dSPACE Release 5.1

The following list gives you an overview of the main innovations in dSPACE Release 5.1.

Product Details
ControlDesk® 2.8
  • Synchronous data acquisition
  • Enhanced FlexRay synchronization
  • Direct update of parameter sets in PPC file
ControlDesk Failure Simulation 1.3 Simulating Loose Contacts or Switch Bouncing Using a DS793:
  • One active timing sequence per failure system
  • Alternation between failure state and normal state for each pin via failure pattern
  • Time range between two states from 20µs to 81,9ms
  • Only static failures possible on the actuator pins parallel timing sequence on the sensor pins

CANCardXL support available (for Failure Simulation Variant 2)
AutomationDesk® 1.3
  • Automation server
  • Dialog library
  • COM/DCOM interface
  • DOORS interface
MTest 1.4
  • MATLAB R2006a compatibility
  • TargetLink 2.1.6 compatibility
  • AutomationDesk 1.3 compatibility
ConfigurationDesk® 1.1.1
  • Support of SC-KNOCK 4/1 (DS1635) knock detection module
  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements
RTI Bypass Blockset 2.1
  • Support of DCI-GSI1 (without add-on installation)
  • DisplayIdentifier as variable name in ASAP2 file browser
  • Support of static DAQ lists for XCP on CAN
  • Support of PID Off for XCP on CAN
RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 1.3 Handling:
  • Overlapping signals within a message definition (DBC file) can be interpreted as a message variation.
Basic Functionality:
  • Gateway block supports two different DBC files or message identifiers which are included in the DBC file.
  • Reset button to switch all RTI CAN multimessage parameters back to their defaults (TRC file entry).
Manipulation Options:
  • Dynamic value of counter signals (for a defined number of TX events):
    • Dynamic increment
    • Dynamic value (new)
Diagnostic Functions (RX):
  • Diagnostic function to detect faulty counter signals

J1939-Addon Features:

  • Support of the SAE-standard J1939
Basic Functionality:
  • Only PDU1/PDU2 messages 8 bytes long or less can be transmitted or received.

RTI RPCU Blockset 1.2

Bugfixes and minor enhancements

ModelDesk 1.0.1
  • Graphical user interface for parameterization of dSPACE models (Automotive Simulation Models 1.1)
  • Project management for creating and handling complete vehicle parameter sets
  • Integrated Maneuver Editor and Road Generator for maneuver planning and road construction
  • dSPACE look and feel with graphical configuration pages for the ASM components (like engine, environment, drivetrain, and vehicle components)
  • Improved handling of Simulink offline simulations
ASM 1.1
  • ASMEngineGasoline 1.1
  • ASMEngineDiesel 1.1
  • ASMDriveTrainBasic 1.1
  • ASMTurbocharger 1.0.2
  • ASMBrakeHydraulics 1.0
  • ASMParameterization 1.1

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