dSPACE Release 2015-B
(Released in November 2015)

The main innovations included in dSPACE Release 2015-B are outlined below.

Product Details
ASM 8.1
  • Natural gas engine support in ASM Engine Gasoline
  • Fuel consumption calculation in ASM Vehicle Dynamics and ASM Traffic
  • Flexible drive axle configuration in ASM Truck
  • Star or delta configuration for PMSMs and asynchronous machines in ASM Electric Components
AutomationDesk 5.1
  • XIL API-based mapping
    • New data object with import and export functions
    • Powerful mapping viewer GUI in AutomationDesk
    • Mapping editor, callable in AutomationDesk
  • Signal-based testing enhancements
    • Undo and Redo support
    • Ribbon for popular commands
    • Support of global trigger conditions as 'time tags'
  • Library Favorites Viewer enhancements
    • Automatable load and save support of library favorites
    • Highlighting of unresolvable library favorites
  • New editors for conditions and expressions
  • MicroLabBox support and full DS1007 MP support for stimulus generation and signal-based testing
Bus Manager 5.4
  • Support of ISO and non-ISO CAN FD
  • Support of ControlDesk Bus Navigator layout generation
ConfigurationDesk 5.4
  • Support of ‘protected model’ Simulink feature
  • Support of precompiled SIC files
  • Support of predefined view sets
  • Extended I/O functions
    • Time stamp capture and capture of angle position are optional now for Analog Input Current In and Analog Input Voltage In functions
ControlDesk 5.5
  • Support of structured variables in the new Variable Browser
  • Automatic reconnect for DS1007 PPC Processor Board, DS1202 MicroLabBox, XIL API MAPort, and SCALEXIO
  • Support of the new DCI-CAN2 (CAN, CAN FD, CCP, XCP)
  • Use of ASAM MDF 4.1 as primary data format for measurements
  • Measurement configuration optimized for handling a large number of rasters
  • Connection assignment of variables to instruments
  • Time/index plotter with enhanced functionality
  • Signal Editor with support for MicroLabBox and DS1007 multicore/multiprocessor systems
  • CAN Bus Monitoring device with support for FIBEX and AUTOSAR system description files
  • Bus Navigator
    • Support of CAN FD for SCALEXIO and DCI-CAN2
    • Layout generation for Bus Manager applications -
    • CAN data replay for MicroLabBox
  • Failure simulation
    • New XIL API EESPort graphical user interface to interactively create error configurations
    • ControlDesk's XIL API EESPort graphical user interface is the successor of ControlDesk's Failure Simulation Module, which is being delivered for the last time with dSPACE Release 2016-A
dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package 3.6
  • Import of AUTOSAR system templates version 4.2.1 as databases
  • Support of databases with ‘Opaque’ byte order
Failure Simulation Package 1.0 New product as successor of ControlDesk Next Generation Failure Simulation Module and Failure Simulation API Package
  • XIL API EESPort server for all dSPACE FIU systems
  • XIL API EESPort-compliant graphical user interface in ControlDesk Next Generation is licensed by this product
Model Compare 2.6
  • Hook functionality for customizing block comparison. This allows a clear and accurate representation of differences also for models from different domains (HIL, RCP, etc.)
  • Enhanced search functionality for property values, regular expressions, etc.
  • Faster opening of model elements by double-clicking (in addition to context menu command)
  • Save Model Copy command. This allows a manual backup of models directly from within Model Compare, e.g., before performing merge actions.
  • Demo models and a new quick guide for quick access to Model Compare and its key features
MotionDesk 3.7
  • New Instrument Panel can be used to group instruments and assign a background image to them. The title bar of a minimized Instrument Panel displays the most important parameters.
  • Instruments can be displayed to be visible on several observers without reconfiguration.
  • For ease of use, instruments can be copied and pasted with all attributes, enabling a quick setup of instruments.
Platform API Package 2.0
  • HIL API and XIL API enhancements
    • Transparent variable access for DS1007 MP boards
    • Stimulus support for MicroLabBox
Real-Time Testing 2.6
  • MicroLabBox SP & MC support
  • DS1007 MP support
  • Full support of ‘as fast as possible’ simulation mode for VEOS
RTI 7.5 / RTI-MP 7.5
  • New Simulink Coder behavior
  • Real-Time Testing for MicroLabBox
  • Nonvolatile Data handling for MicroLabBox and DS1007
  • Pulse width measurement on MicroAutoBox II variants with DS1511 or DS1513
RTI CAN Blockset 3.5
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 4.2
  • Support of ISO CAN FD
  • Support of databases with ‘Opaque’ byte order
  • Support of ISO/non-ISO CAN FD with DS2671 Bus Board
RTI E-Motor Control Blockset 1.2
  • Support of EnDat interfaces for e-motor control applications
RTI FPGA Programming Blockset 3.0
  • Support of all possible dSPACE hardware platforms with the Xilinx Vivado tool chain
  • For the DS2655: Support of the DS2655M2 Digital I/O Module
RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 2.6
  • Support of databases with ‘Opaque’ byte order
SystemDesk 4.5
  • Support of AUTOSAR 4.2.2, 4.2.1, 4.1.3, 4.1.2, 4.1.1 and 4.0.3
  • Support of NvM
    • Modeling NvRAM in the software architecture
    • Generating V-ECUs including NvRAM
  • Binding of AUTOSAR variants
  • Extension of the RTE, e.g., PRPorts, NvBlockComponents
  • Improved usability of diagrams
  • Improved wizard for easily creating V-ECUs from software architectures
TargetLink 4.1
  • Better support for multiple instantiation and parameterization of referenced models and subsystems using incremental code generation and function reuse
  • Simplified modeling with Simulink buses by using the simplified initialization mode, bus assignment and signal conversion blocks as well as buses and structures in Stateflow
  • Support for AUTOSAR 4.2 as well as comfortable and efficient NVRAM access by using AUTOSAR NVData interfaces
  • Use of AUTOSAR transformers, e.g., for end-to-end communication protection and automotive Ethernet
  • Code efficiency and MISRA-C compliance improvements
  • Export of Functional Mock-up Units based on the FMI 2.0 standard for executing TargetLink code in real-time and non-real-time environments
VEOS 3.5
  • More intuitive, ribbon-based user interface
  • New Build Output dialog
  • Support of enumeration data types in FMUs
  • Enhanced debugging features:
    • Source code debugging can be enabled/disabled for GCC and MSVC compilers
    • Call stack information can be provided in connection with the MSVC compilers if source code debugging was enabled
MATLAB® support
  • R2014a (32-/64-bit) 1) 2)
  • R2014b (32-/64-bit) 1) 2)
  • R2015a (64-bit) 1) 2)
  • R2015b (64-bit) 1) 2)
Operating system support
  • Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit)
  • Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)

1) With 64-bit support, limitations might occur. => more

2) Beginning with MATLAB release R2014a code generation with Simulink® CoderTM has changed. For further information => TRC File Changes with dSPACE Release 2014-A and Later

More detailed information on various features in dSPACE Release 2015-B

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