Production Focus

Guidance During Modeling

Not all blocks provided by Simulink® and not all modeling styles are suited for efficient and reliable production code generation. Established modeling guidelines available for the dSPACE production code generator, TargetLink, let you focus on the later production code generation very early on while you are using Simulink Coder™ in the rapid control prototyping (RCP) phase. 

Verifying Production Code on dSPACE Prototyping Systems and Production ECUs

Production code generated with TargetLink can be executed on dSPACE real-time systems (MicroAutoBox II, SCALEXIO, DS1104, PHS hardware) for validation purposes – early in the development process. This enables you to immediately see the effect that the specific implementation of an algorithm as production code has on a function. You can also validate the production code directly on an existing ECU. In addition to testing the expected behavior, you can check whether the resources of the target ECU are sufficient. Early validation drastically reduces project risks. dSPACE also offers solutions for verifying AUTOSAR application software on a prototyping system (please inquire).

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