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Aired Scenarios Aired Scenarios E-Mobility Our experience brings e-mobility to the road. BMS Testing Solution dSPACE solutions for testing battery management systems Automatic Safety Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) has conducted tests according to the SOTIF standard. ADAS and Autonomous Driving Developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions Bosch: Put a Label on It The tech company Bosch shows how to efficiently train neural networks with annotated sensor data Use Case: Restbus Simulation dSPACE provides comprehensive tool support for restbus simulation ASAM XIL API dSPACE supports the ASAM XIL API standard in many of its products. Battery Management Systems Developing and testing battery management systems for electric vehicles Functional Mock-Up Interface dSPACE supports the open FMI standard for easy integration of simulation models from various sources Cumulative Test Power Renault has set up a new test factory in Romania to achieve a high throughput of test executions when developing and validating powertrain control units Aerospace Industry dSPACE products are used in a wide range of aerospace application fields, such as engine control development and tests on control devices. Charging Technologies Developing and testing smart charging technologies Automotive Drives Developing and testing applications for automotive drives University of Illinois at Chicago: Intelligent Power Electronics University of Illinois at Chicago: Advancing a new energy paradigm through prototyping and simulation Buses and Networks dSPACE provides simulation, logging and replay, and analysis solutions for a wide range of bus systems across various applications. ISO/PAS 21448 SOTIF dSPACE offers a consultancy service to define measures that comply with SOTIF and implement them into processes, methodologies, tooling, and verification and validation criteria. Use Case: Closed-Loop HIL Testing of Camera Systems Closed-Loop HIL System for Testing Camera-Based Systems by Inserting Data into the Image Sensor Output Automotive Industry dSPACE systems are being used successfully at international automotive customers for developing and testing embedded electronics. Scenario Generation The Scenario Generation Solution provided by dSPACE and UAI enables the creation of realistic scenarios based on recorded real-world data for the large-scale testing of functions for autonomous driving. XIL API Information ASAM XIL API is a standard for the communication between test automation tools and test benches. Data Driven Software Development Artificial-intelligence-assisted one-stop-solution for data-driven development of autonomous vehicles Electromobility and Electric Drives The most comprehensive solution portfolio for development and validation AUTOSAR Technology dSPACE supports the development of ECU software according to the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform and the AUTOSAR Classic Platform. Commercial & Off-Highway Vehicles Embedded software development and validation for commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and off-highway vehicles Data Replay dSPACE offers multiple solutions for the validation and testing of ADAS/AD perception and sensor fusion components with means of replaying recorded data or as referred to as data reprocessing, data resimulation, and data playback. Data Logging Solution dSPACE solution for in-vehicle data acquisition, advanced data insights, and integrated data ingestion Overview of Tools Well-coordinated tool chain for developing ADAS and automated driving functions Hydrogen Fuel Cells Developing and testing fuel cell technologies for electric vehicles Use Case: Virtual ECU Testing dSPACE provides a seamless tool chain for virtual ECU testing at an early development stage Safety - The Comprehensive View We do not have to perform any elaborate and dangerous maneuvers on the proving grounds to investigate the vehicle's dynamic behavior. With just a few clicks, simulations deliver revealing insights. We look at selected relevant situations. Power Management Developing and testing DC/DC converters and other power electronics components related to electric vehicles Use Case: Rapid Control Prototyping dSPACE offers a comprehensive tool chain for bus simulation in rapid control prototyping applications Power Grids Developing and testing power systems, energy management systems, inverters, or other systems related to power grids as well as the generation and distribution of renewable energy Use Case: Open-Loop HIL System for Testing Image Processing ECUs Open-Loop HIL System for Testing Image Processing ECUs Data Logging Our mission is to optimize data logging, enable quick responses to new iterations of training and validation and allow for very short data cycles HIL Simulation Developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions Use Case: Closed-Loop HIL Testing of Predictive Driving Functions Closed-Loop HIL Testing of GNSS-Based Predictive Driving Functions Use Case: Closed-Loop HIL Testing of Multisensor Systems Closed-Loop HIL Testing of Multisensor Systems XIL Cross Tests Regular XIL cross tests demonstrate the good interoperability of test benches and test tools using the generic simulator interface ASAM XIL API. Continuous Integration for HIL Simulation More productive HIL testing with continuous integration processes for model development and integration in HIL applications: dSPACE’s tools experience helps to manage the transition to a highly flexible and automated model production and delivery process Traction Motor Inverter Testing Simulation environment for high-voltage testing with required battery voltage and motor current ISO 26262 dSPACE supports the ISO-26262-compliant development process with its tool chain and consulting services. Use Case: Developing V2X Applications Based on Wireless ad hoc Communication Developing V2X Applications Based on Wireless ad hoc Communication Use Case: Simulating Brushless DC Motors Include a current and a voltage emulation in HIL tests Use Case: HIL Tests for Onboard Chargers Testing onboard chargers for electric vehicles and their behavior when connected to different simulated charging stations Use Case: Testing Power ECUs dSPACE HIL systems enable powerful tests for DC/DC converters Use Case: HIL Release Tests for Camera and Radar Release tests for camera- and radar-based applications using closed-loop HIL system Steering Systems Testing electromechanical power steering systems, from signal-level testing to dynamic test benches Use Case: Controller Tests for Electric Motors dSPACE HIL systems support controller tests for electric motors at signal level Use Case: Data Annotation The web-based annotation service provided by UAI enables manual and AI-powered automated annotation. This accelerates the complete process and leads to more accurate and consistent results. Use Case: AUTOSAR V-ECU Generation Generate AUTOSAR-compliant virtual ECUs Use Case: Image Anonymization Artificial-intelligence-assisted one-stop-solution for data-driven development of autonomous vehicles Use Case: Modeling AUTOSAR Systems Model AUTOSAR-based system architectures Academia dSPACE offers universities and research institutes flexible systems with all the options needed for the model-based development of mechatronic controls. Use Case: V2Cloud HIL Testing Validation of V2Cloud applications under consideration of the entire chain of effects Use Case: Closed-Loop Radar Test Bench Closed-Loop HIL Test Bench for Over-the-Air Radar-in-the-Loop Simulation Use Case: Power Supply Systems dSPACE HIL systems for testing smart grids and distributed power generation Use Case: ECU Testing dSPACE provides a comprehensive tool chain for testing ECUs communicating with each other in a network Safety - The Comprehensive View We do not have to perform any elaborate and dangerous maneuvers on the proving grounds to investigate the vehicle's dynamic behavior. With just a few clicks, simulations deliver revealing insights. We look at selected relevant situations. Braking Systems Testing electronic braking systems using realistic braking forces ECU Interfacing dSPACE offers a comprehensive tool chain for real-time access to ECUs Use Case: High-Performance Steering Test Bench For applications with maximum dynamics and precision Use Case: HIL Tests for Plug-and-Charge Features Testing advanced features based on ISO 15118-2, including plug-and-charge and value-added services MicroLabBox – Exciting New Options for Universities As the Academic Sales Representative for North America at dSPACE, Inc. I am empathetic to the same series of issues from my customers who are seeking the best products on a limited budget: price, functionality and endurance. Vehicle Connectivity No matter which communication technology you prefer – dSPACE solutions help you bring connected cars to the market faster. MIL/SIL Simulation Developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions Use Case: Simulating Automated Manual Transmission Use simulated or real motors to test an ECU for controlling three electric DC motors Use Case: HIL Tests for Charging Stations Testing charging stations and their behavior when they are connected to different simulated electric vehicles Step-Steer Maneuver This video shows the superimposed representation of the vehicle behavior of two different chassis configurations in a step-steer maneuver simulated by the ASM tool suite Testing Advanced V2X and CAV Testing advanced V2X applications and functions for connected automated driving Use Case: Simulation of airbag ECU How to perform realistic HIL tests for airbag ECUs Stellantis FCA: SIL for early Validation Stellantis/FCA accelerates software testing with agile practices and virtualization. The PC-based simulation platform VEOS is used for validating the software of electronic control units (ECUs) in early development stages. SCENARIO-BASED TESTING - Intelligently Setting the Scene Learn more about how thousands of tests of safety-critical driving scenarios can be performed by simulation with dSPACE and's solution. Shangran Power: Energy from the Cell Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Power System: Efficient development and validation of controller software for a fuel cell in commercial vehicles ADAS/AD Platforms Validation of ADAS/AD platforms (ECUs) with data replay testing BMW: Virtual Validation in Practice Functional SIL stations at BMW Use Case: Virtual Bus Simulation Test bus communication without any real hardware Use Case: Developing Electric Motor Control Strategies Developing electric motor control strategies with dSPACE prototyping systems. Use Case: Simulating Multiple Scenarios for Autonomous Driving Simulate a large number of scenarios for autonomous driving dSPACE Products for AUTOSAR Applications Powerful tools for AUTOSAR compliant development Supported Communication Standards SIL for Early Validation FCA Accelerates Software Testing with Agile Practices and Virtualization Use Case: Cluster Simulation Cluster simulation with dSPACE VEOS enables highly automated test drives on your PC Use Case: Integrated Sensors and Actuators Provide the physical signals to stimulate an ECU's sensors and actuators Use Case: Preparing HIL Tests VEOS lets you develop and test virtual ECUs on your own PC Use Case: Virtual Bus Simulation Test ECUs and their communication on a PC Use Case: Euro NCAP Crash Tests Perform Euro NCAP tests early in the ECU development phase using the dSPACE tool chain Use Case: Testing Engine ECUs Simulate an ECU’s environment and insert specific faults for testing purposes Data Pipeline: Fueled by Data Efficiency and quality of the data pipeline for autonomous driving Use Case: Comprehensive V&V Strategies dSPACE Consulting helps you develop an integrated V&V strategy to achieve more virtual testing while maintaining process reliability. Use Case: Validating AUTOSAR Architectures Validate AUTOSAR architectures manually or automatically Daimler: Powertrain Tests at the Push of a Button Automatically creating test environments for different HIL test systems Use Case: AUTOSAR Migration Migrate your AUTOSAR projects from AUTOSAR 3 to AUTOSAR 4 Use Case: Virtual Test Bench Use VEOS as a virtual test bench that is constantly available on your PC Rapid Prototyping Developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions Use Case: Developing Converter Controllers dSPACE RCP systems for developing control strategies for hybrid or fully electric powertrains Use Case: Environment Simulation Perform realistic environment simulations for testing driver assistance systems Volkswagen: Naturally Virtual Efficient validation of virtual ECUs using software-in-the-loop tests Use Case: Testing Real Charging Processes Comprehensive testing of real electric vehicle charging in the laboratory using the Smart Charging Station Emulator Use Case: Continuous Integration Processes already established in software development, such as agile development with continuous integration and testing, are making their way into ECU software development. This calls for test management and a process automation tool, such as SYNECT. Use Case: Developing Controller Software dSPACE RCP systems support in-vehicle test systems for hybrid electric vehicles Use Case: ECU Testing, Analysis, and Monitoring dSPACE provides the ControlDesk software for analyzing and monitoring ECU signals during testing University of Alabama: Energy Shared Learn more about how the University of Alabama is analyzing vehicle-to-vehicle charging and its potential for future mobility with the dSPACE MicroLabBox. SIMPHERA: Enter simpliCity SIMPHERA – the new web-based solution for convenient and efficient validation of functions for autonomous driving Use Case: Sensor Simulation SIL Sensor Simulation supports entirely software-based testing by means of the SIL method. Use Case: Validating Controller Algorithms dSPACE RCP systems provide flexible solutions for validating controller algorithms ZF: AI-in-the-Loop ZF: Presenting a new test system for validating an autonomous, AI-based vehicle using realistic sensor simulation Use Case: Testing Electric Motor ECUs Achieve high sampling rates to handle highly dynamic behavior Automotive Ethernet Support dSPACE has added two boards with interfaces for automotive Ethernet at 100 Mbit/s and 1000 Mbit/s to its Ethernet solution portfolio. Use Case: Multilevel Converter dSPACE RCP system enable the development and validation of controller functions for multilevel converter. XIL API: One for All ASAM XIL API decouples tests of all test stages from the test platform Use Case: Testing AEB According to Euro NCAP Testing Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) functions according to Euro NCAP Use Case: Traffic Sign Recognition Test ADAS functions which rely on road-based object information Use Case: Testing Vehicle Dynamics ECUs Ensure high signal quality for ECUs performing plausibility checks after power-up Use Case: TargetLink and VEOS Early simulation and experimenting with TargetLink code Use Case: Prototyping Electronic Horizon Applications The ADASIS v3 Horizon Reconstructor (HR) Blockset provides access from a Simulink model to electronic horizon data, which is transmitted via the ADASIS v3 Protocol Typical Setup of Prototyping Functions for ADAS and Automated Driving Typical Setup of Prototyping Functions for ADAS and Automated Driving Use Case: Battery Management Develop and test battery management functions Use Case: Electric Power Level Simulation Test ECUs without accessing their signals at signal level Power HIL Testing for Onboard Charger Testing charging equipment with real currents and voltages and model-based grid emulation Mild Hybrid Testing Model-based approach for low-voltage testing of mild hybrid systems Use Case: Prototyping ADAS/AD Functions When it comes to improving functionalities for advanced driver assistance and automated driving, manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry rely on dSPACE tools and tool chains. Use Case: Electric Power Steering (EPS) Develop and test power steering control functions Use Case: Testing ECUs with Optical Displays Link camera-based real-time image recognition with HIL simulation technology Infineon: Radar Chip Testing Infineon: To design radar chips efficiently, performance testing at a very early stage in the laboratory is a must Use Case: Production Software Development for Safety-Related E-Mobility Applications Learn which tools let you transfer function models to production code efficiently and in compliance with safety standards. Use Case: Sensor Simulation HIL Sensor Simulation offers the option to test real sensors in combination with ADAS/AD control units in a closed loop. Use Case: Requirements-based Testing Full Traceability from the Requirements to the Test Results with SYNECT Texas A&M University: A Bright Future Ahead Using solar energy as the basis for innovative hybrid electrical power systems Use Case: TargetLink and SystemDesk Fast and reliable Classic AUTOSAR roundtrips with minimum user intervention Use Case: Testing Functions for Highly Automated Driving on PC Clusters Testing Functions for Highly Automated Driving on PC Clusters Use Case: Testing Automated Driving in Urban Areas and on Highways Testing Automated Driving in Urban Areas and on Highways Multi-agent DIL Simulation The University of Texas at Austin has installed a fully integrated high-fidelity driving simulator, including a dSPACE SCALEXIO system, to facilitate ground-breaking academic research into autonomous driving systems. Use Case: Testing ECUs and ECU Networks Test either a single ECU or multiple networked ECUs together, including restbus simulation AUTOSAR and ASAM - Current Activities Generally accepted standards are indispensable in industry. Developing and introducing them is a complex process, however – as is integrating them into existing products. Landing Gear Systems of the Future Researchers at the Institute for Aircraft Systems Engineering at the Technische Universität Hamburg, Germany are developing a completely new kind of actuation system for the landing gear of a regional aircraft. Avantest: Electric City Bus Learn more about how Avantest uses dSPACE Tools to enable the Electrification of Public Transport and Promote a Low-Emission Future. Hyundai MOBIS: VIL Testing Hyundai MOBIS is using the vehicle-in-the-loop (VIL) testing method, to efficiently validate advanced driver assistance systems with synchronous virtual and real test drives. NSK: Highly Efficient Wheel Hub Motor NSK is developing a compact wheel hub motor with an integrated transmission mechanism Porsche: A Test of Character for Steering Systems Developing and fine-tuning electric steering systems with mechatronic HIL tests Use Case: Testing Auxiliary Systems dSPACE products offer comprehensive support for electric motor and power electronics applications SERES: Aired Scenarios Testing of controllers - the AD stack - and sensors for autonomous driving using a simulator with driving scenarios based on HD maps and a radar target simulator at SERES. Industrial Drives Developing and testing power electronics controllers for industrial applications ISO 26262 – HIL-Testing dSPACE offers comprehensive advice and support for setting up a HIL test system according to ISO 26262 requirements. Bern University of Applied Sciences: Give and Take Lab testing of load flow management for prosumer households Testing Electric Drive Functions dSPACE HIL systems enable realistic, real-time simulation of a wide range of electric drives Jaguar Land Rover: Virtual Revolution Jaguar Land Rover’s motto is to create “experiences customers love, for life”. Use Case: Test Bench with Environment Simulation EPS test bench for release tests and development-phase tests under extreme conditions Use Case: Compact Steering Test Bench Test the entire steering mechanics using real forces and torques Neusoft: Virtual Vision Test Validation solution for camera-based driver assistance systems at Neusoft Reach Editorial 2021-2 The automotive industry is experiencing a phase of profound transformation, racing to cover new vehicle requirements and to be able to update the software continuously mid-operation. Sensor Components Validation of sensor components with data replay testing Magneti Marelli: Smart Automation Automatic test environment for body control modules leads to better quality and efficiency Use Case: Testing Embedded Components How to test embedded components with dSPACE SCALEXIO for aerospace applications Use Case: Robotic Motion Controllers dSPACE RCP systems make developing and validating functions for robotic motion controllers easy ZF TRW: Putting Steering Systems to the Test Real-time testing at ZF TRW Steering Development BOSCH: Put a Label On It Artificial intelligence (AI) and automated driving: Generating highly accurate reference data for training neural networks at BOSCH Use Case: Function Validation with V-ECUs VEOS lets you test function interactions on your own PC New Energy - Wind and Sun Bring Independence One of the Azore Islands in mid-Atlantic: Plenty of sunshine. Constant wind. And miles away from any power grid or any filling station for diesel generators. Use Case: Testing FlexRay ECUs Test either a single ECU or multiple networked ECUs, including realistic bus communication HELLA: It's the Right Strategy That Counts Learn more about how HELLA and dSPACE Consulting are working on an innovative test strategy that meets the highest safety requirements. Realizing Safety As your partner in simulation and validation, dSPACE is by your side throughout the entire development and test process, up to homologation and the certification of your complex applications—turning safe innovations into your commercial success. Virtual ECUs and software components Validation of perception and sensor fusion software functions and virtual ECUs with data replay testing Validation of 5G Automotive Applications LTE and 5G with the dSPACE SCALEXIO HIL system empowers early development and end-to-end validation without local 5G infrastructure. Use Case: Variant-based Automation Systematic support for variant handling in HIL testing and an established procedure for the development and test of electronic control units (ECUs) with SYNECT. SCALEXIO LabBox (8-slot) Addition to the SCALEXIO LabBox Family of Enclosures Use Case: On-Target Bypassing with TargetLink Combining function development and production development Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences – Three-Phase Synchronous Motors The Electrical Drive Technology laboratory of the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences used a dSPACE MicroLabBox to implement the control for a permanently excited three-phase synchronous motor via an EnDat 2.2 interface. Use Case: Defining Traffic Scenarios Define complex traffic scenarios to analyze and test ADAS algorithms on electronic control units Use Case: Testing a Servo Controller Test a wide range of configurations of motors, power stages, sensors, and bus systems MAN Truck and Bus SE: Data Logging MAN puts a lot of emphasis on automation in both internal processes and on the road to increase customer value. When looking for a data logging system, MAN selected AUTERA from dSPACE. Use Case: Prototyping on Embedded Platforms Prototyping Functions for Automated Driving on Embedded Platforms SAME: Perfect Grip, Perfect Grapes Innovative front wheel suspension for SAME specialty tractors Use Case: Developing Converter Functions dSPACE RCP systems for the easy development and validation of controllers for DC/DC converters Use Case: Simple Bus Communication Tests dSPACE provides comprehensive tool support for testing bus communication Rimac Automobili: Concept_One Insights into the drive concepts of a purely electric supercar SCANIA: A Moving Variety Scania has a nearly endless selection of vehicle types and modular vehicle confi gurations. And the generic electronic control unit (ECU) system has just as many variants. In a new test lab, Scania shows how this system can be validated with reliability. Fuel Cell Revolution For the past 20 years, Ford has gained a wealth of experience from their research and development of fuel cells for in-vehicle use. Ford’s researchers have tested several concepts in the laboratory and on the road. Korea: Finger on the Pulse New dSPACE Company in South Korea Toyota: Automated Rolling ALT To automate its mechanical test benches, Toyota relies on a combination of AutomationDesk and SYNECT WABCO: Smart Software, Smart Trucks Efficient processes and methods for developing safety-critical driver assistance systems Use Case: Virtual Diagnostics The dSPACE tool chain offers a solution for testing the diagnostic functionality of the application software at an early stage. SANY: King of the HIL Hardware-in-the-loop test of electrified dump trucks for surface mines Medical Engineering Control development for medical applications Use Case: Optimizing Vehicle Dynamics for Motorcycles Completely model-based tool chain for on-target bypassing Use Case: Chassis Control Development New control strategies for higher driving safety, comfort, and agility Use Case: Rotary Steering Test Bench Test steering systems with rotary steering support on the steering column Use Case: Virtual Test Drives VEOS lets you test driver assistance functions on your own PC Global HIL Strategy at General Motors 2007: In a thorough evaluation process for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) solutions two years ago, dSPACE Simulator was chosen as the global HIL solution for General Motors. Use Case: Testing ECU Networks for Hybrids Fulfill high development and test requirements to ensure reliable hybrid control functions MicroAutoBox III: Smart New Co-Pilot The new MicroAutoBox III – the next generation of compact in-vehicle prototyping AURELION: Digital Twins Powerful visualization and physical computation of sensor data for virtual test drives: using the new dSPACE solution for sensor-realistic simulation Great Wall Motors: The Versatile Electric Electric and hybrid vehicles developed with dSPACE TargetLink Development of Electric Drive Functions dSPACE RCP systems enable optimizing and testing new control strategies in a real environment Use Case: Testing Networked Aircraft Systems How to test networked aircraft systems with dSPACE SCALEXIO Toyota: A Forward Leap for E-Volution Electrification for sustainable mobility – Developing the fourth generation of the Toyota Prius Use Case: TargetLink FMI Support Execution of TargetLink-generated code with offline and real-time simulators from third parties and dSPACE Ford: Rapid AUTOSAR Adoption AUTOSAR simulation with VEOS Use Case: Small Steering Test Bench Integrate a ''miniature'' test bench in even the smallest of spaces Charging Made Even Smarter The DS5366 Smart Charging Interface: A complete solution for developing and testing technologies for smart charging JEE: High Voltage, Low Risk Learn more about how JEE uses flexible HIL simulation based on a combination of FPGA and CPU to make motors more efficient and their development safer. Use Case: Data Recording During Real Test Drives Time-Correlated Data Recording During Real Test Drives PEGASUS Project Faster validation of functions for autonomous driving with simulation-based tests Use Case: Integrate V-ECUs Integrate V-ECUs with the help of dSPACE tools Use Case: Testing Controller Algorithms dSPACE offers comprehensive HIL systems for testing control algorithms of industrial drive controls Use Case: Testing Distributed Functions dSPACE HIL systems support complex simulations of hybrid control units Mechanical test Mechanical test benches round off dSPACE’s test system portfolio A Winning Formula Formula Student has very strict rules on the safety of electrically powered race cars. GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart guarantees safety by using dSPACE technology to develop their high-speed vehicle. Big on Safety Volvo 3P relies on HIL simulation to test and verify the controllers when developing brake systems. Simulation à la carte Model-based development boosts efficiency in the food service industry Younicos: Self-Sufficient with Wind and Sun Berlin-based company Younicos is overseeing a project to install a photovoltaic plant, a wind park, and battery storage on one of the Azores islands to meet the island's power requirements without diesel supplies brought in by tanker AUTERA: Shaping the autonomous era AUTERA - New high-performance product family for data-driven developments for autonomous driving PATAC: Automatic Safety Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) has conducted tests according to the SOTIF test standard for autonomous vehicles. MICROAUTOBOX III - Perfectly Connected Learn more about how the new DS1521 Bus and Network Board integrated in the MicroAutoBox III provides an exceptional range of channels in the familiar small MicroAutoBox form factor. ZFL Sikorsky: Purely Electric Learn more about how a dSPACE system is being used to read and process sensor data from ZF Luftfahrttechnik (ZFL) and Sikorsky's new electrical rotor control system (LIBRAS™). Shaanxi Automobile Group: Visionary Trucks Developing, prototyping and validating an automated camera- and radar-based braking system for commercial vehicles. Use Case: MicroAutoBox III, Bus and Network With MicroAutoBox III variants with a DS1521 Bus and Network Board, dSPACE offers a compact in-vehicle solution that is equipped to master topically demanding communication tasks. JEE: High Voltage, Low Risk Flexible HIL simulation based on a combination of FPGA and CPU makes motors more efficient and their development safer. Developing Multisensor Applications To develop the complex autonomous driving functions, NAVYA relies on the multisensor development environment RTMaps from Intempora. Michigan Technological University: Efficient Platooning Watch how cooperative and predictive control strategies boost energy efficiency in automated vehicles. University of Michigan: From 3-D Printing to 3-D Sprinting A unique algorithm enables 3-D printing at twice the speed ZF: Real Virtuality Automatically creating test tracks and realistic traffic scenarios based on vehicle measurements HSU Hamburg: Active Noise Reduction The Helmut Schmidt University (HSU)/University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg is working on systems for active noise reduction by means of anti-noise. With the help of the dSPACE SCALEXIO system, the researchers improved their solution significantly. Use Case: Simulate V-ECUs Integrate V-ECUs with the help of dSPACE tools Use Case: Thermal Monitoring of Batteries Monitor the thermal behavior of lithium-ion battery packs Use Case: HIL Tests for Electric Trains Test controllers for grid interfaces, electric drives, and power electronics with dSPACE systems Use Case: No-Load Steering Test Bench Drive a steering system in closed-loop mode for integration tests of the complete vehicle Use Case: Pedestrian Detection Test ADAS functions for the detection of crossing pedestrians Use Case: Electric Drive Controls Test asynchronous motors in automotive applications Airbus: HOMER Take-off: A review Multifunctional prototype for future space vehicles China Northern Railway: China on the Fast Track Chinese railway equipment manufacturer uses dSPACE HIL to speed up their Traction Control Unit (TCU) development DFKI In their new Space Exploration Hall, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) can now carry out projects such as testing flight systems and studying the interactions between satellites and robots. Project Orbit Satellite computers have to handle a whole range of monitoring and control tasks. Electronics Take Off Real-time testing of modern actuation systems at Moog UNDERSTAND.AI: Making an Intelligent Addition Interview with founders Marc Mengler and Philip Kessler on automated data analysis, data annotation, and extraction of simulation scenarios for autonomous vehicles. Interview: Professor Geiger - End-to-End Training Professor Dr. Andreas Geiger talks about the challenges of developing self-driving cars. He is Head of the Autonomous Vision research group at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS). VW: Compound Tests As the complexity of a system increases, new measures are required to properly validate its functions. This is why Volkswagen is using virtualization more than ever in its validation processes. Code Generation for Electric Drive dSPACE TargetLink generates highly efficient C code and allows for early verification Weichai: Modeling the future Customer-specific simulation models for highly efficient truck engine technology Schlumberger: Intelligent Drilling Simulating extreme environmental conditions for control units University of Stuttgart: Hybrid Propulsion System for the e-Genius plane The electric plane “e-Genius” developed and built by the University of Stuttgart will be equipped with a highly efficient hybrid drive as part of a new research project Use Case: Frontloading RDE Tests Simulation-based analysis of emission values with virtual and real engine test benches DLR: Agile Blades A multiple-swashplate system for helicopters actively reduces noise and vibrations Use Case: Prototyping for Active Noise and Vibration Cancellation Model-based development of the control strategy Use Case: Developing Engine Controls New control strategies for saving fuel and reducing emissions Technische Universität Berlin: IFSys – Intelligent Flying System IFSys (Intelligent Flying System) is a student project that was launched in 2006 to develop an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that flies autonomously. Continental: Synchronously Asynchronous Continental’s new belt-driven starter generator uses not only the 48 V vehicle electrical system but also an asynchronous machine as the electric motor and generator – a novelty. JTEKT: Safe Steering Japanese steering system manufacturer JTEKT has installed an ISO-26262-compliant process and a powerful test system for ECU development. Northrop Grumman: Turbine on Board Simulating gas turbine ship propulsion plant Santerno: Upvalue Energy Power inverters: Efficient energy transformation through efficient TargetLink code Other Fields Whatever your field - whether you develop control applications for medicine, robotics, drives, or any others - dSPACE offers you a seamless tool chain for control development. Use Case: Mechatronic Steering Systems Build a HIL test system for steering systems offering a realistic driving feel INTEMPORA: Strengthening the AD Portfolio Learn more about how Software tools from Intempora complement dSPACE solutions for data-driven development RENAULT: Cumulative Test Power The hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) platforms SCALEXIO and PHS work together in the new Renault test factory for powertrain ECUs. A joint simulator approach. DARTS 9040-G - 4-D Radar Simulation The dSPACE Automotive Radar Test System (DARTS) 9040-G is the first radar target simulator to successfully meet the challenges of ultra-high-resolution imaging radar sensors, often referred to as 4-D radars. Toyota: Automated Rolling To automate its mechanical test benches, Toyota relies on a combination of AutomationDesk and SYNECT DARTS 9030-M: Precision Means Safety Decisive criteria when testing automotive long-range radars Flying Cars Will Become Reality In a few years’ time, AI will be on everyone’s career horizon according to Sebastian Thrun dSPACE Blog: Creating Interchangeable Test Cases Across a Diverse Tool Chain Read the blog article on two different approaches that can potentially solve the problem of test case redundancies. Testing Embedded Components In this example a SCALEXIO system is used for a real-time preflight simulation of the entire mission for a high-altitude research rocket. Use Case: Generate V-ECUs Generate V-ECUs with the help of dSPACE tools Use Case: Intelligent Charging Systems dSPACE VEOS enables PC-bases simulation of controller functions for charging systems Use Case: White-Box Testing How to access the ECU in real-time for White-Box Testing with dSPACE SCALEXIO Use Case: Regenerative Brake System Torque management for the regenerative brake system of an electric vehicle Bosch: Power Guaranteed Rapid control prototyping for fuel-saving functions in a 48 V system Use Case: Small Electric Motor Controllers dSPACE RCP systems support the controller development for in-vehicle auxiliary systems Brilliance Auto: Quick Multi-Platform Tests Setting up a flexible, automated test environment for multiple vehicle platforms Use Case: Parallel Hybrid Drivetrain Simulation Testing controllers for engine, transmission or drivetrain management in hybrid drivetrain applications. NASA: The Joined Wing Wind tunnel testing of the Joined-Wing SensorCraft vehicle Use Case: Frontloading HIL Tests VEOS lets you perform fully automated tests of virtual ECUs on a PC Tongji University: No Driver Required Thanks to advances in the development of intelligent drive technology, the time is coming closer when self-driving vehicles will be a part of everyday road traffic. PSA: AUTOSAR Implemented To optimize cooperation with the electronic control unit suppliers, PSA decided to make the development process for drivetrain ECUs AUTOSAR-compliant. Virtual Vehicle Test Drives Since 2000, Suzuki Motor Corporation has been efficiently intensifying their use of dSPACE simulators for the safe development of electronic control units (ECUs). e.GO Mobile: We Must Embrace New Technologies e.GO Mobile proves that emission-free driving is possible with today’s technology at low cost and with a customer focus. Learn more in the interview with Professor Günther Schuh, founder and CEO of e.GO Mobile. Brilliance: Test Bench in Control To develop new chassis control strategies, Brilliance has built a laboratory setup that consists of a combination of a dSPACE steering and brake system test bench. Bugatti: Safe Legends Bugatti: Developing and testing control systems for high-performance tasks in the ultimate super sports cars Volkswagen: Compound Tests As the complexity of a system increases, new measures are required to properly validate its functions. This is why Volkswagen is using virtualization more than ever in its validation processes. Neusoft Reach: Virtual Vision Test ALT Validation solution for camera-based driver assistance systems Brilliance: Test Bench in Control To develop new chassis control strategies, Brilliance has built a laboratory setup that consists of a combination of a dSPACE steering and brake system test bench. Geely: Modular Fascination Geely and Volvo are jointly developing the vehicles of tomorrow on their Compact Modular Architecture platform Hitachi Automotive Systems: 3-D Car Spotting Generating stereo images for autonomous test drives with a stereo camera as the observer dSPACE Blog: Cloning the Driver Are you in the race towards the automotive future by cloning the driver function? Now, you can accelerate your autonomous driving development and testing efforts in a well-thought-out, high-performance Function Design via RCP The objective of this use case consists in the fast and easy evaluation of new control algorithms in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). University of Michigan: Implementing Controllers on Real Machines Watch how the University of Michigan uses equipment from dSPACE in training classes to implement controllers on real machines. ZF: Virtual Torque Simulated test drives and real loads put ZF drivetrains to the test Technical University of Munich: Quick Start From 0 to 30,000 revolutions in 2.6 seconds FAW: Excellence as a Standard AUTOSAR-based development for the electric and hybrid drives of the future Use Case: Roadwork Test Scenarios for Automated Driving Perform simulations of roadwork scenarios in order to test automated driving functions Use Case: Truck Cabin Simulation Simulate truck cabin dynamics for comfort and safety features Use Case: Crank-Angle Synchronous Fuel Pump Validate the control algorithms for crank-angle synchronous high-pressure fuel pumps ZF: Handling High Numbers of Variants Efficient software development process for transmission ECUs IAI: Chain-Free Cycling Serial hybrid drive for bicycles Toyota Prius Toyotas renovated control software development process for the new Prius includes the dSPACE production code generator, TargetLink, in combination with the test and validation tools BTC EmbeddedTester and BTC EmbeddedValidator. RWTH Aachen University: Firing up Engine Innovation In-cycle combustion control for autoigniting gasoline engines Mercedes-Benz R&D/MES: Electric and Safe Using modeling guidelines to validate e-drive software Use Case: Virtual Suspension Test Bench Efficiently design and analyze different suspension setups BMW: Always the Right Model HIL pilot project for exchanging submodels based on FMI High-Performance Nanosatellite Control Software Testing and Validation with dSPACE ASM Satellite Engineering students from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Tula Technology: Dynamic Firing Order Imagine a combustion engine where each cylinder can be fired variably or skipped to provide the torque demanded by the driver. Use Case: Virtual ECUs Without AUTOSAR VEOS lets you use virtual ECUs to test C-code-based function modules University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambrésis: Optimized Hybrids Researchers from the University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambrésis are developing new energy management algorithms to improve the fuel economy of micro and mild hybrid vehicles. DAF: Keeping the Right Speed The video shows how Safe-Speed performs under simulated operating conditions. Anniversary of an Idea Twenty Years of Continuous Success A conversation with Dr. Herbert Hanselmann: To mark dSPACE’s 20th anniversary, the company’s founder and president describes how an idea became an internationally successful company. EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge Goes Green 2009: For the EcoCAR Challenge the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) assigned a three-year pilot project to 200 students from various universities. Electric Drives Efficiently Virtualized Controlled electric drives are a key technology in numerous engineering applications. Handling so many applications calls for a high degree of flexibility, especially for servocontrollers in industrial automation. Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH: Electrifying Using active mains filters to suppress interference in aircraft electrical systems Smart Home In Japan, in the wake of the nuclear power plant accident accompanying the Tohoku earthquake on March 11, 2011, people’s expectations of renewable energy sources have soared. Robots in the Rose Garden Limited resources, climate change and a rapidly growing world population make effi ciency and sustainability the biggest challenges in horticulture and agriculture. Use Case: Mechanical Power Level Simulation Physically stimulate ECUs for HIL tests The TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH Driving Simulator Car behavior controlled by dSPACE HIL Simulator SHEFEX II Launched Successfully Research on an innovative new heat shield Use Case: Integrating Production-Ready Basic software into V-ECUs Create a V-ECU that contains the application software and parts of the basic software, supplemented by dSPACE basic software. University of Michigan: From 3-D Printing to 3-D Sprinting Watch how a unique algorithm enables 3-D printing at twice the speed. YANMAR: Testing on Demand Highly flexible HIL simulators satisfy the demands for testing a variety of agricultural vehicles CNH Industrial: Bottleneck Relief Overcoming bottlenecks in the test process by means of virtual validation Test Rig for Electric Actuation Systems The SCALEXIO system can also serve as an integrated part of an actuator test rig for testing high-lift surface control in the lab, for example. Tula Technology: Faster Engine Validation Completing validation and verification activities in half the time with virtual validation P3: Sensor-Based Driving Developing Features for ADAS and Autonomous Driving Daimler: Flexible Test Track Testing new driving concepts under reproducible conditions with a hexapod 360° driving simulator Use Case: Testing and Experimenting with V-ECUs Testing and Experimenting with V-ECUs with the help of dSPACE tools University of Michigan: Fly Like a Bird Developing morphing wing and tail elements Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH: Top Performer Controlling high-performance gas engines for energy supply TU Wien/Siemens: Keeping Contact at 300 km/h Highly dynamic control of a test bench for high-speed train pantographs Ohio State University: Model-Based Winning Ohio State at EcoCAR 2 – Hybrid Power Takes First Place CLAAS: Controlled Harvesting Automated assistance functions for more harvesting efficiency Rollout at dSPACE We believe that Formula Student is the ideal way to round off a university education. For one thing, the students learn to use real technical tools to implement their projects. NASA: Controlling Combustion Instability Ultra-low-emission combustors being developed for aircraft gas turbine engines are more susceptible to combustion instabilities. Porsche: Dynamic Models Vehicle dynamics are the showpiece of car manufacturing. Honda Aircraft: First Flight in Real Time Automated avionics tests with dSPACE simulators KATECH: Virtual Mild Hybrids Imagine a combustion engine where each cylinder can be fired variably or skipped to provide the torque demanded by the driver. EB Automotive: Continuous Software Production The EB Automotive Software Factory is the key to success because it implements recurring work processes as a production line for software. Tetra Pak: Virtual Milk in Virtual Cartons Intelligent process control software has an important job to do to continuously optimize downtimes, but developing and testing it is time-consuming and expensive. Korea Aerospace Research Institute: With or without a pilot The Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) is developing an OPV and testing its flight control system by running simulated flights in the laboratory with a test bench based on a dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop simulator. First Flight of HondaJet Advanced Systems This event represents a critical milestone for the HondaJet program and is another significant step toward the first flight of conforming aircraft. (2009) Virtual Energy Cells The BMW Group is using a dSPACE Simulator to develop functions and test ECUs for a battery management system for lithium-ion energy storage. Touareg Hybrid – electrified and electrifying The Volkswagen Touareg has a brand-new hybrid version. Its electric drives, power electronics, and traction battery have caused a significant rise in the complexity of the networked electronic systems. NASA’s Top Model At its Airborne Subscale Transport Aircraft Research facility, called AirSTAR for short, NASA is using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to study flight situations that would be too dangerous and too expensive with a real aircraft. CIRA: Diving Back to Earth The Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali (the Italian Aerospace Research Center, or CIRA) is using an unmanned space vehicle (USV) to research technologies that are vital to the development of future space transporters. Sound Asleep Active noise reduction in the home Satellite Test Systems: Going Into Orbit dSPACE pushes ahead with satellite test system Taking Autonomous Driving in Stride A story about scenario-based testing and SIL-in-the-cloud EMPHYSIS Project Receives ITEA Award of Excellence The ITEA Office research project EMPHYSIS delivered the new eFMI standard for model exchange, which accelerates the model-based development of embedded software. Use Case: Standard Compliance dSPACE Consulting supports you in designing and implementing your processes in compliance with applicable standards. Vehicle Tests Perfected To accelerate software development, Ford is using Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation from dSPACE to optimally supplement vehicle tests. EcoCAR Mobility Challenge: Propulsion Controls & Modeling Activity GM, MathWorks and dSPACE provide propulsion control and modeling hardware and software needed to simulate the professional vehicle design process. Michigan Technological University / GM: Efficient Platooning Cooperative and predictive control strategies boost energy efficiency in automated vehicles Use Case: 24/7 Testing 24/7 usage of the HIL systems helps to achieve the required test throughput. Performing functional tests on SIL test platforms reduce the test load of the HIL systems. Verification of Networked Aircraft Systems For testing multiple networked aircraft systems you might require a test bench that corresponds to the aircraft in size and dimensions and includes the actual cable harnesses. ACENTISS: Electric Take-Off Developing a fully electric and autonomous aircraft P3 – Sensor-based Driving This video shows a demo vehicle from P3 equipped with sensors and instruments to support the development of autonomous driving functions. In this vehicle, P3 uses RTMaps and MicroAutoBox to capture and process sensor data Simulation of Electric Drive Functions dSPACE virtual validation tools allow to verify functions in an early development phase. Research Programs with dSPACE Participation dSPACE actively participates in a range of funding programs on the state, federal or European level. This page lists all projects dSPACE is currently involved in. Use Case: Variable Traffic Sign Recognition Detecting and interpreting variable message signs and traffic lights in virtual traffic scenarios Test Environment for Safety-Critical Driver Assistance Systems The central management of the Euro NCAP test protocols and the provided tests in SYNECT Test Management allows for a seamless testing process. TargetLink and SystemDesk Fast and reliable AUTOSAR roundtrips with minimum user intervention Prototyping Demanding Functions for Automated Driving in Real Traffic Prototyping demanding functions for automated driving in real traffic using the MicroAutoBox III and AUTERA. Use Case: Prototyping Medical Microsystems Optimized control strategies Sentinel-3A in Orbit Third earth-observing satellite of the Copernicus environment program launched into space Research for Tomorrow’s Aviation New development tools for the aerospace industry Use Case: Intersection Assistants Simulate traffic at intersections with multiple vehicles Use Case: Emission Control Systems Test emission control systems for diesel engines ADAS Development Tool Chain: Stay safe on the roads As customer expectations rise and Euro NCAP requirements get tougher, the cost of developing advanced driver assistance systems threatens to become unmanageable. Going into Orbit The space industry makes extremely high demands on the development of electronic control systems. Business Development Manager Dr. Dirk Spenneberg explains how dSPACE’s satellite technology solutions will help meet these demands. Blade Runner In Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, a science fiction story by Philip K. Dick and later the action film Blade Runner, a central question is whether autonomous, high-tech machines are capable of dreaming. Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Smooth and e-fficient Electric wedge clutch for smoother shifts Hamburg University of Technology: Flying to the Limits Professional platform for developing new autopilot functions for staying within the flying range Tula Technology The exceptional fuel efficiency Tula delivers contributes to a cleaner environment, reduces dependence on oil and saves consumers money at the pump. Watch how it works! Success in series AUTOSAR’s success story and how the dSPACE tool chain supports the AUTOSAR standard BMW Motorrad: Maximum Tilt Developing innovative features for vehicle dynamics at the extremes requires the right tools that do not manipulate vehicle behavior. The University of Adelaide: Diwheel Defies Gravity Australian Students developed an Upside Down Vehicle The Battery Eldorado Electric vehicles are eco-friendly, quiet and economical. However, their future depends on efficient battery technology. Superbike Success from the Electronics Lab The BMW motorcycle motorsports team is in the fast lane. Since 2009, BMW Motorrad has been competing in the Superbike World Championship, and with success. Looking forward Thermal management in a conventional powertrain was intelligently further developed at BMW Group by adding a predictive component. Autoliv: Gentle Belts Seat belts tightened the AUTOSAR way at Autoliv University of Adelaide: Diwheel Defies Gravity Students and researchers in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Adelaide have developed a so-called diwheel that allows a driver to travel in a conventional upright position and, for the more adventurous, in an upside down position. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: More Efficient Combustion Engines Variable valve control for a camless engine with fast hydraulic actuators University of Texas: Surviving Tough Terrain In commercial and military vehicles, the improved mobility provided by advanced active suspensions – especially in rugged terrains – becomes a matter of survivability, effective crew performance, safety and reliability. ARAI: Systematic Vehicle Safety On behalf of the Indian automotive industry and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, ARAI is producing a concept for high-performance safety systems, together with a sample process for the model-based development of such systems. Audi Electronics Venture: Ions at the Start Modern start/stop systems, more electrical equipment, and the increasing electrification of mechanically driven components are pushing up the demands made on energy storage. Process for Functional Safety The Siemens Drive Technologies Division has added modelbased development to their classic software development process for implementing safety-critical vehicle functions. Flight Control by MicroAutoBox Developing innovative control systems Electric Parking Non-intrusive, fast integration of an x-by-wire control system DFKI: Simulated Satellite Rendezvous Realistic Satellite Motion Tests on the Ground Great Wall Motors: The Versatile Electric Great Wall Motors: Electric and hybrid vehicles developed with dSPACE TargetLink. This made it easy to develop safety-critical systems thanks to its certification for software development according to ISO 26262, ISO 25119, and IEC 61508. TU Munich: Weighing the Risks and Opportunities - Christoph Lütge Interview Technical University of Munich: Autonomous driving and AI from an ethical perspective Weighing the Risks and Opportunities In this interview, Prof. Christoph Lütge, holder of the Chair of Business Ethics at the Technical University of Munich, talks about the opportunities and risks inherent in AI and autonomous driving and explains how he teaches his students about ethical be Making Sure They are Safe dSPACE has joined forces with 25 research and industry partners in two research projects that confront one of the greatest challenges in autonomous driving: the validation of new systems RTMaps: Trusted Middleware Master autonomous driving (AD) development with RTMaps Sikorsky: Purely Electric ZFL and Sikorsky are developing new electrical rotor control technology Use Case: Homologation dSPACE Consulting supports customer projects for the approval of automotive E/E systems by means of simulation and virtual testing. Mission Autonomous Electromobility Success Story: Rapid-Control-Prototyping-System MicroAutoBox in Action for Autonomous Electromobility Navigating Rural Areas Through the Eyes of Autonomous Sensors The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Team is working on solving autonomy-related perception and navigation issues. MicroAutoBox prototyping units are used as the interface between the autonomy software and the vehicle’s control systems. Use Case: Evaporative System Monitoring Validate the functionality of the fuel tank evaporation system for onboard diagnostics (OBD) tests. Team Starkstrom: Track Record Developing an autonomous racing vehicle for Formula Student Driverless Highly Automated Driving: Mastering Variety dSPACE solutions for highly automated driving Continental: The Perfect Dosage Setting up a closed-loop test system for precisely controlled fuel injectors JTEKT: Inspect the Unexpected Automated fault injection tests for JTEKT steering systems Fraunhofer Institute: Virtual Test Bench for Steering Systems The Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic System Design (IEM) in Paderborn is working on a model-based design of a test bench for developing and testing steering systems. Team Starcraft: Optimized Electrics Development of the controller software for an electric racing vehicle participating in the design contest Formula Student Electric. CLAAS – Centralized Test Management At the 8th dSPACE User Conference (November 15-16, 2016), CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH talked about its test process and the introduction of SYNECT as a central test management tool. Building Ford’s Next-Generation Autonomous Development Vehicle Our customers do amazing things with our products, e.g. MicroAutoBox. Cleveland State University: Smart Training Developing advanced exercise machines Mitsubishi Electric: Driving Your Car from Space Developing a satellite-based autonomous vehicle control system DLR: Robotic Motion Interactive motion simulation of vehicle dynamics CLAAS Industrietechnik: Smooth Success Developing an infinitely variable transmission for tractors Mitsubishi Pikes Peak The Mitsubishi MiEV EvolutionII is equipped with a dSPACE MicroAutoBox. ISO 26262 – Webinar Recording Learn more about ISO 26262 support in the dSPACE tool chain. Use Case: Air Condition for Electric Vehicles Evaluate the electrical energy consumption of an air conditioning system in an electric vehicle Use Case: Gas Engines Validate electronic control units for stationary gas engines Use Case: Engine Model Parameterization Parameterize combustion engine models for real-time simulation Bergstrom: Ambitious Climate Goals Bergstrom aims at developing 85% of its control software virtually Simulating for Track Speed Since 2008, the Rider, Constructor and Team titles have belonged to Yamaha. The company relies on simulation techniques to continue its success. And the winners are 2011: The final year of the EcoCar Challenge ended with an impressive show of the young engineers’ green vehicle technologies, which included extended-range, hybrid, plug-in and fuel-cell electric vehicles. AutomationDesk: Positive Feedback 2004: The latest addition to Behr-Hella’s tool chain is AutomationDesk, the dSPACE software for handling ECU tests that was launched in August last year. DENSO: Process Agility Automated development and test process with TargetLink and EmbeddedTester University of Queensland: Virtual Blood Vessels Patients waiting for a heart transplant often need to bridge the time until surgery. This is usually done using implantable pumps. Ohio State University: Next Level of HIL in EcoCAR This presentation was a technical demonstration of the team’s continued development with its HIL setup. General Motors: Buick Regal Turbo Charged Engine Electronics engineering for the Buick Regal Turbo Charged Engine. Peak Performance Racing to the top with standard car parts: the MiEV Evolution II BMW Group Relies on TargetLink The BMW Group evaluated the production code generators currently available on the market. Tomorrow’s Engineers A hybrid bicycle that stores braking energy and then releases it to support acceleration. Getting Better and Better A talk with Dr. Klaus Lamberg, Product Manager of test and experiment software, about AutomationDesk (dSPACE’s test software) and future developments in the area of testing. Systematic Drive Safety E-Darc is a new FPGA-based drive controller being developed by control system manufacturer Ferrocontrol. A Gripping Feeling The engineering company DMecS is using a dSPACE Simulator to analyze the system behavior of steering systems. This allows testing at an early stage of development, before performing test drives. Talking AUTOSAR The automobile industry sees its future in the continuous development of innovative, networked in-vehicle systems. One answer to the growing complexity this will bring is to perform systematic standardization based on AUTOSAR. AVL Raptor: Hungry for Engines AVL Raptor provides the customers of the entire AVL group with a quick, flexible way of creating and testing the control of complex engine configurations for demonstration and calibration purposes. Beating the Heat While developing a new space glider, the German Aerospace Center is investigating new heat shield technologies in their SHEFEX II program. Fusion Hybrid Energized The control software for the battery management system was developed completely using model-based design and automatic production code generation. SKF Industria SpA: Intelligent Stopping SKF’s Electronic Parking Brake system is an extremely convenient solution for parking brakes and emergency brakes in tractors. Valtra: Efficiency in the Field Continuously variable transmission with power-split driveline for more power and lower costs Aiming High Mazda is pursuing two main goals for its automobiles: an enjoyable driving experience on the one hand, and outstandingly low fuel consumption and emission levels on the other. Success in Action Launched two years ago, the SCALEXIO HIL test systems from dSPACE have already proven their value in numerous customer projects. Highly Dynamic Testing Real-time modeling of a permanent magnet electrical machine for ECU functional validation applications MetOp-B Weather Satellite Launched Successfully More accurate, more long-term weather forecasts Aerodynamic Evaluations Completed on SOFIA Door Systems The SOFIA, which stands for Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, will be the largest airborne observatory in the world. Landing Gear Systems of the Future Developing electrically actuated landing gear “First Light” for Airborne Telescope SOFIA SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy) performs its first observation flight dSPACE World Conference 2019: Partner Dialogs dSPACE positions itself as a reliable partner for simulation and validation with the dSPACE World Conference Bugatti: Safe Legends The performance range of Bugatti vehicles is defined by their integrated, safe electronic systems. A simulator from dSPACE ensures that the systems function extremely reliably. power_industry Strengthening the AD Portfolio In this interview, Nicolas du Lac, CEO of Intempora, explains the history of the company and how this closer cooperation will bring a unique value. Partner Dialogs “Empowering Future Mobility Solutions” was the motto of the first dSPACE World Conference, where industry leaders from all over the world gave attendees a glimpse of their latest development activities. Making an Intelligent Addition dSPACE acquired (UAI). The start-up is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology leader with a focus on automated data analysis, data annotation, and extraction of simulation scenarios for auton-omous vehicles. Autonomous Driving Is Manageable Interview with Dr. Dirk Walliser, Senior Vice President Corporate Research and Development Innovation and Technology, ZF Friedrichshafen AG IUPUI: Speed Is Key to Safety Developing algorithms for autonomous driving that respond promptly and precisely to the perceived environment University of Augsburg: Flexible Cable Robot The University of Augsburg is developing the Modular Cable Robot (MoCaRo). The motors for moving the robot are controlled via the EtherCAT interface of a dSPACE SCALEXIO system. DENSO: Virtual Modeling Toolbox Setting up an efficient tool chain for FMI-based development Model-based Software Development - Optimally Connect Users and Tools Consistent data management to ensure efficiency Low Emissions with Hy-Nets Car2x communication for more efficient hybrid drives Hyundai MOBIS: All You Can Test Performing parallel tests on multiple driver assistance systems Use Case: Pneumatic Brake Systems Develop and test brake control functions for truck-trailer systems Use Case: Truck-Trailer Systems Developing and testing vehicle dynamics control functions for truck-trailer systems Use Case: Start-Stop Systems Test the start/stop functionality of engine control units Investigation of hybrid rocket motors The research group at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock investigates fundamental aspects of combustion in hybrid rocket motors, for example thrust oscillations, pressure, plume flicker and acoustical output. AST: Developing Intelligent Assistants Consistent model-based development of driver assistance functions for various platforms University of Tokyo: High speed Robot Baseball-playing robot system demonstrates perfect and quick pitching and batting technology. Hybrid with dSPACE Research institutes and industry working on alternative propulsion systems are increasingly turning to dSPACE tools, which have long been used for developing conventional drives. Five Stars for dSPACE The demands on today’s embedded software are high. And the requirements on the development software and the testing software are just as tough. What does this mean for dSPACE products? All ears The ability to communicate is an elementary part of our lives. And without good hearing, communication becomes difficult if not impossible. This is why researchers continue to work on optimizing prostheses that improve hearing. Making Power Windows safe At its Mexico Technical Center, Delphi Electronics & Safety is developing new algorithms for power window functions. The goal is to provide maximum protection against power window injuries.​ Five in One Hybrid drives and electric vehicles are hot topics in the automobile industry right now. But what few people know is that the first electric vehicles actually hit the roads in the early 20th century. Home Run in Lab Ultra-high-speed robots are expected to open up new fields of applications. With extremely high kinematic performance and stupendous cognitive capabilities, they surpass the human processing ability and challenge the limitations of machines. Behind the Scenes Formula Student is a wellknown international competition that judges not only speed but, more importantly, knowhow. Go for Quality The North American Electrical & Electronics System Validation group at Ford Motor Company has nearly tripled its automated testing capability. Capable Co-Drivers Intelligent driver assistance systems are a prime issue in the automobile industry Lemförder: Tested and found good Testing transmission lever electronics automatically with dSPACE test automation KIT: Spotlight on Hazards An innovative new light function offers motorists more safety and comfort during night-time driving, using image sensors that detect potentially dangerous objects on the road and specially designed headlights that spotlight these objects. Siemens: 1000 MW in the Test Lab Simulating steam turbines for electricity generation ISUZU: Less is More ISUZU is developing an electro-hydraulically actuated variable valve system as an engine device to simultaneously reduce exhaust gases and fuel consumption. Architecture with Brains Researchers at the University of Stuttgart are working to develop lightweight load-bearing structures that respond to external loads. Forward Thinking Ways to achieve greater productivity in the development process smartCUT: Safe Surgery Semiautomatic surgical saw for heart, chest and brain operations Measuring Chile's Volcanic Ash Cloud MetOp satellite supplies data on the ash cloud from the Puyehue volcano Investigation of hybrid rocket motors dSPACE DS1104 controls mass flow DLR: Solo for ARTIS Developing and testing autonomous, intelligent aircraft Einstein Microscopic Measuring the Frame-Dragging Effect Use Case: Code for Battery Management Systems Automatic code generation for safety-critical applications with TargetLink Testing Virtual ECUs Use Case: Power HIL Simulation Electronic load for up to 1,250 V for simulation of electric motors We Must Embrace New Technologies e.GO Mobile proves that emission-free driving is possible with today’s technology at lowcost and with a customer focus

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