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dSPACE rapid prototyping systems are flexible systems that help function developers worldwide bring ideas to life in a real environment, with real sensors and actuators, and in real time. The systems address the requirements of mechatronic control design as well as data-driven development in all automotive domains and in other industries, such as aerospace, medical science, or robotics. Our prototyping systems enable you to find design faults immediately and let you correct them on the spot, which significantly reduces development times and costs. A scalable portfolio of hardware and software solutions supports most of the commonly used automotive interfaces, including bus & network standards, sensor interfaces for cameras, radars, lidars, and further extension options like FPGAs or GPUs for ADAS/AD, engine, or electromobility applications. Choose a system that fits your requirements, from extremely compact ECU-interfaces, which enable on-target prototyping on production ECUs, to compact systems like MicroAutoBox or MicroLabBox, to high-end modular systems such as SCALEXIO or AUTERA. To configure the systems, you can use the dSPACE software tools ConfigurationDesk, ControlDesk, and the Bus Manager in combination with commonly used tools such as MATLAB/Simulink, FMI-based models, or Linux-based frameworks such as RTMaps or the Robot Operating System (ROS). 

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