RapidPro Break-Out Boxes1)

Desktop connection panels for RapidPro systems

The RapidPro Break-Out Boxes offer a flexible solution for connecting sensors and actuators to RapidPro units and for monitoring the connected signals and their states.

Key Benefits

With the RapidPro Break-Out Boxes, you can connect sensors and actuators to RapidPro units flexibly and see at a glance which signals are connected, including their states. You can also reconnect signals without changing an existing cable harness. This makes the RapidPro Break-Out Boxes an important accessory in setting up signal conditioning, power stages and intelligent I/O subsystems with RapidPro units in combination with dSPACE prototyping systems. Each RapidPro Break-Out Box provides a number of multicolor LEDs, one LED per signal. The LEDs indicate different voltage ranges and the signals by different colors.


1) Devices connected to RapidPro Break-Out Boxes can feed in high currents and high voltages, which can be dangerous for the user. Under all circumstances, you must observe all the safety precautions described in the documentation of the RapidPro Break-Out Boxes and the connected devices!

Parameter Specification
  • Three variants for different RapidPro units: DS1687 for SC Unit, DS1688 for Power Unit, DS1689 for Control Unit
  • I/O connectors a) for connection to RapidPro units and b) for connection to an existing cable harness
  • Each Break-Out Box provides the same number of terminals as the connected unit: up to 6 terminal points for each signal. There are knife disconnectors to interrupt the signal path.
  • LEDs to indicate signal status (one multicolor LED for each signal path). Indication adjustable to different voltages. Slide switch to turn all LEDs on/off.
Electrical characteristics Power supply
  • +6 … +60 V DC
  • MINI® fuse (blade type automotive fuse): 1x 10 A (Break-Out Box for SC Unit), 2x 30 A (Break-Out Box for Power Unit), 1x 5 A or 1x 10 A (Break-Out Box for Control Unit)
  • Load dump protection up to +100 V
  • Reverse voltage protection up to -100 V
Mechanical characteristics Physical size
  • 356 x 224 x 50 mm (14 x 8.8 x 1.95 in)
Environmental characteristics Ambient temperature
  • 0 … +70 ºC (+32 … +158 ºF)


  • RapidPro Hardware Product Information, PDF, English, 12028 KB
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