dSPACE and Tasking BV have agreed on a technical cooperation for optimized tool support during the development of embedded software.

TASKING (embedded software development by Altium) supplies highly optimized C/C++ compilers and debuggers for a wide range of microcontrollers, including 8051, C166, ST10, XC16x, XC2xx, XE16x, TriCore, ARM, PowerPC, M16C, DSP56K, 68K, ColdFire, and Nios II. RTOS/kernels based on standards such as Posix or OSEK, and TCP/IP stacks, are also available. TargetLink generates target-specific, optimized code for many compiler-processor combinations such as the TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore as well as the classic C166/ST10 toolset and the XC2200 family (via the VX toolset for C166/ST10). The TargetLink Target Optimization Modules make full use of the processor's and compiler's benefits, for example, by using compiler-specific language extensions and inline assembler language. This increases the efficiency of the generated C code even more. 

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