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Production Focus

Guidance During Modeling

Early focus on series production with TargetLink.

Not all blocks provided by Simulink® and not all modeling styles are suited for effi cient and reliable production code generation. Established modeling guidelines available for the dSPACE production code generator, TargetLink®, let you focus on the later production code generation very early on while you are using Simulink Coder™ in the RCP phase. The license-free TargetLink Blockset gives RCP users a dedicated subset of Simulink blocks. These blocks are ideal for later production code generation but do not require you to enter implementation data in the prototyping phase. If you follow the modeling guidelines and use the TargetLink Blockset, you can use the same models for rapid control prototyping and for generating highly efficient production code. 

Verifying Production Code on dSPACE RCP Systems and Production ECUs

For verifying production code on an RCP system, the TargetLink Stand-Alone Model Manager can be used. It generates an S-function for Simulink that can be executed on RCP systems using dSPACE Real-Time Inter face (RTI). TargetLink code can also be verifi ed directly on an existing ECU. To do this, you can use the dSPACE ECU Interface Software to integrate the code generated with TargetLink into existing ECU software on the basis of HEX code (on-target bypassing,). This makes it possible to test the expected behavior and check whether the resources of the target ECU are sufficient, and thus drastically reduces project risks at a very early development stage. Furthermore, dSPACE offers solutions for verifying AUTOSAR application software on an RCP system (please inquire).  

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