Virtual Bypassing for Function Developers

Published: March 08, 2016

Virtual bypassing is used during the early phases of function development. Here, the RTI Bypass Blockset and VEOS let you test new control algorithms under development together with existing ECU software. You can run virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) in VEOS to validate them, operating them in a virtual environment on a PC. The RTI Bypass Blockset makes it possible to add new Simulink functions to the V-ECU quickly to test them together with the original ECU software on the PC.

Bypassing Under Real-Time Conditions

After completing the functional tests of the control algorithms on the PC, you can immediately start external bypassing with MicroAutoBox II and the real ECU. If no ECU hardware prototype is available yet, you can use the RTI AUTOSAR Blockset to test the extended V-ECU on MicroAutoBox II.

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