API: Support of a larger subset of AUTOSAR features
  • Proper support for memory mapping for AUTOSAR software as well as non-AUTOSAR software
  • Improvements for vectors of variable sizes
  • Progress bar with ability to interrupt code generation
  • Improvements in TargetLink integration with dSPACE SYNECT
  • Support for Windows 10
VEOS 4.1
  • Support of GCC 5.2
  • Support of MSVC 2015
MATLAB® support
  • R2016a (64-bit)1)
  • R2016b (64-bit)1)
  • R2017a (64-bit)1)
  • R2017b (64-bit)1)


1) Due to enhanced code generation in MATLAB R2014a Simulink® CoderTM, dSPACE products adapt to these changes in a stepwise manner. Please see Compatibility Roadmap between dSPACE and MATLAB releases for more details.
2) For information about the support of Windows 10, please see Windows 10 support.


More detailed information on various features in dSPACE Release 2017-B


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