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Legacy Licensing using CodeMeter Licenses


As of October 2019, dSPACE introduces two changes significantly simplifying licensing for legacy dSPACE Releases preceding 2017-B. You can use the same CodeMeter licenses used as of dSPACE Release 2017-B to also execute earlier dSPACE Releases if

  • your licenses have software maintenance (SMS) up to at least dSPACE Release 2017-B
  • you want to run a legacy dSPACE Release in the range 7.4 ... 2017-A.

Note: If you still haven't activated your CodeMeter licenses or migrated legacy dongles, follow the instructions on now.


Downloading license files for legacy licensing

The license files for a specific license ID (dongle number) and dSPACE release used with the former WibuKey licensing are replaced by generic license files.

Required steps:

  1. Use dSPACE Installation Manager 5.4 to download the generic legacy license files.
  2. Install the legacy release with the downloaded license files  OR add the license files to your already installed legacy release.
  3. On every PC to be used with generic license files install dSPACEWKRuntime2019.exe 

For detailed instructions please refer to the document "Legacy Licensing Using CodeMeter Licenses”, see below.


Moving licenses between CmDongles
Newly generated CodeMeter licenses can be deactivated and reactivated on another CmDongle without contacting dSPACE. 

Required steps:

  1. Deactivate the licenses.
  2. Activate them on another CmDongle.

Existing CodeMeter licenses generated before October 2019, need to be updated first.

Required steps: 

  1. Use dSPACE Installation Manager as of 5.0 to execute a “License Update” .
  2. Deactivate the licenses.
  3. Activate them on another CmDongle.

For detailed instructions please refer to the document " Working with CodeMeter Licensing Technology”: 

Key Benefits

Advantages compared to previous legacy licensing:

  • Legacy license files can be download anytime by yourself using Installation Manager as of 5.4.
  • The same license files can be used on any number of PCs, regardless of dongle numbers.
  • The same CodeMeter license is used for all versions of a program from dSPACE Releases as of 7.4. 
  • Any version of a program can be executed on every PC if the connected CmDongle contains a CodeMeter license for it. 
  • Move the ability to execute a legacy program version by moving the respective CodeMeter license to another CmDongle. No more dongle replacement required to move a license. The dSPACE EULA permits three CmContainer changes within 12 months.
  • Borrow a CodeMeter floating-network license into a PC bound “dSPACE Borrow Container” to work without dongle. Use the borrowed license like any other local license now also for legacy releases. This use case needs no FlexNet license server.

Download Instructions

Please refer to the document "Legacy Licensing Using CodeMeter Licenses":

Required Software Updates

Installation Manager Update

To download a pre-release of Installation Manager 5.4 supporting Legacy Licensing using CodeMeter Licenses and to find information on compatibility issues, refer to

Dongle Driver Update

To download the latest dSPACEWKRuntime2019.exe dongle driver version supporting Legacy Licensing using CodeMeter Licenses, refer to 


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