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Citations de nos clients

Statements and opinions about the Automotive Simulation Models (ASM).

“For truck vehicle dynamics simulation with this electronic brake system simulator we rely on the Automotive Simulation Models (ASM).“
Per Olsson, Volvo 3P
“We were able to handle variants more easily than we had imagined by changing virtual test tracks, engines, transmissions, and other parameters fluently with dSPACE ModelDesk.”
“The Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) from dSPACE guarantee solid, reliable simulation of the Touareg Hybrid’s electrical components.”
René Schüler, Volkswagen AG
“The completely open Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) made it easy for us to implement our own steering models and new steering system algorithms.”
Thorben Herfeld, DMecS GmbH & Co. KG
“By using the HIL simulator and the new in-cylinder pressure-based engine models, we were able to develop and validate new algorithms for the charge control of a gasoline engine with continuously variable valve lift very quickly and very efficiently, and then to use them successfully in a prototype vehicle.”
Patrizio Agostinelli, Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH, Germany

“With its flexible, fast configuration, the ASM Diesel Engine Model enables us to cover all our engine variants with a single model, and to switch back and forth between the variants very fast.”
Mark Zimmermann, DEUTZ AG

"The simulation results of the ASM Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Package matched the measured vehicle dynamics very closely. We are convinced that the model is of high quality."
Luca Remolif, Fiat Auto S.p.A.

“With the Automotive Simulation Models (ASM), we can virtualize the chassis and powertrain of the Mitsubishi Outlander realistically.”
Masahiro Kaneda, Mitsubishi Motors

“By using the Automotive Simulation Models from dSPACE across many simulators, we can quickly and reliably parameterize our virtual trucks.”
Mikael Adenmark, SCANIA

“By integrating our own models in the Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Package, the simulation environment was adapted to our requirements for a closed control loop. Moreover, the transparent and intuitive dSPACE tool chain allows modifications to various vehicle models and driving maneuvers to be made quickly.”
Andreas Rieckmann, Continental AG

“In DENSO's previous method, HIL users first had to create Simulink models for fellow vehicles’ behaviors and the radar themselves. Then they had to make timing adjustments to synchronize the traffic with the HIL test case. Now ASM Traffic provides all the models that are required, and also a convenient editor for creating traffic behavior. Events can be used to synchronize the traffic with the HIL test case. The result is a significant improvement in HIL efficiency.”