Integrating PSI5 Sensors

Top: The PSI5 Master/Slave Solution connects the RCP system (here: MicroAutoBox) to the real vehicle sensors.

Bottom: The HIL simulator simulates the vehicle sensors, while the PSI5 Master/Slave Solution provides the connection to the ECU via the PSI5 bus.

March 14, 2013: PSI5 (Peripheral Sensor Interface 5) is a widely used open standard for connecting vehicle sensors to electronic control units. The new PSI5 Master/Slave Solution from dSPACE provides an easy way to simulate PSI5 sensors in hardware-in-the-loop tests or to connect them in rapid control prototyping with MicroAutoBox/AutoBox. The PSI5 Master/Slave Solution consists of hardware based on the dSPACE Programmable Generic Interface (PGI1) and an RTI blockset for easy graphical configuration. It can represent 10 slaves and 4 masters.

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