With the rising complexity and development speed of embedded control functions in vehicles and other applications, the demands on validation efficiency and reactivity have also increased highly.

Only with efficient and at the same time flexible dedicated test data management support can the demands on validation efficiency be met at all. This includes all artifacts in the validation process, from requirements to tests and test result reports, as well as the required test simulation artifacts such as simulation models and parameters.

Key Benefits

  • Enable collaboration and validation in teams across different test phases, levels and platforms
  • Increase automated testing and get to more efficient test system utilization
  • Automate test system configuration and setup enabling efficient testing of different ECU versions and variants
  • Support agile development through continuous testing
  • Establish full traceability from requirements to test results, from models to parameters
  • Manage simulation models and simulation parameters by meaningful metadata

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Our videos on test data management with dSPACE SYNECT cover short feature demonstrations, interviews, and detailed technical introductions.

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Success Stories

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