AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH

AbsInt is dSPACE Product Partner for analyzing run-time errors, stack overflows, and timing errors.

AbsInt develops tools for validating, verifying and certifying safety-critical embedded software. These static analysis tools use abstract interpretation for computation and guarantee reliable results that are valid for every program run and any possible input scenario. In cooperation with dSPACE, AbsInt has developed tool integration between TargetLink and the AbsInt tools Astrée (run-time error analysis), StackAnalyzer (stack analysis) and aiT WCET Analyzer (worst-case execution time analysis). This means that run-time errors, stack overflows and timing errors can be detected from within a TargetLink model, considerably improving the analysis results and keeping false alarms to a minimum. Qualification Support Kits are available for the AbsInt tools to allow tool qualification according to current safety standards.

Complementary Products of the Partner Program Brief Description Related dSPACE Product
Astrée Run-time error analysis TargetLink
aiT WCET Analyzer Timing analysis TargetLink
StackAnalyzer Stack requirements analysis TargetLink
TimingProfiler Timing analysis TargetLink

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