DS2642 FIU & Power Switch Board

HighFlex board for power-switching with Failure Insertion Unit

The DS2642 is used in SCALEXIO hardware-in-the-loop simulators. It provides a central Failure Insertion Unit and power switches for HIL tests of ECUs.  

Application Area

The DS2642 FIU & Power Switch Board combines two components:

  • Central Failure Insertion Unit (FIU) for simulating failures for the I/O channels of the SCALEXIO HighFlex boards and MultiCompact units
  • Power switches for simulating up to 10 switched potentials, for example, on terminal K15

Key Benefits

The DS2642 offers 10 switchable software-configurable channels, that can be bundled for increasing the current possible.

Central FIU

The central FIU on the DS2642 is connected to the failure routing units of the I/O boards via the failrails. It switches the failures for the channels on the boards.

The following options are available:

  • Broken wires on each individual channel, with or without bouncing as selected
  • Crossed wire between two channels, with or without bouncing
  • Short circuit to a fixed potential such as the supply voltage, with or without bouncing

The failures are prepared on the I/O boards by relays, and failure insertion is performed by semiconductor switches on the central FIU. The result is a fast switching frequency that enables loose contacts to be simulated.

Power Switch

The power switch provides 10 switchable channels, which supply current to the external devices such as ECUs and loads. The current can be measured simultaneously. The central FIU can also use the power switch channels to simulate short circuits to the supply to the ECU. The channels can be bundled to increase the current and are selected in ConfigurationDesk. Several DS2642s can be used in one SCALEXIO system.

Current Measurement

The power consumption of the connected components can be measured precisely on each power switch channel.

Parameter Specification
Power switches (Power Switch 1)
  • General
    • 10 channels for the ECU's current supply
    • Voltage 60 V
    • Continuous current 10 A per channel
    • Channel parallelization to increase the measurement range to max. 80 A (RMS)
    • Status LED for overall board status
    • 10 channel-specific LEDs for channel status (power switch open/closed)
  • Current measurement
    • Current measurement on each channel
    • Precision mode
      • Resolution 6.25 µA
      • Sampling time 135 ms
      • Measurement range 0 ... 1.6 A
    • Dynamic mode
      • o Resolution 150 µA
      • Sampling time 262 µs
      • Measurement range 0 A ... 39 A
  • Electronic fuses
    • 10 A RMS ECU (effective value)
    • Software-configurable and software-resettable
Failure Insertion Unit
  • General
    • Voltage ±60 V
    • Fault switch for up to 80 A
    • Continuous current for high-current failrail 80 A
    • Continuous current failrail with low capacitance 1 A
    • Status LED for the FIU component
  • Fault types
    • Broken wire
    • Short circuit to GND or UBat
    • Crossed wire between two channels
    • All faults with optional bouncing
Internal communication interface
Physical size
  • 410 x 100 x 41 mm (16.1 x 3.9 x 1.6 in)
  • Requires 2 slots
Voltage supply
  • 24 V
Typical power consumption
  • 19.2 W

  • SCALEXIO Product Information, PDF, English, 16194 KB
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