Simulating Multiple Scenarios for Autonomous Driving

The Task

The steadily growing number of functions for automated driving requires a powerful test environment that can handle the exponentially increasing effort for the tests in early development phases. To achieve this with utmost efficiency, a simulation-based evaluation of vehicle software for functions for highly automated driving and self-driving cars is a necessity.

The Challenge

Comprehensive tests of functions for automated driving require:

  • The automated simulation of different traffic scenarios on a wide range of road networks and with different environmental conditions
  • A large number of tests to cover scenario variations and randomized testing
  • The simulation of millions of test kilometers
  • Consistent management of test parameters and a result analysis
  • The reuse of tests in all development phases

The Solution

Multiple instances of ASM Traffic are simulated in parallel on a VEOS cluster.

The seamless dSPACE tool chain opens up powerful and efficient possibilities for realistic simulations of autonomous driving. These include:

  • The graphical definition of road networks and traffic scenarios in ModelDesk
  • The simulation of many different traffic scenarios comprising a multitude of road users with ASM Traffic
  • Testing multiple traffic scenarios by means of PC clusters with a high number of VEOS® instances for parallel execution, which reduces the time required for testing to a minimum
  • Data management and traceability via dSPACE SYNECT®
  • The seamless reuse of tests for MIL, SIL and HIL simulation on platforms like PC, VEOS, and SCALEXIO 

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