In the area of commercial and off-highway vehicles, innovations in future drive technologies as well as in highly automated and autonomous systems are advancing rapidly. Specialty vehicles and machines in construction and agriculture segments are also becoming increasingly sophisticated, automated, and connected. dSPACE – your partner in simulation and validation – offers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to develop and test the software and hardware components of new vehicles. For decades, dSPACE solutions have accelerated the development of innovative vehicle technology and made its validation more reliable. Contact us – we look forward to being your development partner.


Autonomous Commercial Vehicles
The development of highly automated and autonomous commercial vehicles is progressing fast. Driverless shuttle buses are already deployed in many cities. Autonomous, self-driving trucks and other commercial vehicles are becoming more of a reality. With dSPACE, you can bring safe autonomous vehicles to the road. dSPACE solutions provide an integrated development and test environment for data-driven development of highly intelligent autonomous systems – from data logging to comprehensive component and product testing.


NAVYA - Developing Multisensor Applications with RTMaps


E-Mobility and Powertrain Innovations
In addition to the many unique requirements specific to commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses, there are the challenges of providing maximum efficiency and reliability, achieving minimum exhaust emissions, and minimizing noise. Innovations in new drive technologies that address these issues such as electric drives (including battery management and fuel cell technologies) as well as hybrid drives and ultra-efficient combustion engines, as well as hydrogen or synthetic fuels, are becoming increasingly viable. These innovations are driven by improving computational capabilities and embedded software. dSPACE provides exactly the tools required for developing, testing, and optimizing the electronic control units (ECUs). And our comprehensive product portfolio for electrification supports innovations in energy storage, charging systems, and electric drives. Take your e-innovations to the road faster with dSPACE.


Avantest - Electric City Bus

Weichai - Modeling the Future: Customer-specific simulation models for highly efficient truck engine technology

Scania - A Moving Variety: Complete test lab

Active and Passive Safety
Whether in the city or on the highway – driving a truck or bus is always a safety-critical task. Proactive safety systems are increasingly used to guide and stabilize vehicles, help identify hazards in advance, and to protect pedestrians, other vehicles, and drivers and passengers. dSPACE supports the development and testing of these critical safety systems, using simulation in a safe lab environment for engineers.


WABCO - Smart Software, Smart Trucks: Efficient processes and methods for developing safety-critical driver assistance systems

MAN - Validating an Automatic Emergency Brake System

Volvo 3P - Big on Safety: HIL simulations to test and verify brake system controllers

DAF Trucks Keeping the Right Speed

Integration Test Systems/Virtual Vehicles
Commercial vehicles usually have significantly more variants leading to increased complexity for development and testing. Several axles, a greater number of wheels and numerous vehicle configurations with different powertrain variants, onboard equipment, and custom requirements have to be tested efficiently. Fully integrated, automated testing of electronics and software is key to ensure safe and reliable operation. dSPACE helps you work efficiently and master complexity, cost, and development time.


Specialty Equipment and Specialty Vehicles: Intelligent and Increasingly Autonomous
Specialty equipment and specialty vehicles do amazing things, for example, lifting heavy loads, digging deep pits, plowing fields, harvesting crops, rescuing people, and extinguishing large fires. This typically involves intelligent electronics. Even autonomous, self-driving specialty vehicles become reality in many application areas. dSPACE solutions help you develop, test, and optimize these vehicles and their equipment.


SAME - Perfect Grip, Perfect Grapes: Innovative front wheel suspension for SAME specialty tractors

CLAAS - Controlled Harvesting: Automated assistance functions for more harvesting efficiency


E-Mobility and Powertrain Innovations
Tractors, harvesters, excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks, and forklifts are examples of powerful machines that are perfectly optimized for their specific applications. Efficient new drive technologies such electric drives (including battery management and fuel cell technologies) as well as hybrid drives and ultra-efficient combustion engines are on the rise. However, these vehicles must also have extra functions for handling exceptional situations in fields, mines, and on construction sites. dSPACE solutions help you achieve your vehicle performance goals, however much they exceed general standards.



Active and Passive Safety
As impressive as off-highway vehicles are, working with them involves hazards that require the greatest possible protection for the vehicle itself, the environment, and the driver. Electronic safety systems such as ’hill holders‘ and automatic emergency brakes provide this type of  protection. These technologies can be further optimized with development solutions from dSPACE.



Integration Test Systems/Virtual Vehicles
Off-highway vehicles have to be tested efficiently together with all components. Fully integrated, automated testing is key. dSPACE solutions help you work efficiently and master complexity, cost, and development time.


CNH - Bottleneck Relief: Overcoming bottlenecks in the test process by means of virtual validation

YANMAR - Testing on Demand: Highly flexible HIL simulators can fulfill the demands of testing a variety of agricultural vehicles

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