DS1553 AC Motor Control Module

Electric Drive Control

The DS1553 AC Motor Control Module is an I/O plug-on module that is optimized for controlling various electric drives. 

Application Areas

The DS1553 can be installed on all MicroAutoBox III variants with DS1514 FPGA Base Board. 

User-Specific FPGA Programming

The DS1553 provides I/O interfaces for the user-programmable FPGA of the MicroAutoBox III. This way control loops can be outsourced to and directly closed onto the FPGA of the MicroAutoBox. This allows for very fast closed-loop control algorithms with the shortest possible turnaround times. For fast and convenient FPGA-based modeling, the XSG AC Motor Control Library provides ready-to-use, configurable elements to control common electric drives. You do not have to deal with complex signal preprocessing and can fully concentrate on developing new control algorithms in both CPU and FPGA. 

AC Motor Control Solution

The AC Motor Control Solution based on MicroAutoBox variants with DS1514 FPGA Base Board uses the DS1553 module in conjunction with a dedicated FPGA firmware and provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use RTI blockset for controlling various electric drives. All modeling is performed on the processor via MATLAB® Simulink® – no FPGA programming is required on the part of the user. 

Parameter Specification
Digital input 8 channels, 0 ... 5 V, differential or single-ended, software-configurable
Digital output 16 channels, 0 ... 5 V, single-ended to generate gate driver signals, PWM synchronization signals, bit out 8 additional channels by modifying IP-module pins
Analog input 8 channels, software-configurable input voltage range (±5 V, ±15 V, ±30 V), differential, 10 Msps
Analog output 2 channels, -10 ... 10 V (single-ended) or -20 ... 20 V (differential, reference to GND)
Resolver interface Max. position resolution 16 bits (depending on motor speed). Generation of excitation signal (3,7,10 Vrms; excitation frequency from 2 ... 20 kHz in 250 Hz increments, software-configurable)
RS422/RS485 4 RS485 transceivers for connecting 2 serial angle meters (e.g., EnDat or SSI interface)
Power supply for sensors 12 V: max. 50 mA 5 V: max. 50 mA (used for the MicroAutoBox III VSENS-PIN for currents up 750 mA)

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