Managing Batteries More Flexibly

Published: January 07, 2015

The dSPACE battery management system now has a new feature: the new EV1104-A Resistor Board for installing balancing resistances. With the EV1104-A, many different resistance values can be tested in just a short time. It is easy to replace and the user can add standard resistances if needed.
The EV1104-A can also be used for mobile applications because its passive cooling makes it much more compact than the EV1104.
A trigger output was also added to the dSPACE battery management system, providing the ability to perform external synchronous measurements. The battery management system is now also available as a ready-made standard system for applications with up to 24 cells. The system can be configured comfortably via a Simulink blockset that contains generic real-time-capable charge state algorithms. 

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