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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University EcoCAR Team

The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University EcoCAR 2 team uses ModelDesk to manage ASM parameters inside detailed diesel engine, electric machine, battery, and vehicle mobility models to rapidly develop an accurate plant model for safety-critical hardware-in-the-loop controller development.

The ERAU EcoEagles are using the MicroAutoBox II as the supervisory controller and testing it in a HIL environment to ensure vehicle safety, while managing driver inputs, battery state-of-charge, electric machines, and diesel subsystems to minimize energy consumption and tailpipe emissions.

The ERAU EcoEagles are developing a series plugin hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) with extended range provided by a 1.7 L GM diesel engine running on B20 biodiesel.

“The ASM models allowed our team to rapidly develop and manage a plant model that accurately represented our vehicle to develop controller algorithms,” said Brian Harries, ERAU EcoEagles Team Lead. “The ASM models are instrumental in representing our architecture with high enough fidelity to ensure our controller development is robust and subsequent migration to the real vehicle will be as seamless as possible.”