Data management and collaboration software for automated ECU testing

SYNECT is a data management and collaboration tool with a focus on the efficient and automated verification and validation of ECU (electronic control unit) software.  


  • SYNECT 2022-B

    The latest SYNECT version offers, for example, improvements for customer-specific review extensions as well as a further optimized GUI framework.

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  • Test Environment for Safety-Critical Driver Assistance Systems

    The central management of the Euro NCAP test protocols and the provided tests in SYNECT Test Management allows for a seamless testing process.

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  • Requirements-Based Testing: Properly Connected?

    With SYNECT Test Management, dSPACE provides a solution for implementing an efficient requirements-based testing process that both bridges the gap to the requirements world and establishes a connection to the various test tools and test environments.

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  • Increasing the Efficiency of SIL and HIL Tests by Using a Central Data Management System

    This paper shows which challenges the aerospace industry currently faces regarding the efficient reuse of workflow artefacts in the development and test process of complex E/E systems.

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  • Toyota: Automated Rolling

    To automate its mechanical test benches, Toyota relies on a combination of AutomationDesk and SYNECT.

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  • PATAC: Automatic Safety

    Tests for autonomous driving based on SOTIF

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  • Daimler: Powertrain Tests at the Push of a Button

    To quickly and safely create model integration versions, for example, for testing new powertrains, HIL simulator farms can be equipped with workflow automation that is based on the dSPACE data management software SYNECT.

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  • Learning Connection Video: Lifecycle Traceability with SYNECT and codebeamer ALM

    In this video, Intland and dSPACE demonstrate the direct integration of codebeamer in SYNECT. codebeamer and SYNECT users benefit from end-to-end traceability and a convenient way to plan and automate SIL and HIL validation tasks.

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  • Recording of Online Workshop: Early Software Validation: Techniques and Standards

    Collaborative ways to develop, manage and execute tests, and how to create and validate an ISO 26262 compliant software unit in 1 hour

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  • Webinar Recording: Variant-Based Testing with HIL Systems – The Elegant way

    In this webinar recording, dSPACE shows you how HIL systems can be automatically prepared and used for testing different ECU versions and variants to achieve the best possible testing efficiency.

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Application Areas

SYNECT helps you manage and automate testing in local as well as globally distributed teams and connects management processes, actual test work, and tools. SYNECT provides full traceability from requirements to test results. Powerful monitoring options, such as reports or dashboards, visualize the test status and progress. With its integrated variant management, SYNECT provides a systematic and transparent approach for testing ECU variants and versions.  

SYNECT furthermore automates test system setup, including HIL preparation and build processes, and enables agile development by supporting continuous testing. Using SYNECT will help you set up 24/7 testing and optimize HIL utilization. 

Key Benefits

SYNECT enables collaboration and automation for ECU testing.

  • Automate HIL testing and achieve more efficient HIL utilization
  • Introduce model-in-the-loop (MIL) and software-in-the-loop (SIL) testing using the same tools and workflows as for HIL testing
  • Establish full traceability from requirements to test results
  • Integrate with ALM tools and processes to bridge the gap to actual test execution
  • Monitor the test progress with customizable dashboards and comprehensive reports 

Module Description

SYNECT module for working with multiple clients on a common server, including user and rights management
Support for requirements management, signal and parameter management, and for connection/integration to ALM systems

SYNECT Test Management – Planning & Execution SYNECT module for test planning, scheduling, and execution
SYNECT Test Management – Test Development SYNECT module for test case development and parameterization
SYNECT Model Management SYNECT module for managing models, their interfaces, parameters, and related files
SYNECT Variant Management SYNECT module for defining and managing variants as well as their impact on design and development data
SYNECT Workflow Management SYNECT module for automatic test system setup, i.e., for HIL simulation and modeling, by means of workflow creation
Tool for continuous integration, from autocode generation to SIL and HIL simulation.
Support for variant and parameter handling in highly complex build and test environments
Workflow Runner Package
Required for SYNECT Workflow Management
Starter/Runner package manages the execution of workflows via the Starter user interface, automated jobs, MATLAB® or Python API
Lets you start a custom workflow, e.g., to start dSPACE ControlDesk with the experiment associated with the selected variant configuration
Workflow Management Connector Package
Required for SYNECT Workflow Management
Manages the connection between SYNECT and other dSPACE or third-party tools required for automatic test system preparation
Handles connections to ConfigurationDesk, AutomationDesk, ControlDesk, ModelDesk, and MATLAB®/Simulink®
SYNECT AUD Test Authoring Framework (TAF) SYNECT-based test authoring and automated test execution with AutomationDesk


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