SCALEXIO Serial Interface Solution

使用Serial Peripheral Interface(SPI)和Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)总线

SCALEXIO Serial Interface Solution可以将SCALEXIO 实时系统连接到SPI和 I2C总线。该解决方案可以用作分布式I/O.。

借助 SCALEXIO Serial Interface Solution,可以让客户通过SCALEXIO 系统使用Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) 和 Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) 总线 。该解决方案包括一个配有特定 I/O硬件和软件的 I/O解决方案基板,并与ConfigurationDesk一起对这些接口进行参数化。

该解决方案可以与SCALEXIO机架系统、SCALEXIOLabBox、SCALEXIO AutoBox或外部I/O单元一起使用。通过使用外部I/O单元可以缩短与被测设备的距离,从而实现更高的频率。

Feature SPI I2C
  • Software-adjustable signal voltage level (3.3 / 5 V)
  • Communication with up to 20 MHz
  • Software-adjustable signal voltage level (3.3 / 5 V)
  • Communication with up to 1 MHz (Fast-mode plus)
Master features
  • Up to 4 masters
  • Adjustable timing for each chip select cycle
  • Adjustable data format for each chip select cycle
  • Up to 5 master nodes
  • Supports the following speed modes: Standard-mode, Fast-mode and Fast-mode plus
  • 10 bit addressing possible
Slave features
  • Up to 12 slaves
  • Adjustable cycle format and data bit width for each slave
  • Star or daisy chain topology available
  • Up to 5 slave nodes
  • Each physical slave node can have up to 16 logical slaves with different addresses
  • For each slave up to 16 bytes can be received or send
  • Clock stretching is possible
Internal communication interface
Typical power consumption
  • 25 W
  • 25 W

  • SCALEXIO 产品信息, PDF, 英語, 16194 KB
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