Elektrobit Automotive GmbH

dSPACE and Elektrobit Automotive GmbH have agreed on a technical cooperation for the development of the latest AUTOSAR software and advanced driver assistance systems.

Elektrobit (EB) Automotive offers software solutions for vehicle infotainment, electronic control units (ECUs), and driver assistance systems.

The product line EB tresos® delivers AUTOSAR basic software, operating systems, and the associated tools for configuration and code generation. EB tresos® also provides support for applying ISO 26262 up to ASIL-D/SIL 3. The goal of the cooperation between Elektrobit and dSPACE is to offer an optimal tool chain – dSPACE TargetLink, dSPACE SystemDesk, and EB tresos® Studio – for developing the newest ECU software according to the AUTOSAR architecture.

In the field of driver assistance systems (ADAS), Elektrobit and dSPACE cooperate in the area of developing and testing map-based driver assistance systems. Using the ADASIS v2 Protocol, dSPACE offers the ADASIS v2 Horizon Reconstructor Blockset for Simulink®. The EB Assist ADASISv2 Reconstructor by Elektrobit is integrated in this blockset.

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