Bus Manager

适用于 LIN、CAN 和 CAN FD 总线仿真的配置工具

dSPACE Bus Manager 是一款强大的工具,用于配置仿真的总线通信(例如残余总线仿真),以及在 dSPACE SCALEXIO系统的实时应用中实现总线通信。它支持不同的总线系统,例如 LIN、CAN 和 CAN FD。


dSPACE Bus Manager 是一款强大的工具,用于配置仿真的总线通信(例如残余总线仿真),以及在实时应用中实现总线通信。它可以与dSPACE SCALEXIO一起用于硬件在环(HIL)和快速控制原型(RCP)应用,以及与基于PC的仿真平台dSPACE VEOS一起用于虚拟验证项目。Bus Manager支持不同的总线系统,例如 LIN、CAN 和 CAN FD。Bus Manager是dSPACE ConfigurationDesk的一个插件,覆盖所有的应用实例。如果只使用VEOS,则可以使用Bus Manager(单机版)。


  • 这款工具能对多个总线系统同时实施配置。
  • 可通过拖放操作轻松完成总线配置
  • 同一个配置下使用多个通信矩阵
  • 不依赖建模工具的模型接口
  • 工具自动化接口
  • CAN 和 LIN 的总线仿真保持一致
  • 无缝集成到ConfigurationDesk,所有任务均有相同的操作流程,例如总线配置或 I/O配置

Functionality Description
  • Use of several communication matrices, such as AUTOSAR system description files, FIBEX, DBC, and LDF files within one project
  • Support of end-to-end protection, PDU containers, secure onboard communication, generic CRC/checksum simulation, counter simulation
  • Static Container PDU and Global Time Synchronization support
  • Support of LDF, DBC, FIBEX, and AUTOSAR files1)

  • Versatile communication matrix visualization with different views, folding, filtering, searching
  • Fast and easy restbus configuration across communication matrices
  • Selectable and customizable restbus configuration view
  • Tree view and property grid for bus-element-based configuration
  • Table view for multiple-element configuration
  • Configuration of the bus hardware
  • Modeling-tool-independent model interface (model port blocks)
  • Support of Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs)
  • Convenient update of existing configurations with new communication matrices
  • Export of bus configurations as bus configuration containers for import into VEOS
  • Secure Onboard Communication (SecOC) inspection and manipulation
  • PDU RX status for simulation
  • Send and receive of unconditional, event-triggered and sporadic frames/PDUs
  • Generation of LIN schedules
  • Triggered/cyclic send and receive of CAN / CAN FD frames/PDUs
  • Support of multiplexed PDUs
  • CAN / CAN FD Frame Gateway
  • Support for SAE J1939 vehicle bus standard, e.g., for commercial and off-highway vehicles and communication between the vehicle and charging station

  • „Simulating partial networking according to AUTOSAR

Bus Manipulation and Inspection
  • Signal value based access to ISignals
  • Overwrite value of an ISignal with a user-defined value
  • Add offset to the value of an ISignal
  • Access the payload of a PDU in raw data format
  • Inspect the status of a received PDU
  • Manipulate the payload length of a CAN frame
  • Suspend the transmission of a frame
1) Please contact dSPACE for the suitable version. See www.dspace.com/go/communication-standards for more information on supported communication standards for buses and networks.

Bus Manager 提供一个用于实施总线仿真的简易工作流程。总的来说,同一工作流程适用于 VEOS的虚拟场景以及 SCALEXIO的实时系统:

  • 导入一个或多个总线通信矩阵。可为后续总线配置自动提取所有相关信息。
  • 创建总线配置
  • 定义和配置待仿真的组件
  • 如果需要,可对操作和检查进行配置
  • 指定实时硬件访问(此步骤仅适用于RCP和 HIL场景)。
  • 必要时可配置仿真组件的不同参数和属性。例如,在运行过程中通过试验软件(如 ControlDesk®)可以实现对信号值的访问。如果仿真要求信号值必须在运行过程中动态变化,则可以使用行为模型,例如 MATLAB®/Simulink® 行为模型,或其它建模工具中设计的 Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) 行为模型。
  • 最后启动搭建流程,并且下载(仅适用于RCP和 HIL场景)和执行实时

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