AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform Support – SystemDesk for V-ECU Generation

Published: February 25, 2019

Since Release 2018-A, SystemDesk can create virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) for the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. Therefore, you can now use SystemDesk to create V-ECUs for all ECU types: ECUs based on the AUTOSAR Classic Platform, the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, or not based on AUTOSAR at all.

You can connect V-ECUs of different types in one simulation, because SystemDesk now also lets you create classic AUTOSAR or non-AUTOSAR V-ECUs that include the basic automotive Ethernet software functionality from the production code. In addition, SystemDesk already simplifies the modeling on the basis of classic AUTOSAR, and support for convenient modeling on the basis of adaptive AUTOSAR will be continuously extended. 

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