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SYNECT 是一种数据管理和协作软件工具,特别注重基于模型的开发和 ECU 测试。它能帮助您处理整个开发过程中的模型、信号、参数、测试、测试结果等以及其依赖性、版本和类型及基本要求。开放式 API 让您可以将 SYNECT 集成于现有 IT 基础架构和工作流程之中。

  • SYNECT 2.2



  • 掌握数据波动

    发表时间:2014 年 2 月出刊的 dSPACE 杂志,2014 年 9 月
    新的 dSPACE 数据管理解决方案 SYNECT(针对基于模型的开发)已从 2012 年 10 月开始推向市场。它最初由一个测试管理模块和一个集成变量管理模块组成。现在还推出了信号、参数和模型管理模块。

  • CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH:通过集中式测试管理完成测试

    2016 年 11 月 15 日至 16 日,dSPACE 在慕尼黑举行了第八届用户大会,在会中 CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH 展示了该公司的测试过程,并介绍了其推出的一款集中式测试管理工具---SYNECT®


  • Real-time-based testing at ZF TRW

    (Published: dSPACE Magazine 3/2015, Oct 2015)

    Developing and validating safety-critical mechatronic systems such as power steering requires a suitable test environment. ZF TRW Tech Center in Duesseldorf uses test instances with increasing hardware content.

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  • OSU at EcoCAR 2 – hybrid power takes first place

    (Published: dSPACE Magazine 3/2015, Oct 2015)

    The Ohio State University drove home first-place honors in the EcoCAR 2 advanced vehicle technology competition finale for delivering a re-engineered plug-in hybrid that impressed judges across the board. During the three-year project, the students used state-of-the-art industry tools to redesign a 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, implementing vehicle energy storage, electric drive and ethanol-(E85)-fueled engine technology.

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  • dSPACE TargetLink and SYNECT Bring Model-Based Development to a New Level

    In this free webinar, dSPACE demonstrates how to use model-based design, autocoding and model-based testing efficiently and smoothly. In large, distributed development teams with a high number of users, this is achieved by integrating dSPACE SYNECT, dSPACE’s data management and collaboration platform, with TargetLink, dSPACE’s MATLAB®/Simulink®-based production code generator.

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  • 录制的网络研讨会:如何实现基于要求的测试


  • Webinar: Model Management – Beyond Managing Files

    In this free webinar, dSPACE will show you how to manage models not only as files but also with essential data as their inputs, outputs, parameters and metadata, and together with their related development artifacts, such as requirements or tests.

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SYNECT 旨在帮助您在整个开发流程中管理数据。这些数据包括模型、信号、参数、测试、测试结果等等。SYNECT 还能处理数据依赖关系、版本、衍生版本和与基本需求的关联。SYNECT 的一个主要方面是直接连接到工程工具,例如 MATLAB®、Simulink®、TargetLink® 或 AutomationDesk 以及应用程序/产品生命周期管理系统 (ALM/PLM),便于您使用自己喜欢的工具并无缝交换数据。SYNECT 是汽车、航空航天、工业自动化和医药工程的理想选择 - 无论在何处,嵌入式系统均通过基于模型的设计所开发


SYNECT 可将您的所有开发数据集成到单个环境。
  • 直接存储和重复使用在您基于模型的开发和 ECU 测试过程中找到的数据对象。
  • 可以在每个开发阶段使用您喜欢的工具,并能享有简单的数据流带来的便利,因为 SYNECT 集成有基于模型的开发常用的工程工具和标准。
  • 内置的 SYNECT 变量管理功能允许您始终掌控数量不断增加的变量。
  • 模块化和可扩展的产品架构便于快速部署。
  • SYNECT 的开放结构支持按需定制 SYNECT 并将其集成于您的 IT 架构中。
  • 利用 SYNECT 开放式架构的优势,通过 ALM/PLM 工具连接实施公司范围流程。

Module Description
SYNECT Test Management
  • SYNECT module for the intuitive management, planning, monitoring, and evaluation of all test activities
SYNECT Signal & Parameter Management
  • SYNECT module for managing signals, parameters, and parameter sets for controller functions, ECU software, and also plant models throughout the entire development process
SYNECT Model Management
  • SYNECT module for managing models together with their interfaces, parameters, and related files
SYNECT Variant Management
  • SYNECT module for defining and managing variants and their impact on design and development data
  • SYNECT module for working with multiple clients on a common server, for user and rights management, and for fine-grained version and configuration management
Workflow Management
  • SYNECT-based solution for mastering complex systems with multiple variants (HIL, modeling) by workflow automation and simple user interactions

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