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ADAS and Autonomous Driving Developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions Power Electronics and Electric Drive Technology dSPACE products offer comprehensive support for electric motor and power electronics applications SAME: Perfect Grip, Perfect Grapes Innovative front wheel suspension for SAME specialty tractors DENSO: Virtual Modeling Toolbox Setting up an efficient tool chain for FMI-based development Functional Mock-Up Interface dSPACE supports the open FMI standard for easy integration of simulation models from various sources ASAM XIL API dSPACE supports the ASAM XIL API standard in many of its products. Use Case: HIL Tests for Electric Trains Test controllers for grid interfaces, electric drives, and power electronics with dSPACE systems Closed-Loop Radar Test Bench Closed-loop HIL system with radar sensor including RF components Weichai: Modeling the future Customer-specific simulation models for highly efficient truck engine technology Use Case: Restbus Simulation dSPACE provides comprehensive tool support for restbus simulation Closed-Loop HIL Testing of Camera Systems Closed-loop HIL system for testing camera-based systems by inserting data behind the image sensor Strategic Use of HIL and SIL Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and software-in-the-loop (SIL) simulations have long been used to test electronic control units (ECUs) and software. Use Case: Testing Engine ECUs Simulate an ECU’s environment and insert specific faults for testing purposes Electronics Take Off Real-time testing of modern actuation systems at Moog Closed-Loop HIL Release Tests for Camera and Radar Applications Closed-loop HIL release tests for camera- and radar-based applications Offers for Universities Real-time development systems with powerful simulation hardware and comprehensive software tools. Closed-loop HIL Testing of Multisensor Systems Closed-loop HIL Testing of Multisensor Systems Electromobility dSPACE offers complete solutions for developing and testing ECUs for electromobility applications. Typical Setup for Prototyping ADAS and Automated Driving Functions Developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions Open-Loop HIL System for Testing Image Processing ECUs Open-loop HIL system for testing image processing ECUs Highly Automated Driving: Mastering Variety dSPACE solutions for highly automated driving Use Case: Simulating Brushless DC Motors Include a current and a voltage emulation in HIL tests Use Case: Testing Battery Management Systems Maintain optimal operation conditions for batteries in hybrid or electric vehicles Various Options for Sensor-in-the-Loop Testing Various options for sensor-in-the-loop testing Use Case: Simulation of airbag ECU How to perform realistic HIL tests for airbag ECUs Use Case: Function Validation with V-ECUs VEOS lets you test function interactions on your own PC Team Starkstrom: Track Record Developing an autonomous racing vehicle for Formula Student Driverless Use Case: Developing Electric Motor Control Strategies Developing electric motor control strategies with dSPACE prototyping systems. Use Case: AUTOSAR V-ECU Generation Generate AUTOSAR-compliant virtual ECUs Automotive Industry dSPACE systems are being used successfully at international automotive customers for developing and testing embedded electronics. Use Case: Virtual ECU Testing dSPACE provides a seamless tool chain for virtual ECU testing at an early development stage AUTOSAR Technology dSPACE offers various solutions for AUTOSAR. Use Case: Integrated Sensors and Actuators Provide the physical signals to stimulate an ECU's sensors and actuators Use Case: Battery Management Algorithms dSPACE RCP systems support developing and validating battery management systems Bus Simulation dSPACE offers a comprehensive tool chain for bus simulation in virtual validation, rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop applications. Use Case: Virtual ECUs Without AUTOSAR VEOS lets you use virtual ECUs to test C-code-based function modules Use Case: Environment Simulation Perform realistic environment simulations for testing driver assistance systems Use Case: Testing ECUs and ECU Networks Test either a single ECU or multiple networked ECUs together, including restbus simulation Use Case: Roadwork Test Scenarios for Automated Driving Perform simulations of roadwork scenarios in order to test automated driving functions Aerospace Industry dSPACE products are used in a wide range of aerospace application fields, such as engine control development and tests on control devices. Use Case: Rapid Control Prototyping dSPACE offers a comprehensive tool chain for bus simulation in rapid control prototyping applications Use Case: Testing Electric Motor ECUs Achieve high sampling rates to handle highly dynamic behavior Testing Automated Driving in Urban Areas and on Highways Testing automated driving in urban areas and on highways Use Case: ECU Testing, Analysis, and Monitoring dSPACE provides the ControlDesk software for analyzing and monitoring ECU signals during testing Schlumberger: Intelligent Drilling Simulating extreme environmental conditions for control units Data Recording During Real Test Drives Data recording during real test drives Use Case: Cluster Simulation Cluster simulation with dSPACE VEOS enables highly automated test drives on your PC Use Case: Emulating Battery Cell Voltages dSPACE HIL systems support testing battery management systems Use Case: Automated Driving Functions Developing perception, fusion and application algorithms with the help of dSPACE tools Use Case: Modeling AUTOSAR Systems Model AUTOSAR-based system architectures Closed-Loop HIL Testing of V2X Applications Closed-loop HIL testing of V2X-based applications High-Performance Sensor Data Processing MicroAutoBox Embedded SPU for high-performance sensor data processing of various environment sensors, such as camera, radar and lidar, GNSS positioning, and wireless communication Closed-Loop HIL Testing of Predictive Driving Functions Closed-loop HIL testing of GNSS-based predictive driving functions Use Case: ECU Testing dSPACE provides a comprehensive tool chain for testing ECUs communicating with each other in a network Use Case: Power Supply Systems dSPACE HIL systems for testing smart grids and distributed power generation Use Case: Virtual Test Bench Use VEOS as a virtual test bench that is constantly available on your PC Use Case: Simulating Multiple Scenarios for Autonomous Driving Simulate a large number of scenarios for autonomous driving Testing AEB Functions According to Euro NCAP Testing autonomous emergency braking (AEB) functions according to Euro NCAP Electric Power Industry dSPACE products offer comprehensive support for developing power industry applications. Rimac Automobili: Concept_One Insights into the drive concepts of a purely electric supercar Use Case: Euro NCAP Crash Tests Perform Euro NCAP tests early in the ECU development phase using the dSPACE tool chain Landing Gear Systems of the Future Researchers at the Institute for Aircraft Systems Engineering at the Technische Universität Hamburg, Germany are developing a completely new kind of actuation system for the landing gear of a regional aircraft. Use Case: Testing ECUs with Optical Displays Link camera-based real-time image recognition with HIL simulation technology Use Case: AUTOSAR Migration Migrate your AUTOSAR projects from AUTOSAR 3 to AUTOSAR 4 Porsche: A Test of Character for Steering Systems Developing and fine-tuning electric steering systems with mechatronic HIL tests Use Case: Validating AUTOSAR Architectures Validate AUTOSAR architectures manually or automatically ADAS Development Tool Chain: Stay safe on the roads As customer expectations rise and Euro NCAP requirements get tougher, the cost of developing advanced driver assistance systems threatens to become unmanageable. Use Case: Mechanical Power Level Simulation Physically stimulate ECUs for HIL tests Use Case: Testing Distributed Functions dSPACE HIL systems support complex simulations of hybrid control units Prototyping Electronic Horizon Applications Prototyping applications that are based on electronic horizon data Use Case: Code for Battery Management Systems Automatic code generation for safety-critical applications with TargetLink Use Case: Virtual Bus Simulation Test bus communication without any real hardware BMW: Virtual Validation in Practice Functional SIL stations at BMW Use Case: Defining Traffic Scenarios Define complex traffic scenarios to analyze and test ADAS algorithms on electronic control units Use Case: Testing Vehicle Dynamics ECUs Ensure high signal quality for ECUs performing plausibility checks after power-up Use Case: TargetLink and SYNECT The production code generator TargetLink and the data management software SYNECT are easy to combine with a dedicated add-on. Prototyping Complex Automated Driving Functions in Real Traffic Prototyping complex automated driving functions in real traffic using MicroAutoBox and MicroAutoBox Embedded SPU Use Case: Preparing HIL Tests VEOS lets you develop and test virtual ECUs on your own PC Virtual Engine Test Bench Variable valve systems improve the efficiency of modern gasoline engines. Testing the engine control units designed for them requires novel, detailed simulation models with high physical resolution. Testing Highly Automated Driving Functions on PC Clusters Testing Highly Automated Driving Functions on PC Clusters Use Case: Controller Tests for Electric Motors dSPACE HIL systems support controller tests for electric motors at signal level Use Case: Simple Bus Communication Tests dSPACE provides comprehensive tool support for testing bus communication ZF TRW: Putting Steering Systems to the Test Real-time testing at ZF TRW Steering Development Continuously Variable Transmission in Formula Racing Cars The members of Ecurie Aix, the Formula Student team at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany, have given their car an innovative continuously variable transmission. They used a MicroAutoBox from dSPACE to develop the controller for it. Active Body Control (ABC) with RapidPro DaimlerChrysler needed a signal conditioning and power driver system for function prototyping that was both compact in size and easy to install in the vehicle, and chose the new RapidPro System from dSPACE as the candidate for evaluation. Infotainment HIL Simulator at Audi Car buyers nowadays can expect to find an optimum onboard functionality mix of information, entertainment, and communication, collectively known as infotainment. Time-correlated Data Recording with Separate Data Logging Unit Time-correlated Data Recording with Separate Data Logging Unit Jaguar Land Rover: Virtual Revolution Jaguar Land Rover’s motto is to create “experiences customers love, for life”. Use Case: Thermal Monitoring of Batteries Monitor the thermal behavior of lithium-ion battery packs Prototyping V2X Applications Based on Wireless Communication Prototyping V2X applications based on wireless ad hoc communication Use Case: Developing Engine Controls New control strategies for saving fuel and reducing emissions Use Case: Testing FlexRay ECUs Test either a single ECU or multiple networked ECUs, including realistic bus communication Use Case: Developing Converter Controllers dSPACE RCP systems for developing control strategies for hybrid or fully electric powertrains Use Case: Frontloading RDE Tests Simulation-based analysis of emission values with virtual and real engine test benches Use Case: Small Electric Motor Controllers dSPACE RCP systems support the controller development for in-vehicle auxiliary systems Use Case: Virtual Bus Simulation Test ECUs and their communication on a PC Use Case: Test Bench with Environment Simulation EPS test bench for release tests and development-phase tests under extreme conditions ISO 26262 dSPACE supports a ISO-26262-compliant development process with its tool chain. Complete Powertrain Simulation at Audi 2001: “SPEA” is the first HIL simulation rig at Audi for the development and testing of distributed powertrain functions in real time. Use Case: Testing a Servo Controller Test a wide range of configurations of motors, power stages, sensors, and bus systems Use Case: Evaluating Mechatronic Systems dSPACE provides test benches for evaluating complex systems in real time HIL Test Bench for BMW’s Active Steering For the BMW Group, IABG has developed a complex test bench, used to optimize functions and validate concepts for active steering systems. Use Case: Virtual Test Drives VEOS lets you test driver assistance functions on your own PC NSK: Highly Efficient Wheel Hub Motor NSK is developing a compact wheel hub motor with an integrated transmission mechanism Ford: Rapid AUTOSAR Adoption AUTOSAR simulation with VEOS TU Wien/Siemens: Keeping Contact at 300 km/h Highly dynamic control of a test bench for high-speed train pantographs Heading for the Future with Steer-by-Wire Using dSPACE Prototyper meant that only a short time was required to develop all the essential functions of a steer-by-wire prototype system on a component-in-the-loop test bench and map them in a test vehicle. SCANIA: A Moving Variety Scania has a nearly endless selection of vehicle types and modular vehicle confi gurations. And the generic electronic control unit (ECU) system has just as many variants. In a new test lab, Scania shows how this system can be validated with reliability. University of Stuttgart: Hybrid Propulsion System for the e-Genius plane The electric plane “e-Genius” developed and built by the University of Stuttgart will be equipped with a highly efficient hybrid drive as part of a new research project Use Case: TargetLink and SystemDesk Fast and reliable AUTOSAR roundtrips with minimum user intervention Use Case: Validating Controller Algorithms dSPACE RCP systems provide flexible solutions for validating controller algorithms Use Case: Developing Controller Software dSPACE RCP systems support in-vehicle test systems for hybrid electric vehicles Use Case: Optimizing Vehicle Dynamics for Motorcycles Completely model-based tool chain for on-target bypassing Use Case: Parallel Hybrid Drivetrain Simulation Testing controllers for engine, transmission or drivetrain management in hybrid drivetrain applications. Use Case: Electric Power Level Simulation Test ECUs without accessing their signals at signal level Use Case: Testing ECU Networks for Hybrids Fulfill high development and test requirements to ensure reliable hybrid control functions Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences – Three-Phase Synchronous Motors The Electrical Drive Technology laboratory of the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences used a dSPACE MicroLabBox to implement the control for a permanently excited three-phase synchronous motor via an EnDat 2.2 interface. Use Case: Testing Power ECUs dSPACE HIL systems enable powerful tests for DC/DC converters Use Case: Chassis Control Development New control strategies for higher driving safety, comfort, and agility Use Case: Simulating Automated Manual Transmission Use simulated or real motors to test an ECU for controlling three electric DC motors Use Case: Mechatronic Steering Systems Build a HIL test system for steering systems offering a realistic driving feel University of Michigan: Fly Like a Bird Developing morphing wing and tail elements DLR: Robotic Motion Interactive motion simulation of vehicle dynamics Hyundai MOBIS: All You Can Test Performing parallel tests on multiple driver assistance systems Use Case: Simulating a Hybrid Drive Meet precise data acquisition and turnaround times for a model of electric machines JTEKT: Inspect the Unexpected Automated fault injection tests for JTEKT steering systems Use Case: Prototyping for Active Noise and Vibration Cancellation Model-based development of the control strategy Use Case: High-Performance Steering Test Bench For applications with maximum dynamics and precision Use Case: Small Steering Test Bench Integrate a ''miniature'' test bench in even the smallest of spaces Use Case: Battery Management Develop and test battery management functions Testing Diagnostic Capability As complexity continues to explode, vehicle diagnostics are vital. Continental: The Perfect Dosage Setting up a closed-loop test system for precisely controlled fuel injectors XIL API: One for All ASAM XIL API decouples tests of all test stages from the test platform Use Case: Electric Power Steering (EPS) Develop and test power steering control functions Cold-Test Bench The BMW Group has used a dSPACE Simulator to construct a virtual "cold-test bench". JTEKT: Safe Steering Japanese steering system manufacturer JTEKT has installed an ISO-26262-compliant process and a powerful test system for ECU development. Tongji University: No Driver Required Thanks to advances in the development of intelligent drive technology, the time is coming closer when self-driving vehicles will be a part of everyday road traffic. Snow Cat on a Hook Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG has developed new winch electronics for its PistenBully 600 W. The winch enables the vehicle to rope itself down steep slopes and climb back up again. Use case: Requirements-based Testing Full Traceability from the Requirements to the Test Results with SYNECT Use Case: On-Target Bypassing with TargetLink Combining function development and production development IAI: Chain-Free Cycling Serial hybrid drive for bicycles Use Case: No-Load Steering Test Bench Drive a steering system in closed-loop mode for integration tests of the complete vehicle ZF Lenksysteme: Steer-by-Wire 2001: ZF Lenksysteme (ZFLS) is developing the first generation of steer-by-wire systems, planned to be available on the market in the near future. Continental: Synchronously Asynchronous Continental’s new belt-driven starter generator uses not only the 48 V vehicle electrical system but also an asynchronous machine as the electric motor and generator – a novelty. Active Chassis Control A Ford Transit Connect equipped with continuous damping control (CDC) dampers and a double pinion active steering system is being used by Ford Otosan (Turkey) for research on active chassis control. PSA: AUTOSAR Implemented To optimize cooperation with the electronic control unit suppliers, PSA decided to make the development process for drivetrain ECUs AUTOSAR-compliant. Intelligent Wedge Brake dSPACE’s FlexRay tools are used to develop the FlexRay network for the entire brake system. Korea Aerospace Research Institute: With or without a pilot The Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) is developing an OPV and testing its flight control system by running simulated flights in the laboratory with a test bench based on a dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop simulator. Brake-by-Wire Gathers Momentum Continental is currently developing brake-by-wire systems that can use a new brake technology based on a 12-V electrical system. Use Case: Robotic Motion Controllers dSPACE RCP systems make developing and validating functions for robotic motion controllers easy TU Wien / Siemens Pantographs The video shows how, thanks to the methods developed by TU Wien, realistic high-speed train drives can be emulated on the pantograph test bench from Siemens. Use Case: Start-Stop Systems Test the start/stop functionality of engine control units Airbus: HOMER Take-off: A review Multifunctional prototype for future space vehicles The Railway of the Future March 2005: A completely new railway system using individual RailCabs is being developed at the University of Paderborn in Germany. Virtual Manual Transmission Development of a specific gear-shift feel begins right back at the definition stage, when real prototype parts are not yet available. And virtual simulations cannot provide feel. AUTOSAR in the Development Process Daimler AG is introducing AUTOSAR in the fields of comfort and vehicle interior functions as part of its activities for standardizing function library software modules. China Northern Railway: China on the Fast Track Chinese railway equipment manufacturer uses dSPACE HIL to speed up their Traction Control Unit (TCU) development Siemens: 1000 MW in the Test Lab Simulating steam turbines for electricity generation Success in Action Launched two years ago, the SCALEXIO HIL test systems from dSPACE have already proven their value in numerous customer projects. Commercial & Off-Highway Vehicles Embedded software development for commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and off-highway vehicles Use Case: Rotary Steering Test Bench Test steering systems with rotary steering support on the steering column Use Case: Compact Steering Test Bench Test the entire steering mechanics using real forces and torques Development of a Brake-by-wire System at TRW Automotive 2002: TRW is developing a new brake-by-wire system using one MicroAutoBox per wheel as an electronic control unit (wheel ECU) and an AutoBox as the main electronic control unit (main ECU). Use Case: Frontloading HIL Tests VEOS lets you perform fully automated tests of virtual ECUs on a PC ABS Test Bench for Teaching and Research A test bench for testing anti-lock braking (ABS) and anti-slip (ASR) algorithms was developed and set up at the Institute of Automation and Control at Graz University of Technology in Austria. AUTOSAR and ASAM - Current Activities Generally accepted standards are indispensable in industry. Developing and introducing them is a complex process, however – as is integrating them into existing products. Academia dSPACE offers universities and research institutes flexible systems with all the options needed for the model-based development of mechatronic controls. Use Case: TargetLink and VEOS Early simulation and experimenting with TargetLink code CLAAS – Centralized Test Management At the 8th dSPACE User Conference (November 15-16, 2016), CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH talked about its test process and the introduction of SYNECT as a central test management tool. Building Ford’s Next-Generation Autonomous Development Vehicle Our customers do amazing things with our products, e.g. MicroAutoBox. Use Case: Testing Controller Algorithms dSPACE offers comprehensive HIL systems for testing control algorithms of industrial drive controls Use Case: Developing Converter Functions dSPACE RCP systems for the convenient development and validation of controllers for DC/DC converters Use Case: Testing Auxiliary Systems dSPACE products offer comprehensive support for electric motor and power electronics applications Toyota Prius Toyotas renovated control software development process for the new Prius includes the dSPACE production code generator, TargetLink, in combination with the test and validation tools BTC EmbeddedTester and BTC EmbeddedValidator. Medical Engineering Control development for medical applications Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH: Top Performer Controlling high-performance gas engines for energy supply Use Case: Prototyping Medical Microsystems Optimized control strategies Research for Tomorrow’s Aviation New development tools for the aerospace industry Use Case: Traffic Sign Recognition Test ADAS functions which rely on road-based object information NASA: The Joined Wing Wind tunnel testing of the Joined-Wing SensorCraft vehicle Honda Aircraft: First Flight in Real Time Automated avionics tests with dSPACE simulators More Torque, Less Fuel A combination of a turbocharged engine and an electric motor delivers the same power as a larger naturally aspirated engine, but consumes less fuel and cuts toxic emissions. BMW – Highly Dynamic Test Benches Performing calibration tasks on a real test vehicle fleet can be time-intensive and expensive. BMW is able to cut its development times and costs considerably by shifting some of its calibration work to test benches. HIL in Formula One Almost all Formula One teams use hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulators from dSPACE to develop and test their electronic control units, both individually and when networked. Jiexun - A Hybrid Hero The new ChangAn Jiexun mild hybrid car successfully rolled off the production line in December 2008 – containing a comprehensive hybrid controller strategy developed with dSPACE tools. Do-It-Yourself Formula One Each year, for a few days in August, students from all over the world meet at the Hockenheimring in Germany to race their self-designed, self-built cars on this traditional Formula One track. Virtual Energy Cells The BMW Group is using a dSPACE Simulator to develop functions and test ECUs for a battery management system for lithium-ion energy storage. Go for Quality The North American Electrical & Electronics System Validation group at Ford Motor Company has nearly tripled its automated testing capability. Astrium: Next Generation Satellite Communications Astrium reached greatest possible antenna positioning accuracy with rapid control prototyping tools and support from dSPACE. Robots in the Rose Garden Limited resources, climate change and a rapidly growing world population make effi ciency and sustainability the biggest challenges in horticulture and agriculture. Project Orbit Satellite computers have to handle a whole range of monitoring and control tasks. Toyota: A Forward Leap for E-Volution Electrification for sustainable mobility – Developing the fourth generation of the Toyota Prius Use Case: TargetLink FMI Support Execution of TargetLink-generated code with offline and real-time simulators from third parties and dSPACE Use Case: Truck Cabin Simulation Simulate truck cabin dynamics for comfort and safety features Mercedes-Benz R&D/MES: Electric and Safe Using modeling guidelines to validate e-drive software Use Case: Air Condition for Electric Vehicles Evaluate the electrical energy consumption of an air conditioning system in an electric vehicle Use Case: Electric Drive Controls Test asynchronous motors in automotive applications Toyota Motorsport Races with dSPACE To guarantee smooth, simultaneous development of ECU and vehicle, the electronic control units of Toyota’s new Formula One racing car require testing at an early stage. Testing of Networked Interior ECUs at Opel Opel decided to rely on dSPACE Simulator for running the hardware-in-the-loop tests of the car interior ECUs for the new Opel Vectra, which went into production in January 2002. Award-Winning Seat Belt System TRW Automotive’s active seatbelt system, the Active Control Retractor (ACR), was honored with a Premier Automotive Suppliers' & OEMs’ Contributions to Excellence (PACE) Award in the European Product category on March 8, 2004. Whisper Mode for Helicopters 2003: With the help of dSPACE Prototyper, the rotor blades’ angle of attack is modified to change the air flow, cutting the resultant noise by half. Tetra Pak: Virtual Milk in Virtual Cartons Intelligent process control software has an important job to do to continuously optimize downtimes, but developing and testing it is time-consuming and expensive. DAF: Keeping the Right Speed The video shows how Safe-Speed performs under simulated operating conditions. Wireless Vector Control of Induction Motor The ‘Groupe de Recherche en Electrotechnique et Electronique de Nancy (GREEN)’, France, performs research in the field of electrical machines. ACC in the Loop The Automotive Systems group at Hitachi, Ltd. uses dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop simulators to efficiently develop an Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system that controls the distance to the vehicles and traffic ahead. ​ Virtual Vehicle Test Drives Since 2000, Suzuki Motor Corporation has been efficiently intensifying their use of dSPACE simulators for the safe development of electronic control units (ECUs). The TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH Driving Simulator Car behavior controlled by dSPACE HIL Simulator Use Case: Crank-Angle Synchronous Fuel Pump Validate the control algorithms for crank-angle synchronous high-pressure fuel pumps Fraunhofer Institute: Virtual Test Bench for Steering Systems The Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic System Design (IEM) in Paderborn is working on a model-based design of a test bench for developing and testing steering systems. Use Case: Virtual Suspension Test Bench Efficiently design and analyze different suspension setups High-Performance Nanosatellite Control Software Testing and Validation with dSPACE ASM Satellite Engineering students from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University The Relativity Mission at Stanford University 2002: While Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity has been around for nearly a century, tests confirming its ideas are few and far from conclusive. Testing Intelligent Road Vehicles To facilitate the development and testing of intelligent transport systems, TNO Automotive has developed an intelligent vehicle test facility called VEHIL (vehicle hardware-in-the-loop). Renault F1: Team Wins With Step 11 The Renault F1 Team got off to a highly successful start in the current Formula One season, using a new electronic control system. DLR: Flying with the Iron Bird The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is currently designing a test facility that uses dSPACE equipment and will provide enormous flexibility in developing the flight systems of the future. DENSO: Process Agility Automated development and test process with TargetLink and EmbeddedTester Opel/GM - Testing Fuel Cell Technology General Motors (GM) and Opel are working on bringing hydrogen vehicles with fuel cell propulsion up to production level. Track Tests in Laboratory A new proof-of-concept test bench for developing and validating mechatronic chassis systems was presented at Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2006 by MTS Systems Corporation. Architectures for Safety A notable trend in automotive systems is combining stand-alone safety applications to make what are called integrated safety systems (ISS). Optimized CVT Hybrid A team of researchers at the Technische Universität München in Germany has developed a CVT hybrid powertrain that enables combustion engines to start up very fast. Systematic AUTOSAR Migration The AUTOSAR standard offers new solutions for mastering increasing complexity as the number of different technologies, functions, and most of all, variants continues to grow. Tomorrow’s Engineers A hybrid bicycle that stores braking energy and then releases it to support acceleration. Diesel meets Electric For years now, hybrid drives have been gaining ground in passenger cars. But mobile work machines, with their typical stop-and-go operation, are also ideal candidates for hybrid drives. Plug & Play Delphi Diesel Systems has successfully developed automated integration and feature tests for various ECUs for diesel engine management systems. The Battery Eldorado Electric vehicles are eco-friendly, quiet and economical. However, their future depends on efficient battery technology. Fusion Hybrid Energized The control software for the battery management system was developed completely using model-based design and automatic production code generation. Autoliv: Gentle Belts Seat belts tightened the AUTOSAR way at Autoliv Landing Gear Systems of the Future Developing electrically actuated landing gear TargetLink Success Stories for E-Drives Read more about how dSPACE customers use TargetLink for developing battery management systems. Model-based Software Development - Optimally Connect Users and Tools Consistent data management to ensure efficiency Texas A&M University: A Bright Future Ahead Using solar energy as the basis for innovative hybrid electrical power systems ZF: Handling High Numbers of Variants Efficient software development process for transmission ECUs SANY: King of the HIL Hardware-in-the-loop test of electrified dump trucks for surface mines Mitsubishi Electric: Developing a satellite-based autonomous vehicle control system Bosch: Power Guaranteed Rapid control prototyping for fuel-saving functions in a 48 V system CLAAS Industrietechnik: Smooth Success Developing an infinitely variable transmission for tractors Mechanical test Mechanical test benches round off dSPACE’s test system portfolio Use Case: Truck-Trailer Systems Developing and testing vehicle dynamics control functions for truck-trailer systems Use Case: Emission Control Systems Test emission control systems for diesel engines Porsche: Dynamic Models Vehicle dynamics are the showpiece of car manufacturing. Control Development for Magnetic Driven Railway Shuttles 2002: Researchers at the University of Paderborn are developing a new railway system, known as Neue Bahntechnik Paderborn (NBP). The system takes advantage of contact-free, linear drive technology, and uses existing railway tracks. Advanced Prototyping For many years, PSA Peugeot Citroën used a self-developed rapid control prototyping tool, partly based on dSPACE hardware, to prototype new engine control functionalities. The World´s Largest Industrial Robot Draglines costing up to $100 million each are used in Australian open cut coal mines. A dragline is like a huge crane which is used to clear and shift overburden, i.e., soil and rocks, with an excavation bucket suspended from its 100-meter boom. Developing a Fully X-by-Wire Vehicle FlexRay is a high-speed and fault-tolerant bus system for use in automotive applications. General Motors (GM) uses a FlexRay network to control the Sequel, a fully x-by-wire fuel cell vehicle. EB Automotive: Continuous Software Production The EB Automotive Software Factory is the key to success because it implements recurring work processes as a production line for software. Golf GTI 53+1 – The Driverless Car The Golf GTI 53+1 developed by VW can drive along a known road autonomously, with no driver. The aim is to test and verify control systems such as ABS and ESP in precisely reproducible test drives. BMW Racing Team: Superbike Success BMW Motorrad relies on dSPACE to validate the quality of their completely self-developed electronic control units. University of Tokyo: High speed Robot Baseball-playing robot system demonstrates perfect and quick pitching and batting technology. Networked Tests at ZF With increased networking of vehicle electronics, optimized validation methods and processes are vital. One important quality assurance activity is to run defined, standardized tests on electronic control units (ECUs) at various stages of development. CSEM: Europe’s New Weather Satellite The European weather satellite MetOp (Meteorological Operational Satellite) was launched from Baikonur in Kasakhstan on October 19, 2006. Comfort Mode for Helicopters To reduce helicopter noise and vibrations, Eurocopter Germany has developed piezoelectrically controllable flaps for the rotor blades. Continental: Shift Gears Quickly The goal is to noticeably reduce the development time of prototypes and end products. To meet this, innovative methods for developing embedded software are necessary. A Mach 0.8, 40,000 ft. Challenge MPC Products Corp. has developed an actuator control system that will be used by NASA to control a drive system for the Cavity Door System that covers a large cavity in the rear fuselage of a modified Boeing 747 housing a large infrared telescope. Preparing Students for the Real World To equip the new generation of engineers for life in industry, universities need to give them more than just theory: Hands-on experience of state-of-the-art development technology is vital. Engine Management the AUTOSAR Way AUTOSAR is a hot topic in the development departments of automotive suppliers and OEMs. Driving with no Emissions Mitsubishi’s new electric vehicle, i-MiEV, lives and breathes by its complex electronics. Mitsubishi ran rigorous tests to ensure the quality of the software, yet still managed to cut the time-to-market. Talking AUTOSAR The automobile industry sees its future in the continuous development of innovative, networked in-vehicle systems. One answer to the growing complexity this will bring is to perform systematic standardization based on AUTOSAR. Fuel Cell Revolution For the past 20 years, Ford has gained a wealth of experience from their research and development of fuel cells for in-vehicle use. Ford’s researchers have tested several concepts in the laboratory and on the road. Forward Thinking Ways to achieve greater productivity in the development process SHEFEX II Launched Successfully Research on an innovative new heat shield DFKI: Simulated Satellite Rendezvous Realistic Satellite Motion Tests on the Ground “First Light” for Airborne Telescope SOFIA SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy) performs its first observation flight NASAs Top Model NASA is using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to study flight situations that would be too dangerous and too expensive with a real aircraft. The role of the flight control computer is played by a dSPACE system which communicates by radio. Test Environment for Safety-Critical Driver Assistance Systems The central management of the Euro NCAP test protocols and the provided tests in SYNECT Test Management allows for a seamless testing process. Team Starcraft: Optimized Electrics Development of the controller software for an electric racing vehicle participating in the design contest Formula Student Electric. Cleveland State University: Smart Training Developing advanced exercise machines Brilliance Auto: Quick Multi-Platform Tests Setting up a flexible, automated test environment for multiple vehicle platforms Use Case: Pneumatic Brake Systems Develop and test brake control functions for truck-trailer systems Virtual Outlander The test system was designed as a virtual vehicle consisting of a network simulator and the Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) from dSPACE. Ohio State University: Model-Based Winning Ohio State at EcoCAR 2 – Hybrid Power Takes First Place Bergstrom: Ambitious Climate Goals Bergstrom aims at developing 85% of its control software virtually Going into Orbit The space industry makes extremely high demands on the development of electronic control systems. Business Development Manager Dr. Dirk Spenneberg explains how dSPACE’s satellite technology solutions will help meet these demands. Bypassing with NBD Bus at DENSO 2001: The growing need for highperformance electronic control units (ECU) increases the demand for powerful 32-bit microcontrollers containing RISC architectures. Advanced Frontlighting System at Volkswagen 2001: A major stepping stone towards significant improvements is the Advanced Frontlighting System (AFS): an adaptive headlamp system, which is currently under investigation by automotive OEMs and suppliers. AVL Analyzes Cylinder Pressure with MicroAutoBox 2001: AVL List GmbH, located in Austria, is working on a way to do this using advanced engine control algorithms that process additional combustion information provided by calculating in-cylinder based signals. Freight Transportation System for Outer Space 2001: The International Space Station (ISS) is creating an increasing need for freight transportation between space and Earth. Measurement systems, samples collected in experiments, and other items all need to be brought back to Earth. Perfecting Paper Paths 2002: A joint research project between the University of California, Berkeley, and Xerox Corporation has developed an innovative control process that detects and corrects slight timing inaccuracies. Audi Applies Service-Based Bypassing 2002: For the development of new fuel pressure control functions, Audi decided to apply the bypassing method using dSPACE Prototyper and special dSPACE routines for bypassing. Testing Automatic Transmission ECUs In addition to conventional simulation technology, Honda utilized a dSPACE Simulator to develop the transmission’s electronic control unit (ECU). Using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) technology dramatically reduced the overall development time. TargetLink for Safety-Critical Systems 2003: The vehicles of the future will contain more and more safety-critical electronics. Developing them will be a major challenge to the industry. The European Research Project BRAKE This car has a braking system whose hydraulics have been completely replaced by electromechanical components. Throughout the project, Delphi made extensive use of the TargetLink code generator. Nissan: RapidPro for Engine Control 2005: The Nissan Motor Corporation, Japan, used the new signal conditioning and power stage hardware RapidPro in a pilot project, as part of a fullpass rapid control prototyping (RCP) application for control of Nissan’s well-known VQ engine. Airbus: Airload Simulation on the Airbus A380 A system of movable slats and flaps enables commercial aircraft to increase the lift acting on their wings as required. Linz University: The Bipedal Robot The University of Linz has been doing intensive research into bipedal walking for several years. KATECH: Virtual Mild Hybrids Imagine a combustion engine where each cylinder can be fired variably or skipped to provide the torque demanded by the driver. Tula Technology: Dynamic Firing Order Imagine a combustion engine where each cylinder can be fired variably or skipped to provide the torque demanded by the driver. Verifying Air Spring Systems To optimize the development times for production-level software, Continental AG is using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulators and the ASM Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Package from dSPACE. Fiesta with Micro Hybrid Drive The Ford Research Center Aachen, Germany, is intensively engaged in developing operating strategies and energy management concepts for hybrid drive structures. EDGAR - A Self-balancing Scooter A dSPACE DS1104 R&D Controller Board was used to rapid-prototype the controller prior to embedding the controller on a low-cost microcontroller target. CalDesk for Adaptive Cruise Control For the development of Pre-Crash and Adaptive Cruise Control, DENSO CORPORATION uses an environment with several dSPACE tools. The University of Adelaide: Diwheel Defies Gravity Australian Students developed an Upside Down Vehicle Eco-Friendly Starter-Alternator Valeo Systèmes Électriques, a member of the Valeo group, used dSPACE tools according to the standardized V-cycle to develop a reversible, belt-driven starter-alternator. Bentley – Simulation for Luxury Vehicles For developing and testing the new Continental GTC, Bentley Motor Cars Ltd. relies on hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems from dSPACE. Virtual Outlander To develop the new Mitsubishi Outlander, a test system was required for the over 20 networked electronic control units (ECUs) and various electric drives. HIL for a Three-Wheeler Scooter Piaggio developed the three-wheeler scooter MP3 with two front wheels. The complete system of networked electronic control units (ECU) was tested by ELASIS using a dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator. Audio Playback Control Development Audio playbacks are mechanisms that read data from a storage medium, such as CD digital audio, CD-R or MP3 disc, and produce commands and signals that an audio system turns into music. ASMs for Complete Truck Electronics Tests Swedish heavy truck and bus manufacturer Scania has set up an integration lab to perform automated testing of networked electronic control units (ECU). Indestructible right from the start Construction, mining, demolition and forestry in the modern age are dynamic, increasingly complex tasks, and the heavy-duty equipment involved has a lot more intelligence inside than one would guess from the outside. Global HIL Strategy at General Motors In a thorough evaluation process for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) solutions two years ago, dSPACE Simulator was chosen as the global HIL solution for General Motors. Virtual Bus Articulated or double-decker, lowerable, with up to four double doors and a wide range of comfort and safety systems, urban bus or tourist coach: the variations are endless. 25 Kilograms of Pure Energy 25 kilograms: That’s the weight of the hybrid battery in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class S 400 HYBRID, which will be launched in 2009. Getting Better and Better A talk with Dr. Klaus Lamberg, Product Manager of test and experiment software, about AutomationDesk (dSPACE’s test software) and future developments in the area of testing. Never Without Power Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH is using dSPACE hardware and software to develop an alternative, fuel-cell-based emergency power system that supplies electricity no matter what the situation is. Climate Under Control Volvo Technology, the center for innovation, research and development in the Volvo Group, has been continuously refining and extending its established Climate Control Module (CCM) over the years. Touareg Hybrid – electrified and electrifying The Volkswagen Touareg has a brand-new hybrid version. Its electric drives, power electronics, and traction battery have caused a significant rise in the complexity of the networked electronic systems. Superbike Success from the Electronics Lab The BMW motorcycle motorsports team is in the fast lane. Since 2009, BMW Motorrad has been competing in the Superbike World Championship, and with success. Northrop Grumman: Turbine on Board Simulating gas turbine ship propulsion plant SKF Industria SpA: Intelligent Stopping SKF’s Electronic Parking Brake system is an extremely convenient solution for parking brakes and emergency brakes in tractors. Valtra: Efficiency in the Field Continuously variable transmission with power-split driveline for more power and lower costs ISUZU: Less is More ISUZU is developing an electro-hydraulically actuated variable valve system as an engine device to simultaneously reduce exhaust gases and fuel consumption. STIHL: The Cutting Edge The new TS500i cut-off machine with STIHL Injection is the first-ever batteryless, completely electronically controlled injection system for handheld power tools with a two-stroke engine on the market. Smart Home In Japan, in the wake of the nuclear power plant accident accompanying the Tohoku earthquake on March 11, 2011, people’s expectations of renewable energy sources have soared. Process for Functional Safety The Siemens Drive Technologies Division has added modelbased development to their classic software development process for implementing safety-critical vehicle functions. Sound Asleep Active noise reduction in the home smartCUT: Safe Surgery Semiautomatic surgical saw for heart, chest and brain operations Other Fields Whatever your field - whether you develop control applications for medicine, robotics, drives, or any others - dSPACE offers you a seamless tool chain for control development. MetOp-B Weather Satellite Launched Successfully More accurate, more long-term weather forecasts RWTH Aachen University: Firing up Engine Innovation In-cycle combustion control for autoigniting gasoline engines Mitsubishi Pikes Peak The Mitsubishi MiEV EvolutionII is equipped with a dSPACE MicroAutoBox. Use Case: Gas Engines Validate electronic control units for stationary gas engines Use Case: Pedestrian Detection Test ADAS functions for the detection of crossing pedestrians Use Case: Intersection Assistants Simulate traffic at intersections with multiple vehicles Use Case: Engine Model Parameterization Parameterize combustion engine models for real-time simulation CLAAS: Controlled Harvesting Automated assistance functions for more harvesting efficiency Rollout at dSPACE We believe that Formula Student is the ideal way to round off a university education. For one thing, the students learn to use real technical tools to implement their projects. NASA: Controlling Combustion Instability Ultra-low-emission combustors being developed for aircraft gas turbine engines are more susceptible to combustion instabilities. Investigation of hybrid rocket motors The research group at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock investigates fundamental aspects of combustion in hybrid rocket motors, for example thrust oscillations, pressure, plume flicker and acoustical output. Technische Universität Berlin: IFSys – Intelligent Flying System IFSys (Intelligent Flying System) is a student project that was launched in 2006 to develop an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that flies autonomously. Simulating for Track Speed Since 2008, the Rider, Constructor and Team titles have belonged to Yamaha. The company relies on simulation techniques to continue its success. A Winning Formula Formula Student has very strict rules on the safety of electrically powered race cars. GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart guarantees safety by using dSPACE technology to develop their high-speed vehicle. Mass Measurement for Outer Space Experiments 2001: How to perform mass measurement under weightlessness or low-gravity conditions has become a vital issue for experiments in outer space. New Concepts for Individual Cylinder Control 2001: When it comes to diesels, engine developers are looking for new approaches to fulfill increasing requirements on fuel consumption or emission levels. AST: Developing Intelligent Assistants Consistent model-based development of driver assistance functions for various platforms Hamburg University of Technology: Flying to the Limits Professional platform for developing new autopilot functions for staying within the flying range Honda: TargetLink a Driving Force 2001: Honda applied TargetLink to set up electric power steering (EPS), and found the generated code highly satisfies the conditions required for production code. C Code Reaches New Heights at Nord-Micro 2002: With TargetLink, the dSPACE production code generation software, Nord-Micro successfully generated C code for all demanding control tasks. Firmware Tests with Hard Disk Simulation 2002: Fujitsu is one of the leading manufacturers of computer HDD units, building several million HDDs every month. In this business, with rapidly increasing requirements on HDD performance, the firmware of the HDD unit plays a key role. Emission Control with TargetLink 2002: Increasingly stringent vehicle exhaust laws require increasingly powerful exhaust treatment technologies. Design of a GDI Engine Controller 2002: Magneti Marelli Powertrain is developing a model-based design methodology clearly defined by a set of successive refinement steps from a level of abstraction as high as possible down to the details needed for the final implementation. Testing Engine Control Software So BMW uses several dSPACE Simulators to test new software. The test systems have become a vital aid to putting new engine control software into operation at BMW. Cool When It’s Hot 2003: To tackle the ever-increasing workload involved in developing control strategies, Behr-Hella Thermocontrol has used dSPACE tools to set up a model-based development process that will allow more efficient work in many phases. Developing and Testing Prosthetic Wrist Joint Designs 2003: The use of dSPACE Prototyper has enabled a control system for this wrist simulator to be created with minimal minimum time and effort. Getting There Faster: TargetLink at Conti Temic 2003: Conti Temic is developing an electronic control unit (ECU) for diesel engines that will meet these demands, for use in DaimlerChrysler’s commercial vehicles. Audi: Dynamic and Safe 2003: Audi Dynamic Steering is a new superimposed steering system that will provide both more responsive vehicle behaviour and increased safety. ESP II - The Next Generation 2003: Continental Teves has taken a major step towards supplying a completely networked chassis with global control. ESP II is a milestone in the pioneering Global Chassis Control project. AutomationDesk: Positive Feedback 2004: The latest addition to Behr-Hella’s tool chain is AutomationDesk, the dSPACE software for handling ECU tests that was launched in August last year. Adaptivity Counts 2004: Recently, ELASIS went online with a dSPACE Simulator network to test networked electronic control units (ECUs) of new car models. This test environment stands out in terms of flexibility, and is designed for a huge variety of car models. Powerful Cars Need Powerful Tests 2004: Bugatti first performed intensive validation work on the ECUs in the laboratory, using dSPACE Simulator. This allowed functions to be tested efficiently, both in individual tests and in a network, with no danger at all to driver or vehicle. Rear Wheel Drive More Sporty Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in the United Kingdom is enjoying great success using dSPACE Prototyper to improve the handling and stability of the famous Jaguar S-Type with an electronically controlled limited slip differential (LSD). BMW: Preparing for FlexRay March 2005: To pave the way for handling the complex and safety-relevant in-vehicle data communications of the future, the BMW Group is currently making preparations for using FlexRay. New Strategy for Torque Estimators In automotive powertrain control strategies, engine torque estimators are preferred to expensive sensors for obvious economic reasons. PARVUS - The Little Giant The trend to miniaturization that started with electronics has now reached the world of mechanical engineering, where it can also help to save on energy and materials. Machines for the precision assembly of very small parts are a typical example. Clean Air with RCP DaimlerChrysler AG in Stuttgart greatly speeded up function design for its new engine series for commercial vehicles by the systematic use of dSPACE-based rapid control prototyping (RCP) systems. University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambrésis: Optimized Hybrids Researchers from the University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambrésis are developing new energy management algorithms to improve the fuel economy of micro and mild hybrid vehicles. Mechatronic Truck Seat A joint project between DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology and the company’s advanced engineering truck group developed a mechatronic truck seat system. The Robot’s Net With inspiration from spiders' webs and the enormous load-bearing capacity of modern high-tech cables, future robots will use cables to get things moving in numerous application areas. Braking at Full Speed To develop the ETRAS® system on the Airbus A380, Hispano-Suiza, a SAFRAN Group company, used a dSPACE prototyping system. General Motors: Buick Regal Turbo Charged Engine Electronics engineering for the Buick Regal Turbo Charged Engine. Dongfeng Automates Manual Transmission Vehicles with automated mechanical transmission (AMT) combine the comfort features of an automatic transmission with the cost advantages of a manual gearbox. Active Noise Reduction Research is currently focusing on active systems for turboprop airplanes, whose powerful engines cause high sound pressure inside the plane, experienced by passengers and crew as loud noise. Keeping the Right Speed As a part of the European research project EASIS, DAF developed a safe speed function for trucks. It helps comply with the legal speed limit by slowing the vehicle automatically if necessary. Efficient Test Processes ZF Lenksysteme GmbH uses the requirement management tool DOORS® for drawing up software requirements and specifying ECU tests, and the test automation software AutomationDesk from dSPACE for implementing, executing, and documenting the tests. Control of a Power-Split Hybrid-Electric SUV Ohio State University students designed and built a power-split hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) for the Challenge-X vehicle development competition. Test of Strength in the Sky To monitor the structural loads during flight, Airbus Germany and DMecS GmbH developed an "observer" – a parallel model of the aircraft – which was tested onboard an A340 using dSPACE equipment. Peak Performance Racing to the top with standard car parts: the MiEV Evolution II BMW Group Relies on TargetLink The BMW Group evaluated the production code generators currently available on the market. Hybrid with dSPACE Research institutes and industry working on alternative propulsion systems are increasingly turning to dSPACE tools, which have long been used for developing conventional drives. Customer-Oriented Vehicle Measurements More and more, life cycle tests on vehicles and vehicle components are being moved forward to the simulation phase, rather than performing later hardware tests. Turbine Tweaking on Virtual Aircraft The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is taking advantage of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation with dSPACE Simulator to develop and optimize the propulsion systems for the next generation of aircraft. Experience the Hybrid Drive To integrate components into a hybrid vehicle drivetrain, extensive modification to the electronic and mechanical systems is required in order to ensure the global optimization of all systems by a hybrid drive strategy. Personal Rapid Transit​ From 2009 onward, passengers will be able to travel non-stop across London Heathrow Airport in the ULTra Personal Rapid Transit (PRT). This new, environmentally friendly, and individual passenger transportation system has been developed by ATS Ltd. LIGO: Hunting Waves in Space With the help of dSPACE equipment, researchers at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) in the USA have set up an observatory dedicated to detecting gravitational waves. (Caltech, USA) EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge Goes Green For the EcoCAR Challenge the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) assigned a three-year pilot project to 200 students from various universities. Workbench for the Nano World A team at the Technische Universität Ilmenau in Germany has designed a very versatile positioning machine for work in the nanometer range. The machine is controlled with the aid of dSPACE hardware and software. E-motion Research into developing electric vehicles has progressed over the last few years. These vehicles have the potential for completely new vehicle designs, and also different riding and handling characteristics. Higher, Faster, Further The Institute for System Dynamics at the Universität Stuttgart in Germany used dSPACE tools to develop an active damping control for the manufacturer IVECO MAGIRUS Brandschutztechnik. New Energy - Wind and Sun Bring Independence One of the Azore Islands in mid-Atlantic: Plenty of sunshine. Constant wind. And miles away from any power grid or any filling station for diesel generators. Home Run in Lab Ultra-high-speed robots are expected to open up new fields of applications. With extremely high kinematic performance and stupendous cognitive capabilities, they surpass the human processing ability and challenge the limitations of machines. NASA’s Top Model At its Airborne Subscale Transport Aircraft Research facility, called AirSTAR for short, NASA is using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to study flight situations that would be too dangerous and too expensive with a real aircraft. Electric Drives Efficiently Virtualized Controlled electric drives are a key technology in numerous engineering applications. Handling so many applications calls for a high degree of flexibility, especially for servocontrollers in industrial automation. Looking forward Thermal management in a conventional powertrain was intelligently further developed at BMW Group by adding a predictive component. AVL Raptor: Hungry for Engines AVL Raptor provides the customers of the entire AVL group with a quick, flexible way of creating and testing the control of complex engine configurations for demonstration and calibration purposes. Big on Safety Volvo 3P relies on HIL simulation to test and verify the controllers when developing brake systems. Lemförder: Tested and found good Testing transmission lever electronics automatically with dSPACE test automation University of Adelaide: Diwheel Defies Gravity Students and researchers in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Adelaide have developed a so-called diwheel that allows a driver to travel in a conventional upright position and, for the more adventurous, in an upside down position. KIT: Spotlight on Hazards An innovative new light function offers motorists more safety and comfort during night-time driving, using image sensors that detect potentially dangerous objects on the road and specially designed headlights that spotlight these objects. ARAI: Systematic Vehicle Safety On behalf of the Indian automotive industry and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, ARAI is producing a concept for high-performance safety systems, together with a sample process for the model-based development of such systems. Architecture with Brains Researchers at the University of Stuttgart are working to develop lightweight load-bearing structures that respond to external loads. Flight Control by MicroAutoBox Developing innovative control systems Electric Parking Non-intrusive, fast integration of an x-by-wire control system Simulation à la carte Model-based development boosts efficiency in the food service industry Younicos: Self-Sufficient with Wind and Sun Berlin-based company Younicos is overseeing a project to install a photovoltaic plant, a wind park, and battery storage on one of the Azores islands to meet the island's power requirements without diesel supplies brought in by tanker Technische Universität Berlin: IFSys – Intelligent Flying System Developing a UAV Investigation of hybrid rocket motors dSPACE DS1104 controls mass flow DLR: Solo for ARTIS Developing and testing autonomous, intelligent aircraft Simulation, Test and Verification of SHEFEX-2 Hybrid Navigation System Simulation, Test and Verification of SHEFEX-2 Hybrid Navigation System Einstein Microscopic Measuring the Frame-Dragging Effect Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH: Electrifying Using active mains filters to suppress interference in aircraft electrical systems Measuring Chile's Volcanic Ash Cloud MetOp satellite supplies data on the ash cloud from the Puyehue volcano dSPACE-sponsored Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) decided to compete in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) in Colorado this Junewith theMiEV EvolutionII EV race machine equipped with the rapid prototyping system MicroAutoBoxII supplied by dSPACE Satellite Test Systems: Going Into Orbit dSPACE pushes ahead with satellite test system Sensor-Based Landing Aid The sensor system currently being developed by ESG will enable helicopters to land safely even in low visibility. Highly Dynamic Testing Real-time modeling of a permanent magnet electrical machine for ECU functional validation applications Sensor-based Landing Aid The sensor system currently being developed by ESG will enable helicopters to land safely even in low visibility. Aiming High Mazda is pursuing two main goals for its automobiles: an enjoyable driving experience on the one hand, and outstandingly low fuel consumption and emission levels on the other. Audi Electronics Venture: Ions at the Start Modern start/stop systems, more electrical equipment, and the increasing electrification of mechanically driven components are pushing up the demands made on energy storage. CIRA: Diving Back to Earth The Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali (the Italian Aerospace Research Center, or CIRA) is using an unmanned space vehicle (USV) to research technologies that are vital to the development of future space transporters. University of Texas: Surviving Tough Terrain In commercial and military vehicles, the improved mobility provided by advanced active suspensions – especially in rugged terrains – becomes a matter of survivability, effective crew performance, safety and reliability. DFKI In their new Space Exploration Hall, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) can now carry out projects such as testing flight systems and studying the interactions between satellites and robots. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: More Efficient Combustion Engines Variable valve control for a camless engine with fast hydraulic actuators Santerno: Upvalue Energy Power inverters: Efficient energy transformation through efficient TargetLink code Capable Co-Drivers Intelligent driver assistance systems are a prime issue in the automobile industry Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH: Electrifying Using active mains filters to suppress interference in aircraft electrical systems Beating the Heat While developing a new space glider, the German Aerospace Center is investigating new heat shield technologies in their SHEFEX II program. Behind the Scenes Formula Student is a wellknown international competition that judges not only speed but, more importantly, knowhow. Five in One Hybrid drives and electric vehicles are hot topics in the automobile industry right now. But what few people know is that the first electric vehicles actually hit the roads in the early 20th century. A Gripping Feeling The engineering company DMecS is using a dSPACE Simulator to analyze the system behavior of steering systems. This allows testing at an early stage of development, before performing test drives. Systematic Drive Safety E-Darc is a new FPGA-based drive controller being developed by control system manufacturer Ferrocontrol. Making Power Windows safe At its Mexico Technical Center, Delphi Electronics & Safety is developing new algorithms for power window functions. The goal is to provide maximum protection against power window injuries.​ All ears The ability to communicate is an elementary part of our lives. And without good hearing, communication becomes difficult if not impossible. This is why researchers continue to work on optimizing prostheses that improve hearing. First Flight of HondaJet Advanced Systems This event represents a critical milestone for the HondaJet program and is another significant step toward the first flight of conforming aircraft. (2009) Silence is golden Noise pollution impairs the quality of life just as much as any other form of pollution, but noise cannot always be avoided.​ Five Stars for dSPACE The demands on today’s embedded software are high. And the requirements on the development software and the testing software are just as tough. What does this mean for dSPACE products? MicroAutoBox Ahoy! The Yamaha Motor Corporation, Ltd., is developing an unmanned marine vehicle (UMV) which can be used for numerous measurement and observation tasks. Breathe at ease Mechanical intervention can be stressful for the patient, and to minimize the discomfort, the machine must respond to the patient’s breath initiation as early as possible. Maximum Safety Since 2000, Nord-Micro has been using TargetLink®, the production code generator, to develop cabin pressure controls for a wide range of aircraft types. Industry Partnerships Enrich Programs Lawrence Technological University (Southfield MI) is partnering with industry-leading companies to help define its core curriculum offerings for two graduate academic programs. Shift Gears Quickly The goal is to noticeably reduce the development time of prototypes and end products. To meet this, innovative methods for developing embedded software are necessary. Smoothing Tension When paper is finished in a coating system, it can be given either a glossy surface or a smooth, matte or closed one. Coated and processed paper meets the highest standards of printing quality. ​ Turning Night into Day Heavy vehicle loads, sudden acceleration and abrupt braking maneuvers cause vehicles to tilt longitudinally. To keep the maximum amount of light on the road, the angle of the headlights has to change to compensate for vehicle movements. Anniversary of an Idea Twenty Years of Continuous Success A conversation with Dr. Herbert Hanselmann: To mark dSPACE’s 20th anniversary, the company’s founder and president describes how an idea became an internationally successful company. Optimal Air-Fuel Ratio Optimal air-fuel ratio is a key challenge and keeps coming up as an open issue for the engine control community. Major Winnings at the DARPA Urban Challenge Eleven teams out of the original hundred made it through to the finals of the DARPA Urban Challenge 2007. Doing It All With CalDesk To help the development of steering systems run as smoothly as possible, ZF Lenksysteme GmbH, Germany, has set up an environment consisting of various dSPACE tools. Making Childbirth Safer Soon obstetricians and gynecologists will be able to hone their skills outside the delivery room, trying out manipulations on a new birth simulator called BirthSIM. Flexible Configuration A joint project between Volkswagen AG and the Professorship for Control Engineering and Mechatronics at the University of Paderborn, Germany, has developed an integrative hardware-in-the-loop system. Flexible Hydraulic Controls An experimental hydraulic test bench is currently being used for research into “Air in Hydraulic Oil”. Ohio State University: Next Level of HIL in EcoCAR This presentation was a technical demonstration of the team’s continued development with its HIL setup. Bypassing the Heart’s Control SterlingTech, a leader in providing innovative software solutions for medical device companies, helped a client receive a U.S. patent for an impedance sensor. BMW Motorrad: Maximum Tilt Developing innovative features for vehicle dynamics at the extremes requires the right tools that do not manipulate vehicle behavior. Success in series AUTOSAR’s success story and how the dSPACE tool chain supports the AUTOSAR standard Electromotor Valve Drive The Institut für Automatisierung und Informatik Wernigerode in Germany has been working with Harz University for some years now on a linear engine concept for operating gas exchange valves in combustion engines. Production Code for Distributed Controller The BMW Group has developed a new damper control for dynamic stabilization, based on a distributed controller consisting of a central electronic control unit (ECU) and satellite ECUs. Anti-Noise Flaps Eurocopter Germany is working on producing piezoelectrically controlled flaps for the rotor blades that will considerably reduce noise and vibrations. Dynamic Models for Deutz Diesel Power Deutz AG is relying on a test system based on dSPACE Simulator to run release tests on diesel engine electronic control units (ECUs). Tula Technology The exceptional fuel efficiency Tula delivers contributes to a cleaner environment, reduces dependence on oil and saves consumers money at the pump. Watch how it works! University of Queensland: Virtual Blood Vessels Patients waiting for a heart transplant often need to bridge the time until surgery. This is usually done using implantable pumps. PBR: Process for By-Wire-Brakes Fast-tracking electronics development usually creates prototypes that are not representative of the final product. TargetLink Goes Off-Road The Chrysler group of DaimlerChrysler used TargetLink to generate production code for the 2005 Jeep® Grand Cherokee. Astronomical Research in Chile Telescopes in the Atacama Desert in Chile are jointly maintained by the Astronomisches Institut at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany (AIRUB), and the University of Antofagasta. Delphi: Surviving a Vehicle Rollover Delphi‘s patented WinGAMR rollover detection algorithm detects a rollover and triggers protection. Delphi used model-based design to implement WinGAMR. TargetLink from dSPACE was used for automatic production code generation. TargetLink: What Developers Make of It 2004: TargetLink has by now become a quasi-standard for successful and efficient production code generation. It is used in numerous companies from different industries and in a diversity of situations, including safety-critical applications. Smooth Gear Changes with Dual Clutch 2004: During the past fifteen years, the Fiat Research Centre (CRF) has acquired considerable experience in the design, analysis, testing and validation of automatic manual transmission control applications, for cars with different kinds of motorization. New Hope for Heart Patients In a joint project with MicroMed Technology, Inc., the general hospital (AKH) in Vienna has developed a controller that continuously adjusts the output of a DeBakey VAD® blood pump to the patient’s needs. DaimlerChrysler Relies on TargetLink for Engine Controls 2003: To benefit from process standardization in the powertrain development of electronic control units, the Engine Control department at DaimlerChrysler has switched to automatic code generation. Utilization for Control Applications 2002: The production code generator TargetLink from dSPACE is a major component of the tool chain that Delphi has been using in a new development environment. Volvo Cars: Model-Based Development Tool Chain 2002: To develop electronic control units (ECUs) for automatic transmission, Volvo Cars has for the first time used a model-based development concept to develop gearshift strategies, and interlinked the subsequent development steps. Validation of Powertrain ECUs The first turn-key Simulator was delivered to Renault in early 2001. The good results achieved with this, together with positive experiences with the flexible dSPACE concept in other projects, prompted Renault to acquire additional dSPACE Simulators... BMW: Always the Right Model HIL pilot project for exchanging submodels based on FMI Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Smooth and e-fficient Electric wedge clutch for smoother shifts Active Control of Combustion Pressures Honeywell Engines and Systems recently introduced an advanced technology program to reduce emissions from the Vericor line of gas turbine engines for industrial and marine applications. CLAAS: TargetLink Goes to the Fields 2001: The developers used TargetLink to generate the control software for the hydrostatic part of the transmission, not only considerably boosting computing speed, but also cutting the time needed by over 50% compared with handcoding. Hitachi: TargetLink for ESP Controller Development 2001: The demand for shorter development cycles increases the pressure on design engineers to come up with new products. We therefore evaluated the dSPACE production code generator, TargetLink, and its impact on the development process. Siemens VDO: Positive Feedback 2001: VDO is one of the first companies who opted for TargetLink as their tool for automatic production code generation. Automated Software Verification at TEMIC 2001: The complexity of functionalities offered by automotive systems is growing at an enormous speed. Total Decoupling with an Adaptive Interface 2001: In the Department of Adaptronics at the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany, an adaptive interface is being developed to decouple two mechanical systems. Nissan: TargetLink Comes off the Assembly Line 2000: Reducing vehicle emission levels has become a big issue in recent years. For example, in California, USA, the strict Partial-Zero Emission Vehicles (P-ZEV) standard was introduced. TargetLink – A Bright Idea 2000: Safety features of vehicles have been an important issue throughout recent years. Excellent visibility at night, for instance, is essential for the safety on our roads. And the winners are 2011: The final year of the EcoCar Challenge ended with an impressive show of the young engineers’ green vehicle technologies, which included extended-range, hybrid, plug-in and fuel-cell electric vehicles. Blade Runner In Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, a science fiction story by Philip K. Dick and later the action film Blade Runner, a central question is whether autonomous, high-tech machines are capable of dreaming. Sentinel-3A in Orbit Third earth-observing satellite of the Copernicus environment program launched into space DLR: Agile Blades A multiple-swashplate system for helicopters actively reduces noise and vibrations Low Emissions with Hy-Nets Car2x communication for more efficient hybrid drives Triumph on Pikes Peak Mitsubishi’s two MiEV Evolution III race cars took 1st and 2nd place in the Electric Modified class. Tetsuro Aikawa, President and COO of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), visited dSPACE Japan K.K. to express his thanks for supporting the racing team.