Fully Customized Mechatronic Test Benches

Test benches tailored to your individual application

You cannot find the test bench in our portfolio that exactly fits your application or use case? No problem. We offer test benches for a wide range of applications – tailored to your specific requirements. Just ask us.

Application Areas

  • Industry
    • Advanced drive systems
    • Complex robotic applications
  • Aerospace
    • Electrification of the primary flight control
  • Automotive
    • Real driver cockpit (steering wheel and pedal feedback)
    • Cockpit on a hexapod for realistic seat movement
    • Transmission
    • Passenger detection
    • Auxiliary drives

Key Benefits

dSPACE offers turn-key solutions that are optimally adapted to your specific needs and allow for closed-loop tests also at a mechanical level. The mechatronic test benches allow for the evaluation of complex systems in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The dSPACE hardware offers the required scalability, real-time performance, I/O interfaces, and a powerful tool chain to control a complete test bench from Simulink®. In addition, dSPACE provides interfaces to all automotive buses, e.g., CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, K-/L-Line, and Automotive Ethernet.

Our dSPACE portfolio offers different interfaces for drive control, letting you choose the one that perfectly matches your project requirements: CANopen for low dynamics, EtherCAT for medium dynamics, and TWINsync for applications with highest dynamics.

Different Ways of Sensor Stimulation

Depending on the application, mechatronic test benches from dSPACE offer various possibilities of sensor stimulation. Typical applications include the stimulation of:

  • Inductive engine speed sensors using controlled coils
  • Pressure membranes via strong lifting magnets or linear actuators
  • Temperature sensors via controlled hot plates or Peltier elements
  • Integrated switches via magnetic fields
  • Integrated acceleration sensors and yaw rate sensors via a 3-D motion platform or tilt rockers
  • Integrated torque sensors via mechanical setups and load motors

Different Ways of Drive Control

Thanks to the model-based approach for control implementation and the high-speed interfaces, there are hardly any limits when it comes to realizing your individual requirements. With our years of experience in motor control and hundreds of test bench projects, we can choose from a wide range of predefined control structures that can be easily adapted to your project needs. These include:

  • Forward control of force and torque based on motor currents
  • Feedback control of force and torque based on test bench sensors
  • Motion control (cascaded control including generation of motion profiles)
  • Compensation of disturbance variables (mass or inertia, friction, cogging, etc.)

dSPACE Products for Interfacing Industrial Drive Inverters

dSPACE offers different interfaces for industrial drive inverters depending on your requirements:

  • CANopen Master Solution
    • Low dynamics (TUPDATE = 1 ms)
    • Requires the RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset or the Bus Manager
  • SCALEXIO Fieldbus Solution
    • Medium dynamics (TUPDATE = 0.5 ms)
    • Connecting to various field bus types, such as EtherCAT
  • SCALEXIO TWINsync Solution
    • High dynamics (PWM synchronously with TUPDATE = 0.125 ms)
    • Uses the TWINsync protocol from KEBA Industrial Automation Germany GmbH (formerly LTI Motion GmbH)

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