Data Logging Solution

Accelerate your development with data collection, test drives, or large-scale sensor validation supported or fully executed by dSPACE.

dSPACE offers you a comprehensive and flexible solution for in-vehicle data acquisition, advanced data insights, and integrated data ingestion.1) The solution consists of data logging hardware and software, data ingestion and management software, and accompanying services.

Data Logging Hardware:

AUTERA – dedicated product family tailored for data logging in demanding ADAS/AD applications

The robust, modular, and flexible in-vehicle data logger of the dSPACE AUTERA product family is a solution that masters all your data logging challenges, enabling you to meet even highest data acquisition demands. AUTERA features a unique combination of high computation power and a wide data bandwidth (50 Gbit/s) in a compact form factor, allowing you to connect multiple sensors and interfaces using one single box.

AUTERA AutoBox lets you design data logging systems faster and specific to your requirements. The broad range of supported bus and network systems, including raw data interfaces for camera sensors, simplifies integration and therefore minimizes your effort.

The AUTERA Upload Station is an open platform with high-bandwidth interfaces that allows for easy integration into your data pipeline and speedy data ingestion.

The hot-swappable AUTERA SSDs ensure a very simple process for data storage exchange and thus minimize idle times in the data garage or in the field.

MicroAutoBox III Embedded PC – data logging for ADAS development

As an alternative to the AUTERA hardware, the MicroAutoBox III Embedded PC can be used for basic logging tasks. The Embedded PC combines relevant interfaces and an open software architecture for the utmost in flexibility, with RTMaps ensuring highly accurate time-stamping of parallel data streams. The system can be used stand-alone or in combination with a MicroAutoBox III prototyping unit to benefit from data logging for debugging later on.

Data Logging Software:

RTMaps – lightweight but powerful logging software

To complement the hardware for onboard data acquisition, you can use either RTMaps from Intempora, a dSPACE group company, or an alternative software product of your choice with a suitable API. With RTMaps, data from different sensor types and protocols (camera, lidar, radar, automotive buses, networking, communication) is captured and recorded in a synchronized manner with high-precision time-stamping. Each data sample is captured with a dedicated time stamp. This ensures that all data is time-correlated. RTMaps is component-based software with a comprehensive and easy-to-use graphical user interface, but it also provides an API for process automation.

RTag – easy control and tagging application

For easy control of data recording and manual data tagging during the test drive, you can use the RTag driver application from Intempora, which can be installed on a laptop or a mobile device, such as a tablet computer. The tablet can be attached to the dashboard for easy access.

RTag is a mobile application that is used for data logging and annotation use cases in addition to the data logging software (RTMaps) that runs on AUTERA. RTag allows you to control the recording (start/stop) and lets you monitor the status of the vehicle sensors. Moreover, RTag can be used to annotate data while driving. Annotations of relevant situations can be added by tapping a user-defined button on the screen, for example, to add tags such as ’roadworks‘, ’temporary speed limit‘, or any other user-defined tag. This description is useful for filtering the data and allows for easier navigation of the recorded data in future searches. If the tags are synchronized with the recordings, the Intempora Validation Suite (IVS) makes it easy to find relevant situations more quickly among the large data volumes.

Smart Data Logging

You can use tagging at the source and advanced algorithms (supported by a high-performance GPU) to filter and reduce recorded data volumes to a relevant subset. You do not want to pay for data that does not add value to development and validation. Filtering not only reduces the costs of data ingestion, storage, and transfer. It also minimizes the valuable time needed for data ingestion, thereby shortening the data cycle. Particularly interesting situations detected in the recording can be transferred to developers by wireless technology during the drive. Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can be used to define the situations that you want to record. In this case, developers and test engineers do not have to explicitly list specific aspects.

In addition, GDPR compliance can be achieved by means of anonymization directly in the vehicle, saving effort in organizational measures during data transfer.

Data Ingestion and Management Software:

IVS - Sensor Data Management Platform

IVS is an open, cloud-based software platform that allows you to analyze, preview, and tag test-drive data that is stored in the cloud, on-premises, and in globally distributed storage architectures. Via an intuitive user interface, you can easily find and select relevant data and create dedicated data sets for your test campaigns.

Data Logging Manager1)

If you have or plan on having a larger fleet of test vehicles, dSPACE provides you with a control and management application that helps you make full use of your fleet. The application is a web-based solution that lets you continuously monitor the status of the recording in each individual fleet vehicle. In addition, system and configuration updates can be efficiently executed over the air in multiple vehicles at the same time.


Vehicle Equipment and Data Acquisition Service

In collaboration with companies of the dSPACE partner network we provide reliable and flexible data acquisition services according to your requirements, and we can also equip your test vehicle with the necessary devices. Just contact us.

Annotation Services

The annotation services offered by, a dSPACE group company, help you label recorded data rapidly and with the highest quality, even for very large data volumes.

Other Services

Each solution is as individual as your requirements. Each machine learning algorithm is only as good as the training data. Thanks to our experience in the bus and AI domain, our established data pipeline, computing infrastructure, and synergies with annotation tools, dSPACE can help you integrate the solution and quickly adapt it to your requirements.

Often, data logging is not a core task or focal topic of our customers. Therefore, we make the task easier and more economical for you by providing the full range of services, from installation, configuration, and calibration to the execution of data logging campaigns according to defined specifications. As a part of the complete solution, dSPACE offers specific engineering services in the following areas:

  • Raw sensor interface adaptation (TAP mode)
  • Sensor configuration
  • Integration of data ingestion
  • Data filtering and redundancy reduction
1) This includes products currently under development.

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