RCP Systems for DC/DC Controllers

Developing converter functions

Application Areas

  • Developing and validating controllers for in-vehicle DC/DC converters
  • Very low (small batteries) to very high (high-voltage power transmission) power levels

Key Points

  • Dedicated FPGA-based I/O interfaces with convenient Simulink® blocksets
  • User-programmable FPGA for even the fastest control loops (short sample times of < 20 μs)
  • XSG Utils Library with ready-to-use FPGA components for fast and convenient develop­ment of FPGA-based DC/DC converter control algorithms
  • Synchronous control of a large number of switches
  • Modular hardware concept allows for flexible adaptation to changing requirements
  • High scalability from compact systems, such as MicroAutoBox, to modular systems based on SCALEXIO LabBox or SCALEXIO AutoBox
  • Fast iteration by automatically implementing Simulink models in the RCP hardware at the click of a button
  • Large set of easy-to-configure, comprehensive I/O functions

The powerful processors of our dSPACE real-time systems can be easily programmed with control applications for DC/DC converters using Simulink®. The I/O features you need to access your application are provided based on the selected real-time system. They can be configured and added to the Simulink model using our dSPACE configuration and implementation software ConfigurationDesk.

Hardware Options

For in-vehicle prototyping, we provide the MicroAutoBox, which can be used together with different I/O modules. You can use the DS1511 and DS1513 variants for processor-based development, while adding the DS1514 and DS1553 modules also allows for FPGA-based development.

Our modular SCALEXIO system provides two different housings: the SCALEXIO AutoBox for in-vehicle applications and the SCALEXIO LabBox for laboratory testing. For rapid-control prototyping, these housings are equipped with a DS6001 Processor Board. Furthermore, they can be enhanced as required using one or more of the numerous SCALEXIO I/O boards available. The DS6121 Multi-I/O Board with its dedicated PWM and analog/digital converter (ADC) functions is particularly suitable for this use case.

FPGA library components (e.g., PWM) can be combined freely on various FPGA platforms with different I/O modules and can also be connected to build custom design components. The XSG Utils Library supports you in creating custom control algorithms, or parts of them, on a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). This mainly involves project-specific I/O reading and filtering and the flexible generation of PWM patterns. The XSG Utils Library is used for high-performance DC/DC controls with sampling rates above 50 kHz by computing custom control algorithms or parts of them on an FPGA.

Functionality Overview of the XSG Utils Library

  • All library components are open and accessible
  • Flexible PWM generation including phase-shifted PWM and user-defined patterns
  • Small control applications and components
  • PWM measurement with PWM counter
  • Watchdog feature
  • Flexible plotting functions for FPGA-based signals using the FPGA Scope function block
  • Support for UART protocol

Hardware Options

For controlling various DC/DC converter topologies, dSPACE offers the DS1553 AC Motor Control Module, which can easily be integrated into all MicroAutoBox III variants with the DS1514 FPGA Base Board. Alternatively, you can use the SCALEXIO AutoBox equipped with a SCALEXIO FPGA Base Board (DS2655, DS6601, or DS6602) and the related I/O modules (DS2655M1 or DS6651). For laboratory use, the SCALEXIO boards can also be installed in a SCALEXIO LabBox. 

MicroAutoBox III Système de prototypage en véhicule compact et robuste DS1553 AC Motor Control Module The DS1553 AC Motor Control Module is an I/O plug-on module with I/O that is optimized for controlling various electric drives. SCALEXIO AutoBox Un système temps réel modulaire puissant pour une utilisation en véhicule SCALEXIO LabBox Un système temps réel modulaire compact DS6001 Processor Board Carte processeur haute performance pour la SCALEXIO LabBox DS6121 Multi-I/O Board SCALEXIO I/O board for electric drive and power electronics control applications DS6601 FPGA Base Board High-performance FPGA board with the latest Xilinx® FPGA technology for advanced electromobility applications DS6602 FPGA Base Board High-performance FPGA board with the latest Xilinx® FPGA technology for advanced electromobility applications DS2655 FPGA Base Board SCALEXIO I/O board with user-programmable FPGA DS6651 Multi-I/O Module SCALEXIO FPGA I/O expansion for developing and testing highly dynamic control applications FPGA I/O Modules SCALEXIO FPGA I/O modules for expanding the I/O channels of the SCALEXIO FPGA base boards ConfigurationDesk Logiciel de configuration et d'implémentation pour le matériel temps réel de dSPACE ControlDesk Logiciel universel d'expérimentation pour le développement de calculateur XSG Utils Library Blocs fonctionnels prêts à l'emploi permettant d'accélérer l'implémentation des modèles FPGA RTI FPGA Programming Blockset Intégrer des modèles FPGA dans des systèmes dSPACE
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