Real-Time Interface (RTI-MP) 的多处理器选项支持基于 dSPACE PHS 硬件的多处理器和多核系统,有助于增强实时仿真的性能。


Real-Time Interface (RTI-MP) 的多处理器选项支持基于 dSPACE PHS 硬件的多处理器和多核系统,有助于增强实时仿真的性能。它可帮助您设置多处理器网络,包括通信信道。多核应用与多处理器应用采用相同的配置方式。


RTI-MP 让您可以分割系统模型,然后通过简单的拖放操作将模型组件分配到处理器或内核。每个处理器子模型都可以单独调节以获得最佳性能,包括调节步长、积分算法及触发条件等。确定规格之后,只需要点击一次鼠标便能在处理器板上实施您的模型。构建程序也可以在脚本的帮助下自动进行。


RTI-MP 能轻松完成以下任务:

  • 分割系统以优化处理器负载
  • 定义处理器之间的信道
  • 为多个处理器或内核组成的网络生成通信代码


Functionality Description
Partitioning the Simulink® model
  • Adding Simulink blocks for model partitioning via drag & drop
  • Generating highly optimized real-time simulation engine and communication code
  • Support of triggered subsystems distributed over multiple cores
  • Full support of interrupts on cores
Optimizing speed and accuracy
  • Integration algorithm and step size specific to each core
  • Single timer task/multiple timer task mode
  • Swinging buffer or shared memory communication mechanism for each individual connection
  • Communication between cores at different sampling rates
Implementing the model on multicore hardware
  • Automatic code generation
  • Download and start with a single click
  • Data acquisition with time stamps
  • Profile information for communication channels for optimizing the partitioning
Communication mechanisms
  • Asynchronous data transfer in shared memory mode
  • Synchronized and unsynchronized block data transfer in swinging buffer mode
  • Buffering and unbuffering of data via communication connection

  • Real-Time Interface for Multiprocessor Systems 产品信息, PDF, 英語, 417 KB
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