Technical Cooperation for Optimized Production Code Generation, ECU Interfacing, Bypassing, ADAS/AD SIL, and HIL Testing

dSPACE has signed a technical cooperation agreement with NXP for optimized production code generation, ECU interfacing, bypassing, and ADAS/AD SIL and HIL testing.

NXP is the world’s leading supplier of semiconductors for the automotive industry.

NXP and dSPACE cooperate on developing software modules for TargetLink, the dSPACE production code generator. This enables dSPACE to offer optimization and simulation modules as soon as NXP launches a new processor. In addition, TargetLink also supports the NXP real-time operating system, OSEKturbo.

NXP and dSPACE are also working on SIL and HIL test systems for autonomous driving, the main points being the NXP development platform BlueBox 3.0 and the integration of radar sensor models into a simulation environment for data generation at various abstraction levels (detection list, raw data).

The dSPACE products Automotive Simulation Models (ASM), Sensor Simulation, VEOS, RTMaps, and Environment Sensor Interface (ESI) Unit are used for this.

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