Developing Functionalities for Connected Vehicles

It is difficult to imagine new vehicles be successful without connectivity.

And yet, the age of connected cars has just begun. The next generation of applications based on cellular V2X (C-V2X) or dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) will allow vehicles to ‘see through the eyes’ of their traffic fellows and significantly extend the sensing range provided by their own sensors, such as cameras, radar, or lidar. Collective perception paired with cooperative driving will lift vehicles up to the next level of safety, comfort, and efficiency. Over-the-air (OTA) applications will become a key enabler for software-defined vehicles, and 5G complemented by edge computing will ring in a new era of smart mobility and connected automated driving. No matter your requirements or preferences for communication technology, joint solutions from dSPACE and our cooperation partners will help implement your idea of connected cars and launch them on the market faster.

The following examples give you an overview of the wide range of dSPACE solutions for developing, testing, and validating functionalities for connected vehicles:

Testing V2X for Advanced Safety and Automated Driving

A scalable solution that supports all relevant V2X standards and technologies and seamlessly integrates with dSPACE ADAS/AD HIL simulation

Testing Cloud-Based OTA (over-the-air) applications

Validation of cutting-edge V2N/V2Cloud applications taking into consideration the entire chain of effects

Prototyping V2X Applications

Developing V2X applications based on wireless ad hoc communication with dSPACE prototyping systems

Testing GNSS-Based Driving Functions

GNSS simulation solution required for testing V2X applications, functions for predictive, or automated driving.

Testing Plug-and-Charge Features

HIL tests for advanced electric vehicle charging features based on ISO 15118-2, including plug-and-charge and value-added services

Video: Innovation Coffee Break: Connectivity

A novel V2X HIL solution by dSPACE in cooperation with NORDSYS GmbH to enable testing of the Advanced Safety and Cooperative Automated Driving applications (11 min.)

Video: Validation of 5G Automotive Applications

The integration of the Anritsu LTE and 5G emulator with HIL system facilitates early development and validation of cutting-edge cloud-based OTA applications (4 min.)

Video: Online Workshop on Simulating and Testing V2X

Part 1: Getting Fit for Cooperative Automated Driving (dSPACE)

Part 2: Developing the Next Generation V2X with 5G Networks (Anritsu)

(60 min, access to workshop recording with mydSPACE account)

Video: Testing V2X Day One Applications

V2X systems notify drivers about the details of hazards ahead, such as accident sites and stationary vehicles. dSPACE offers a comprehensive tool chain for testing these applications on HIL systems (4 min.)

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