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System Architecture

Developing Complex ECU Software Architecture

Model Based Control Design

Shorter development times in an integrated environment

dSPACE Prototyping Systems

With dSPACE’s flexible prototyping systems, you can optimize the control designs for the real ECU as often as you need until they meet your requirements, all without any manual programming.

Automatic Production Code Generation

TargetLink - production code generation for the highest demands

HIL Testing Systems

dSPACE offers a one-shop solution for hardware-in-the-loop simulation

Simulation Models

Mathematical models for testing and validating control algorithms by means of simulation.

Test Benches

dSPACE provides planning and project planning services for highly dynamic test benches for mechatronic components and systems.

Radar Test Systems

Highly accurate over-the-air simulation of echoes for automotive radar sensors.

Virtual Validation

Benefits the whole ECU development process by enabling early ECU software tests and frontloading of preparation tasks.

Data Management

SYNECT helps engineers handle models, signals, parameters, tests, test results, etc., their dependencies, versions and variants, and the underlying requirements throughout the entire development process.