dSPACE Release 5.1

The following list gives you an overview of the main innovations in dSPACE Release 5.1.

Product Details
ControlDesk® 2.8
  • Synchronous data acquisition
  • Enhanced FlexRay synchronization
  • Direct update of parameter sets in PPC file
ControlDesk Failure Simulation 1.3 Simulating Loose Contacts or Switch Bouncing Using a DS793:
  • One active timing sequence per failure system
  • Alternation between failure state and normal state for each pin via failure pattern
  • Time range between two states from 20µs to 81,9ms
  • Only static failures possible on the actuator pins parallel timing sequence on the sensor pins

CANCardXL support available (for Failure Simulation Variant 2)
AutomationDesk® 1.3
  • Automation server
  • Dialog library
  • COM/DCOM interface
  • DOORS interface
MTest 1.4
  • MATLAB R2006a compatibility
  • TargetLink 2.1.6 compatibility
  • AutomationDesk 1.3 compatibility
ConfigurationDesk® 1.1.1
  • Support of SC-KNOCK 4/1 (DS1635) knock detection module
  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements
RTI Bypass Blockset 2.1
  • Support of DCI-GSI1 (without add-on installation)
  • DisplayIdentifier as variable name in ASAP2 file browser
  • Support of static DAQ lists for XCP on CAN
  • Support of PID Off for XCP on CAN
RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 1.3 Handling:
  • Overlapping signals within a message definition (DBC file) can be interpreted as a message variation.
Basic Functionality:
  • Gateway block supports two different DBC files or message identifiers which are included in the DBC file.
  • Reset button to switch all RTI CAN multimessage parameters back to their defaults (TRC file entry).
Manipulation Options:
  • Dynamic value of counter signals (for a defined number of TX events):
    • Dynamic increment
    • Dynamic value (new)
Diagnostic Functions (RX):
  • Diagnostic function to detect faulty counter signals

J1939-Addon Features:

  • Support of the SAE-standard J1939
Basic Functionality:
  • Only PDU1/PDU2 messages 8 bytes long or less can be transmitted or received.

RTI RPCU Blockset 1.2

Bugfixes and minor enhancements

ModelDesk 1.0.1
  • Graphical user interface for parameterization of dSPACE models (Automotive Simulation Models 1.1)
  • Project management for creating and handling complete vehicle parameter sets
  • Integrated Maneuver Editor and Road Generator for maneuver planning and road construction
  • dSPACE look and feel with graphical configuration pages for the ASM components (like engine, environment, drivetrain, and vehicle components)
  • Improved handling of Simulink offline simulations
ASM 1.1
  • ASMEngineGasoline 1.1
  • ASMEngineDiesel 1.1
  • ASMDriveTrainBasic 1.1
  • ASMTurbocharger 1.0.2
  • ASMBrakeHydraulics 1.0
  • ASMParameterization 1.1

Treiben Sie Innovationen voran. Immer am Puls der Technologieentwicklung.

Abonnieren Sie unser Expertenwissen. Lernen Sie von erfolgreichen Projektbeispielen. Bleiben Sie auf dem neuesten Stand der Simulation und Validierung. Jetzt dSPACE direct und dSPACE direct aeropace & defense abonnieren.

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