DS2601 Signal Measurement Board

用于测量 ECU 输出信号的 HighFlex板卡

DS2601用于 SCALEXIO 硬件在环仿真器中。它在ECU的HIL测试中提供的电流和电压。DS2601可通过另一个连接器配备车载负载或外部负载。


DS2601 Signal Measurement Boar用于测量 ECU 输出信号,并将测量值传送到实时处理器。信号测量可以是时间触发的,也可以是事件触发的,信号测量的执行可以是电压触发或电流触发的。



I/O 功能

DS2601的输入通道可以连接模拟测量单元和数字测量单元(分别是模拟数字转换器或比较器)来测量电流和电压。比如,如果超过指定电压,可以通过组合测量单元的组合来启动模拟电流的测量。通道可在 ConfigurationDesk软件中进行定义和配置。
DS2601 上的 10 个通道可以并行连接。通过通道并联可将载流量提高至80 A(RMS)。ConfigurationDesk 将通道束显示为单一的 I/O 功能。DS2601 支持对 ECU 使用负载。可以将置换负载插接到板卡,或通过电缆线束将实际负载连接到外部负载连接器。

Parameter Specification
  • 10 galvanically isolated channels for signal measurement
  • Load connections for plugging loads of up to 2 W on the board
  • External load connection (for real loads or substitute loads > 2 W)
  • Up to 10 channels connected in parallel to increase the continuous current to max. 80 A
  • Status LED for overall board status
  • 10 channel-specific LEDs to indicate channel voltage
Electrical capacity
  • Voltage ±60 V per channel
  • Continuous current ±10 A per channel
  • Maximum continuous current of 80 A when all 10 channels bundled
Signal measurement (Flexible In 1)
  • Adjustable digital filtering for analog measurements
  • Current/voltage measurement: Sampling rate up to 250 kHz
  • Voltage measurement
    • Voltage measurement ±60 V per channel
    • Voltage, analog and digital (settable trigger value)
    • ADC resolution 16 bit
  • Current measurement
    • Current measurement ±30 A per channel
    • Current measurement, analog and digital (settable trigger value)
    • ADC resolution 16 bit
  • Trigger
    • Time-, angle- and event-driven signal measurement
    • Voltage-driven current measurement
    • Control from within the model
Fault simulation
  • Onboard failure routing unit (FRU)
  • Signal forwarding to central FIU
  • Relay-based • Available for each channel
Electronic fuses
  • Software-configurable and software-resettable
  • Fuse trip settable 0.5 ... 10 Aeff
Internal communication interface
Physical size
  • 410 x 100 x 41 mm (16.1 x 4.2 x 1.6 in)
  • Requires 2 slots
Voltage supply
  • 24 V
Typical power consumption
  • 24 W

  • SCALEXIO 产品信息, PDF, 英語, 16194 KB
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