Using dSPACE Products from your Home Office

Taking into account the special situation caused by the Corona virus, dSPACE as their customer’s partner wants to ensure that you can use your dSPACE products flexibly in or from your home office.

The dSPACE license technology offers a wide range of possibilities for this, some of which are restricted by our EULA. dSPACE is lifting the restrictions on remote access to dSPACE software and the transfer of licenses between CmDongles for a limited period of time.*)

This measure is valid until December 31, 2021. As we see that our customers have faced up to the challenges of the situation and have adapted their working environment accordingly in the meantime, we will not extend these measures beyond December 31, 2021. As of January 1, 2022, the current version of the EULA will therefore apply again. The dSPACE EULA can be read at

Flexibility built into the dSPACE licensing technology

The options described below require CodeMeter licenses that you own, if your licenses have SMS until at least Q4/2017. The WibuKey and FlexNET licensing techniques used up to and including dSPACE Release 2017-A do not provide the necessary flexibility. This applies regardless of whether green WibuBox dongles or CmDongles with WibuBox emulation are considered. The options applicable for these techniques are marked accordingly.

Note on RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol: If dSPACE products from a previous session are still running, license problems with products or automations to be restarted may occur in certain cases. In this case, the product from the previous session should be restarted. Alternatively, use TeamViewer, UltraVNC or other screen sharing tools.

Options for users of CmDongle bound single-user local licenses

  • You can run as many PCs in parallel as the number of CmDongles you have available. (WibuKey: same)
  • To every PC on which to execute dSPACE software at least one CmDongle with activated CodeMeter licenses must be connected. (WibuKey: same)
  • CmDongles can be connected to remotely accessed PCs in your office or to your home office PC. (WibuKey: same)
  • dSPACE software can be installed on remotely accessed PCs in your office or on your home office PC. (WibuKey: same)
  • To move an activated CodeMeter license from one dongle to another, you need Internet access to connect to the dSPACE License Central. Use Installation Manager to deactivate a license in the CmDongle where it is no longer needed and then activate it again in the target CmDongle. To activate the license its ticket ID is required. You can find it either in the license overview you received when the license was delivered, or you can save it to a file in Installation Manager prior to deactivation. This step is mandatory. dSPACE will be unable to identify the ticket ID for a license you deactivated. (WibuKey: n/a)
  • Use your CodeMeter licenses to execute software products as of dSPACE Release 2017B. (WibuKey: below 2017-B only)
  • Use your CodeMeter licenses and the “Legacy Licensing Using CodeMeter Licenses” method to execute software products of earlier releases. (WibuKey: n/a)

More information on moving license between CmDongles is available in FAQ 092.


Please note that the CmDongles serve only as a container for CodeMeter licenses. If you need more CmDongles, try to borrow unused ones from colleagues or locate those you forgot in your drawers. Every CmDongle with a serial number starting with 3-xxx can be used as long as it is "CodeMeter ready". These are all standard CmDongles delivered after about January 15th, 2018 and all those into which a formerly green WibuBox has been migrated. If you have doubts about a specific CmDongle, please contact support to find out its status.

Options for users of floating-network licenses

  • Floating-network licenses can be used via a LAN connection between the PC executing the dSPACE products and the CodeMeter license server. (FlexNET: same)
  • Floating-network licenses can also be borrowed from the license server for up to three months. A borrowed license can then be used without LAN connection to the license server. License borrowing is best supported as of Installation Manager 5.4 (FlexNET: n/a)
  • Licenses can be borrowed into “dSPACE Borrow Containers” on the PCs harddisk, or they can be borrowed into a CmDongle. (FlexNET: n/a)
  • You can access floating-network licenses from your home office PC provided that your IT configures appliances such that access to your company LAN and the license server is permitted. You can then borrow a floating-network license into a “dSPACE Borrow Container” created on your home office PC using Installation Manager. (FlexNET: n/a)
  • dSPACE software can be installed on remotely accessed PCs in your office or on your home office PC. (FlexNET: same)
  • Use your CodeMeter floating-network licenses to execute software products as of dSPACE Release 2017-B. (FlexNET: below 2017-B only)
  • Use borrowed CodeMeter floating-network licenses and the “Legacy Licensing Using CodeMeter Licenses” method to execute software products of earlier releases. (FlexNET: n/a)

License borrowing is a rather new feature introduced with dSPACE Release 2019-A, but it can be used for all CodeMeter floating-network licenses even if software maintenance was dropped before Release 2019-A. It is recommended to use Installation Manager 5.4 with enhanced license borrowing features. License borrowing as well as deactivating and activating licenses is described in detail in the Installation Manager documentation. If you need help to use these features, please contact your local dSPACE product support.


If you need further support

Although the options mentioned above already describe a variety of flexible ways to enable continuous use of your dSPACE products even if you are forced to work in a home office, there may be use cases that cannot be solved with them.

In such cases please contact support with a description of your specific use case. The entire dSPACE team will help you find a solution. 

With best wishes,

Your dSPACE Team

March 20, 2020

EULA restrictions lifted for a limited period of time

*) To enable our customers to use their dSPACE products in or from a home office, dSPACE is lifting two restrictions of the EULA. This measure is valid until December 31, 2021. The dSPACE EULA can be read at .

EULA 2.2 (a) (ii) says:
By default, the binding of a single-user license to a license container may be changed by the Customer no more than three times within a period of twelve months and only while maintaining the terms of the license in other respects. 

The limitation to three times per year is removed to allow unlimited transfer of licenses between dongles. This allows licenses to be shared between different users without having to move the dongles.

EULA 3.6 says:
No Internet or Network Applications. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Licensor or described in the software product description or software documentation of the respective software version of the Licensed Software, the Customer shall not be entitled to access (directly or indirectly) the Licensed Software or grant such access to third parties via Internet or network applications (e.g., Citrix, Microsoft Remote Desktop or other terminal/device servers).

The restriction is lifted. Customers, but not third parties, can remotely access the licensed software through network applications such as Citrix, Microsoft Remote Desktop or other screen sharing tools.

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